"Big Bang Theory" Judges Vaughan & Staples' "Saga" By Its Cover

Comic book references have long been a staple of the CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory." Most recently, the show announced that '60s Batman Adam West will guest star on its 200th episode, and earlier this season it featured art from comic artist Amanda Conner. And while the show typically focuses on the capse-and-tights genre, last night's episode, titled "The Meemaw Materialization," referenced a non-superhero comic -- Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staple's Image Comics series, "Saga."

Bleeding Cool captured the scene, which sees Raj (Kunal Nayyar) commenting on Claire's (guest star Alessandra Torresani) reading material. Specifically, Raj references "Saga" #1's controversial cover, which featured series lead Alana breastfeeding her child.

Though the series is often criticized for its portrayal of comic book fans, a Twitter search indicates reaction to the scene by "Saga" readers who saw it aired live has so far been mostly positive.

Hell yeah Saga is amazing #BigBangTheory #BBT #Saga

- Lee A (@leedfrazer) February 5, 2016

#Saga on Big Bang Theory tonight, @HeyBKV and @fionastaples ! 15 million soon-to-be readers!

- VidaVanDaugh (@VidaVanDaugh) February 5, 2016

OMGEE The Big Bang Theory gave a huge look to Saga. It is an exceptional story.

- Wyldstyle. (@true_intent) February 5, 2016

#Saga mention on tonight's Big Bang Theory. Nice.

- Emily Fitzgerald (@EFitzgerald6) February 5, 2016

Nice Saga reference on Big Bang Theory

- The OG Scott Harris (@TheScottHarris_) February 5, 2016

Some reactions, however, were mixed to less-than-positive.

Hey, Big Bang Theory mocked Saga's breastfeeding cover! Yay, comics!

- Christian Hoffer (@CatsComicsCbus) February 5, 2016

Saga was on the Big Bang Theory tonight? Thats...weird.

- Zach Hinkle (@ZachHinkleGD) February 5, 2016

"The Big Bang Theory," now in its ninth season on CBS, airs on Thursdays at 8 PM ET.

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