Bill Cole Enterprises Introduces the Signature Series Mylar® Sleeves

Official Press Release

- Massachusetts-based Bill Cole Enterprises is proud to announce that they have just released a new CGC Mylar® sleeves called

"The Signature Series Mylar® Sleeve."

In a telephone interview, Bill Cole, President of Bill Cole Enterprises, stated that

"The CGC Signature Series was developed for collectors to bring their comic books to a convention or appearance and have them signed by the creator or artist. The book has to be signed in the presence of a "CGC Authorized witness". After the book has been signed it is then immediately submitted to CGC for grading and encapsulation in a CGC tamper proof holder.

Bill Cole Enterprises, Inc., In co-operation with CGC has developed a Mylar® sleeve to make the signing and submission process faster and easier. This new Mylar® sleeve measures 7 _" wide by 10 _" high with our trademark open ended flap and has a die cut opening that measures 5 _" wide by 8 1/2" high and centered within the front of the Mylar® sleeve, now makes this possible. Also included is an acid free board to protect the comic book during the signing and shipping process."

The Signature Series Mylar® will have its debut at the San Diego Comic Con, but can be purchased now.

For more information about The Signature Series Mylar® Sleeves and out other products, www.bcemylar.com

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