Big Bang Theory: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

Every show ends with a resolution to the series, tying up questions fans would’ve had for years. The Big Bang Theory didn’t follow this course and ended the sitcom by making it just one of the usual days, rather than having an all-out epic finale.

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While the ending wasn’t bad by any means, the show ended without detailing many stories we’d hope would eventually unfold. These were storylines The Big Bang Theory had left out there with the implication they would be resolved when the time came. Now that the show’s over, we’re left with these 10 storylines we might never get answers to.

10 Sheldon's Egg

Sheldon had a deep fear of birds, as was shown in a Season 5 episode, where the entire story revolved around Sheldon being too scared to shush a bird away from the window. He grew out of this fear once he became attached to said bird, but the animal flew away, leaving Sheldon heartbroken.

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He came around when he discovered the egg the bird laid before leaving, and Sheldon proclaimed himself as “Mommy.” But right from the following episode, the egg was never mentioned again, nor was it ever even brought up that Sheldon had once tried to become a mother to an egg. Since he’d loved that egg so much, it’s hard to believe he’d have just thrown it away.

9 Stuart & Mrs. Wolowitz's Relationship Status

Unfortunately, the actress passed away, which led to Mrs. Wolowitz also meeting her end. This effectively squashed the storyline that had been going on about Stuart and Howard’s mom being in something of a relationship. Stuart had even ditched his prom date to go tend to Howard’s mother, and he refused to clear up just what role he had in her life.

The implication was that Stuart and Mrs. Wolowitz might end up in love, but her death put an end to this angle. What we’re still curious about, though, is if they really did become romantic with one another. That’s something that’s never been clarified.

8 Howard's Father's Whereabouts

The Big Bang Theory Howard Wolowitz

It’s strange that The Big Bang Theory chose to keep Howard in the same spot as a character from Season 4 onward when there was always this storyline just waiting to unfold. The only direct time he made an effort to know his father was when he seemingly received a letter from the man, but we were never told if it was authentic.

Howard would find out he had a half-brother later on, but this character was never mentioned again either. So, what happened to his father? Is he alive? Does he care about his sons at all? We have no clue why the show had his father bailing on him when it never transpired fully.

7 Raj & The Vet

While Raj had a lot of love interests coming in and out of stories like they weren’t important, this one’s status was never revealed. We saw her be touched at how much Raj loved his dog, and the episode ended with Yvette the Vet handing Raj her number for him to call.

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However, there was never any mention of her again, and even when Raj thought about the list of women he’d dated, Yvette’s name didn’t come up. If she was always immaterial, then what was the point of showing us Yvette being interested in Raj in the first place?

6 Sheldon Vs Brent Spiner

Brent Spiner The Big Bang Theory

We’ve seen Sheldon taking his rivalries very seriously, such as when Will Wheaton ended up becoming a recurring character who antagonized him, as well as Barry Kripke being there all of those twelve years. Brent Spiner, on the other hand, never returned as Sheldon’s mortal enemy.

Sheldon was adamant that Spiner was his hated rival now, but there were no scenes of Sheldon ever plotting revenge, or naming Spiner in his list of hated individuals the way he’d had done back when Wheaton was his enemy. Sheldon’s not the forgetting kind, nor is he a forgiving person either. So, did he silently take his revenge on Spiner, considering we never heard from the character again?

5 Leonard & Priya's Breakup

It’s obvious that Leonard and Priya broke up since he called himself single after Priya’s final appearance, but we never saw this happen. Last we saw of her, she’d cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, and Leonard simply shut the laptop he was using to talk to her.

More so than Priya, we never witnessed any conversation between Raj and Leonard about this breakup. It was such a big deal to Raj that Leonard dated her in the first place, you’d think he’d be angered Leonard dumped his sister so casually. But not only did we not see a resolution to this, but Priya was also never mentioned again. Even Raj’s father casually greeted Leonard when he saw him, rather than hold him in contempt.

4 Leonard's Father & Sheldon's Mother's Love Story

This was made out to be such a big deal that it acted as the cliffhanger for the Season 9 finale. The Season 10 premiere showed that the two parents hadn’t gotten intimate, but made it clear they wanted to see more of each other.

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The idea was we’d see them dating over their next appearances, but this relationship went unmentioned after the episode. Leonard’s father didn’t even make any more appearances after the Season 10 premiere, and Sheldon’s mother was back to talking about religion and her usual things. The way these two admitted their interest in one another back then, though, makes us wonder if they did end up dating and if it just wasn’t brought up.

3 Penny's Entrepreneurial Career

In a Season 2 episode, Penny was shown to have landed a successful deal with an organization over distribution of her “Penny Blossoms” product. While the end of the episode had shown that a lack of workforce for Penny meant she had to cancel one batch of distribution, logic would dictate she wouldn’t just abandon the whole thing and would figure something out.

However, Penny was then back to whining about having a lack of funds to pay for herself and being bemused with her job as a waitress. The profit margin for the “Penny Blossoms” was quite high, so there was no reason for Penny to simply give it up. We could’ve at least found out if she did fold this business for sure.

2 Leonard & Stephanie's Breakup

Like it was with Priya, Leonard obviously broke up with Stephanie at some point, too, but on this occasion, we didn’t see Leonard implying he was about to break up with her. Last we saw Stephanie, she had been successful in moving in with Leonard, and the latter was too cowardly to tell her their relationship was going too fast.

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Within the next few episodes, Leonard was once more shown pining for Penny like he’d done before with Stephanie, and this relationship was never acknowledged as having taken place. Later on, Leslie Winkle and Joyce Kim would be recalled as Leonard’s past romances, but Stephanie wasn’t mentioned. We never got to see just how Leonard got the guts to tell her it was over.

1 Raj's Love Life

Right until the last episode, all fans believed Raj would be finally getting his true love. The show hyped up Raj’s fairytale ending all twelve years, but we only saw him pretend to himself that Sarah Michelle Gellar was his date in Switzerland.

The series ended with Raj having no romances, while even Stuart found love for himself. His story feels incomplete, as we’ll never know if he did find someone. Basically, Raj began the series alone, and ended it the same way – the only thing that changed was that he wasn’t voluntarily mute anymore. It’s a shame his love life was never resolved, but we can hope the creators might tell us what happened in his future in interviews.

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