Bill Mantlo's Brother Launches GoFundMe Campaign for the Comics Legend

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched by Bill Mantlo's brother Michael in order to offset debts he incurred by taking care of the legendary comic writer over the last two decades.

Bill, a prolific 1970s and '80s Marvel writer, was involved in a hit-and-run accident in 1992 and was placed in a Queens, New York nursing home. However, his widely-covered struggles in terms of insurance coverage have led to numerous issues for Michael, as he tries to build a home for his brother to come see out his remaining days in dignity.

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Michael's target is set at $100,000 as he aims to continue looking out for the Cloak & Dagger co-creator, who was considered Marvel's "fill-in king."

"Being retired and living on a fixed income, this ordeal has become a financial nightmare. I have nearly bankrupted myself in my attempts to build a home for my brother, and arranging for his necessary care," Michael stated in the campaign description.

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"The reimbursements from his money sources don't come anywhere near covering all that I have sacrificed for him from my own funds. I have been playing credit card roulette in order to finance everything I've done for him, and now it has overwhelmed me. I am nearly $100,000 in debt, and the piper is demanding payment," he said.

Bill, who lost the ability to write in 1995, has also penned titles like ROM, Micronauts and The Incredible Hulk. Michael had to sell off various assets of Bill's estate in the early years of this debacle, including some of the creator's most precious comics, to help alleviate his brother's rising medical costs.

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