"Big Hero 6" Opens Behind "Interstellar," But Expected to Win Weekend Box Office

Disney's "Big Hero 6" earned an estimated $15.6 million on Friday, behind first-place "Interstellar's" $17 million debut. But the animated all-ages superhero movie, based on a Marvel comic, is expected to pull ahead of the Matthew McConaughey space epic Saturday, and win the weekend, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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"Big Hero 6" is trending to earn between $56-58 million domestically, according to THR, while Christopher Nolan's cosmic follow-up to "The Dark Knight Rises" is estimated to finish in second place with $53 million.

If the estimates hold, this will be the fourth time that two films opening on the same weekend have earned over $50 million. THR also notes that in each instance it was an animated film opening against a live-action film, and in each match-up, the animated film won the weekend. The last match-up was 2013's "Monsters University" opening opposite "World War Z."

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