Bigby Bloodied and Beaten in New "The Wolf Among Us" Screenshots

Telltale Games has released new screenshots from the upcoming fourth episode of its "Fables" game "The Wolf Among Us" featuring new looks at Bigby Wolf, Snow White and Nerissa, better known as the Little Mermaid. The episode, "In Sheep's Clothing" is the latest in the critically-acclaimed episodic video game series, which takes a look at the seedier side of Fabletown in the days before Bill Willingham's first issue of "Fables."

"It's taking stuff we knew from the books and putting another twist on it, and do something a little bit interesting," Telltale Games' Dennis Lenart told CBR in 2013. Since we're all familiar with the books and familiar with all the story lines, for us it wouldn't be fun just to retell that stuff. Same thing with the locations: we wanted to find interesting and new areas to take the familiar characters that you know and put them into a different environment to see how they act."

"The Wolf Among Us: In Sheep's Clothing" will "soon be available" on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PC/Mac.

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