Big Head Press Releases 5 Pages Of New OGN "La Muse"

Official Press Release

Big Head Press has released five pages of preview artwork for _La Muse_, the new science-fiction graphic novel by Adi Tantimedh and Hugo Petrus.

"We are very impressed with Hugo's artwork, as well as Adi's writing, and want to show it off a bit before we start the on-line serialization next month," said Scott Bieser, creative director for the publisher.

The first five pages of the story are being released to news outlets today.

_La Muse_ is a genre-bending epic story about a pair of smart, sexy sisters who only appear to be human. In fact, they're the children of aliens, and one of them, Susan, has god-like abilities, Bieser said. The other, Libby, has been attempting to live a normal human life but her world, as everyone else's, is turned upside down when Susan reveals her amazing talents.

Colors for the story are provided by the artist, "-3-," who also colored two previous stories for Big Head Press. Scott Bieser will provide the lettering.

"What makes _La Muse_ different from other works it might be compared with, is that these characters live in the real world and there are serious real-world consequences to the choices they make," Bieser explained.

"Susan La Muse is a sexy, fun-loving political activist for the environment, human rights and an end to poverty. She is also an alien. When her extraordinary abilities are accidentally caught on video, she suddenly finds herself the biggest celebrity in the world. Her straight-laced sister Libby is desperate to keep the world from finding out they're aliens, and becomes her agent to keep her wild hedonistic ways under control.," explains story author Tantimedh.

"But Susan has other ideas... She realizes that she can use her celebrity to not only campaign to save the world and help disadvantaged people, but she can actually go all out to save the world when corrupt governments and big businesses are slow to change their ways.

"Thus, Libby can only try to preserve Susan's image and reputation, even as her sister's increasingly outrageous acts make her a target for assassination for everyone from governments, corporations, right-wing zealots and terrorists...

"...and from a member of her own alien species."

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