Big Hero 6's Ryan Potter Wants to Play Asian-American Robin

It seems that Ryan Potter is ready to leap from voicing a superhero to playing one in a live-action film. Potter, who recently voiced Hiro in "Big Hero 6," is gunning to be a part of the DC Cinematic Universe. He took to Twitter to champion himself as a potential choice for the next Robin. First came this tweet on September 4:

Tim Drake has a real nice ring to it.

— ???? (@RyankPotter) September 5, 2016

Potter followed that up just a day later by citing more reasons why he would make for a great Robin:

@BenAffleck Asian American Tim Drake adds diversity to Justice League cast

Headlines write themselves ???

— ???? (@RyankPotter) September 5, 2016

Potter was smart to specify the role as being Tim Drake and not just any Robin. The dead sidekick alluded to in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", whose costume can be seen in a glass case in the Batcave, was confirmed by DC as belonging to Jason Todd.

If the next few films are following the timeline of the comics, Tim Drake would be next in line to throw on Robin's cape and pointy little shoes. And not only would Potter's Japanese-American heritage bring something new to the character; his background in martial arts also make him a natural fit.

The next DC film is "Wonder Woman," which arrives on June 2, 2017. Batman is next scheduled to appear in "Justice League," which hits theaters on November 17, 2017. There's also a Batman solo film confirmed by Warner Bros., although a release date has not been given.

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