Bride of Frankenstein Eyes Beauty & the Beast Director Bill Condon

Director Bill Condon could be following up his $1 billion hit, Walt Disney Pictures' "Beauty and the Beast," with "Bride of Frankenstein" for Universal Pictures.

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According to Deadline, Condon is currently in early talks to helm the project, which is one of many films being developed as part of Universal's shared monster universe, aptly referred to as the "MonsterVerse." Earlier this month, it was announced that the studio had found a writer in Will Beall ("Aquaman") for its forthcoming “Creature From the Black Lagoon" remake.

The original "Bride of Frankenstein," which Condon has named one of his favorites in prior interviews, was released in 1935 and starred Elsa Lanchester and Boris Karloff, and was directed by James Whale. The remake will be produced by Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan, from a script by David Koepp ("Jurassic World").

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Condon is perhaps best known for "Gods and Monsters" and "Dreamgirls," however, he has also worked on films such as "Chicago" -- for which he earned an Academy Award nomination for the screenplay -- and the final two "Twilight" films: "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" and "Breaking Dawn: Part 2."

Kicking off Universal's long-planned MonsterVerse will be "The Mummy," directed by Alex Kurtzman, followed by other monster-centric remakes, including "The Invisible Man," "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," and "Creature from the Black Lagoon."

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Arriving in theaters June 9, “The Mummy” stars Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance and Russell Crowe.

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