Bill Murray Confirmed For FDR Role In <i>Hyde Park On The Hudson</i>

Word popped up a few weeks ago that Bill Murray was being sought for the role of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the lighthearted period drama Hyde Park on the Hudson. Now the actor has been confirmed, according to Variety, and the movie will be presented by Focus Features International to buyers at next week's Cannes Film Festival.

The story unfolds during a 1939 weekend, shortly before the start of World War II. Britain's king and queen pay a visit to Roosevelt's upstate New York home, the first time a reigning British monarch set foot on U.S. soil. The unfolding story gives a glimpse into the personal life of the former U.S. president, including an affair with his distant cousin Daisy.

The story is based on a radio play by Richard Nelson, who also wrote the film's script. Roger Mitchell will direct as well as produce, alongside Kevin Loader and David Aukin.

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