Bill Clinton Has A <i>Hangover</i>

Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States of America, has a new job -- a cameo role on the set of director Todd Phillips' The Hangover 2.

TMZ snagged some photos of Clinton on the film's set in Thailand, with unnamed crew members stating that the former President shot a cameo for the picture. No other details are known about Clinton's participation in the project, but considering the fact that the original Hangover crew ended up stealing a tiger from Mike Tyson's mansion in Las Vegas, who's to say that the gang isn't running some similar prank on the ex-prez?

If nothing else, one thing's for sure: Clinton hanging out with Galifianakis on the Hangover set in Thailand sure as hell beats George W. Bush slugging it out with Kanye and Matt Lauer in the headlines. I know which former President I would want to be right now.

Clinton isn't the only guy getting in on some Hangover action, as Deadline reports that actor Paul Giamatti is coming to Thailand in a few weeks to film an unspecified role. With the announcement coming weeks in advance of his performance, it's likely that Giamatti's role is a bit more substantial than Clinton's and possibly even Liam Neeson's, who plays a tattoo artist in a role originally meant for Mel Gibson.

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