Bill Jemas makes 'Trouble'

The following was sent to the comics press on Friday and is an open letter from Marvel Publisher Bill Jemas, reprinted in its entirety.

Making Trouble

This may be Marvel's most important teen book since Amazing Fantasy #15.

Think about it.

Think about who we are and what we do.

Joe Quesada knows how to package a big hit book; he can tug on yourheartstrings or tickle your ribs in ways that bring out the kid in anold-time comic book collector. Remember that thing where he got Stan toswear that the Sentinel was a lost character (and they even cooked up a'forgotten' creator?)

I love to use Marvel's characters to illustrate those heartbreakinglyliberal "morals" of the story. Captain America can be black just this once.Spider-Man can be young again.

And Mark is brilliant. I've seen the future of comic books, and his name isMillar. He had passed on writing the Origin of Wolverine, waiting forsomething bigger to come along, and wanting to make a bit of Trouble.

And, Terry Dodson shines like the sun - you've seen his first look pages -'nuff said.

And, Axel Alonso is the editor -- the best editor in story editor comics --wanna fight?

And, this is Trouble #1, EPIC #1.

Aren't you expecting something? Aren't you expecting a great book that means something to all of us?Or at least some kind of juvenile stunt?

Marvel promised to release more information about the series as we getcloser to print time, but all we can say right now is that the leadcharacter's name is May.


Bill J.

Hi-jinx to follow.

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