Big Preview of the "A1 Sketchbook" from Atomeka

Next month sees the releases of the "A1 Sketchbook" from Atomeka, a book featuring a veritable Who's Who of the comics industry. The book contains 68 pages of drawings, sketches and painting by top artists working in the field. What's the common theme? Well, all the participants have either contributed to past or upcoming Atomeka projects.

Inside these pages Bob Burden, the creator of "Flaming Carrot" and "The Mystery Men," reveals his new creation "Pirate Girl," soon to be seen in the pages of the new "A1." Alex Horley ("Lobo") contributes "Wulfgar, the Last Son of Atlantis" and "Alien Arena." Plus there's work from guys like Dave Dorman, Dave Johnson, Brian Bolland, Charles Vess, Ted McKeever and Steve Parkhouse. Maybe you've heard of a few of these guys?

The print run on the sketchbook was limited to 3333 copies only and many of those were already sold at conventions, but next month the remaining few will be available in comic shops.

For those of you who won't be able to get your hands on a physical copy, no worries. Atomeka has provided CBR News with a preview of the entire issue. Click the images below to enlarge. The credit list can be found here.

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