Bill Murray & Selena Gomez to Star in Jim Jarmusch's Zombie Movie

Acclaimed independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch is preparing to put his own particular spin on the world of zombies in the upcoming film, The Dead Don't Die, which has snared Bill Murray and Selena Gomez for starring roles.

The film, which is described as a "zombie comedy," will also star Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Steve Buscemi, and Chloe Sevigny. Driver, Murray and Sevigny are all playing police officers dealing with the zombie crisis. The movie is currently filming in Upstate New York. It will be Jarmusch's third film for Focus Pictures.

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Murray, of course, was a standout in the 2009 hit film, Zombieland (which has a sequel coming out), playing a fictional version of himself masquerading as a zombie so that the real zombies would leave him alone. It was Murray who revealed the existence of the film in an interview a few months back with Philly.com, noting, “I’ve got a good job coming up. Brace yourself: It’s a zombie movie. Jim Jarmusch has written a zombie script that’s so hilarious and it has a cast of great actors … it shoots over the summer. But no, I will not play a zombie.”

The rumors about the film were confirmed recently when the Daily Mail posted photographs of Selena Gomez on the set of the film wearing a bloody T-shirt.

Jarmusch is most famous for two things: his slow, character-driven independent films and his so-called "stable" of actors. Once you have made a Jim Jarmusch film, there is a very good chance that you will appear in another Jarmusch movie. For instance, this is the fourth Jarmusch movie that Bill Murray has done, following 2003's Coffee and Cigarettes, 2005's Broken Flowers and 2009's The Limits of Control.

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Jarmusch is also well known for his willingness to mix up his standard type of film by then trying his hand at different genres, while still giving the genre films his own particular style. In 1999, he did Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, a samurai film starring Forest Whitaker and in 2013, he did a vampire film, Only Lovers Live, which also starred Swinton, who returns in this movie for her fourth Jarmusch project (she also appeared in Broken Flowers and The Limits of Control). Amusingly enough, Only Lovers Live had a notable plot point in the film where the main vampire characters refer to all humans disdainfully as "zombies."

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