Big Bang Theory: 15 Embarrassing Pictures The Cast Doesn't Want Anyone To See

Love it or hate it, Big Bang Theory remains one of the hottest shows in the country. Audiences tune in week after week to see the major comedy sparks between this group of socially awkward scientists and the women who love them. Every now and then, though, things get pretty awkward off the set, too. Due to the show's popularity, the world pretty consistently has a spotlight on all of these actors. Despite this, they are not always on their best behavior. And some of their offscreen antics have riled up everyone from hardcore conservatives to PETA!

Better still, these antics get recorded via photographs and videos and shared with the world. Sometimes, they are shared by the actors who soon regret it. Other times, the photos are shared by friends, stylists, fellow cast members, and so on. No matter how it happens, these photos get out into the internet and basically live forever... no matter how much it upsets the actors and their network. Where can you find these scandalous photos? You don't need to find your own group of super-nerds to scour the internet for you. Just keep scrolling to check out 15 Big Bang Theory Pictures the Cast Doesn't Want You to See!

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For Big Bang Theory fans, Sheldon has a pretty set look. In fact, the show has often played on the idea that the compulsive Sheldon doesn't like to change his routine, right down to how he presents himself to the world. That's what makes this particular image so shocking, as we are reminded that the actor is nothing like his character!

Yes, that's actor Jim Parsons with some long, very un-Sheldon-like hair! He looks much more like a rock star than a TV star, from the flowing locks of hair to the deep V and sparkling earrings. Basically, this looks like Jim Parsons took the idea of disguising his famous face and turned the dial up to “11.” It works -- he's practically unrecognizable -- but chances are this image is now burned into your brain!


Fans of various actors love a good “they're just like us” story. These are usually the humanizing stories about celebrities that make them seem down-to-earth and easy to relate to. However, Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki in this photo reminds us of the flip side: celebrities are just like us because they, too, make terrible decisions at parties!

In this case, Galecki forgot a golden rule of partying with your friends: never be the first one to pass out! Once he did, his friends wasted no time extensively decorating his passed-out body and then taking photos so they could show the world what they had done. And while the character of Leonard has needed a makeover for years, chances are this is not what he meant!


Of course, Galecki isn't the only cast member to act bad at a party. In the case of Howard actor Simon Helberg, though, his badness in this picture was planned ahead of time. While preparing for a costume party, he had the perfect idea: to dress up like a naked man, complete with his own big bang hanging out.

For the sake of your sanity, we've creatively cropped this image. But take our word for it that the fake hair doesn't end at his chest, and right below the cropped line, there's more hair and a generously-sized “Howie” down there. These hidden parts are likely what co-star Galecki is hysterically laughing at in this photo! While this is something Howard's character might also indulge in, chances are that more than a few fans didn't want this mental image.


Speaking of creatively-cropped images, we've got this image of Big Bang star Kaley Cuoco. At first glance, you might wonder what is so embarrassing about this photo, aside from the goofy Snapchat face of the fellow. However, the real shocker is what we couldn't show you!

Cuoco wasn't even on her own Snapchat at the time: instead, she was on the Snapchat belonging to her stylist, Brad Goreski. The famous actress suddenly got mischievous and opened her white shirt, accidently exposing herself. Goreski went along with it and added a couple of filters: a heart over Cuoco's exposed area and a creepy old man face as he pretended to ogle his friend's exposed bosom. Chances are that a great many fans would have been happy if he left both filters off!


Raj actor Kunal Nayyar has to walk a finer line than many of his fellow actors. This is because his character has become a powerful cultural icon, making him a very important cultural representative of India. Therefore, his performance has to find a way to leverage the humor of his heritage without being culturally insensitive.

However, in an early role, Nayyar went right past insensitive and into “insulting.” On NCIS, he played an uncredited role as a terrorist who is apprehended by Agent Gibbs. Adding insult to injury, his character is supposed to be from Iraq -- apparently, the casting director felt that any person with a dark enough skin tone would do. Fortunately, Nayyar's career has since exploded, and he won't be doing such demeaning roles ever again.


Out of all the photos in this list, this is likely to be the one that you don't recognize. This person doesn't play any of our favorite characters or even any guest stars. Who, then, is she? And why is this an image the cast would rather you not see?

This is the character “Katie,” as played by actor Amanda Walsh. She appeared in the pilot episode for the Big Bang Theory...the one that was completely different and has never been aired. Katie is basically a meaner version of Penny, but she was meant to play the same role: the sarcastic and streetwise girl next door. Just think: in another universe, it would be Amanda Walsh who was insanely rich and famous rather than Kaley Cuoco!


Generally speaking, the actors for the men on this show are much cooler than their on-screen characters. It's tough not to be: the entire premise of the show is that these men are brilliant but otherwise socially awkward in a variety of ways. Like the others, Simon Helberg is much cooler than his character, though this old yearbook photo shows us where he's channeling his inner nerd from!

It's a bit of a universal truth that no one takes really great yearbook photos. However, this one gives us hair that looks like Mary Berry's younger days and eyebrows thick enough to cover an Ewok. However, Helberg gets the last laugh on all of us: he went from being the geek with a terrible yearbook photo to being a rich celebrity (who is famous for pretending to be the geek he once was, no less!).


Not all of the photos on this list are bad photos, of course. There are some that the cast would rather you not see for entirely different reasons. And in the case of this otherwise cute couples shot, we have a photo that perpetually reminds Kaley Cuoco of some bad decisions she'd rather leave in the past.

This is a picture of Cuoco posing with tennis ace Ryan Sweeting. He wasn't just another boyfriend -- the two actually married after only three months of dating each other. However, the romance wasn't meant to last -- the two actually divorced after only 21 months of marriage. The divorce was rather messy, with Sweeting unsuccessfully trying to get spousal support from Cuoco. Less than a year after the divorce, Cuoco got engaged to boyfriend Karl Cook... yet another reason she'd like this image buried!


While Galecki isn't passed out in this pic, this is another example of someone else making him look much goofier than he intended. In this photo, Galecki is attempting to lampoon young people taking their Coachella selfies: his glasses are pushed up, his eyes are closed, and he puts on his most epic duck face. That's when a writing assistant decided to take it to the next level...and maybe a bit too far!

With the magic of Snapchat filters, Galecki is now glitzed and glammed out using a variety of wacky filters. Specifically, he's got pouty pink lips and eyes framed by an assortment of dazzling rhinestones. Really, this image is like a one act play: Galecki intended to mock people enjoying Coachella and ended up being the butt of a pretty insane visual gag!


Kaley Cuoco has arguably worked harder on her image than any of the rest of the Big Bang Theory cast. To some degree, she has to: her role, as ever, is to be the hot girl who stands out amid the pack of geeks she hangs with. Towards this end, she has had assorted plastic surgeries over the years to maintain her glowing image.

This photo, however, is what all hot actors cringe to see: the awkward child photo! Cuoco was certainly cute as a child, but the bowl cut does little for her image. And the young age of the photo helps highlight a period where her acting skills began and ended with “look surprised.” However, maybe Cuoco can use it as a reminder of how far she's come, both as an actor and a worldwide public figure.


For many of these photos, the controversial nature comes from the photos being candid shots that make the stars look bad. Typically, these photos are released by other people, and it's then too late to take it back. In this case, though, we've got a major photo-related controversy that Kaley Cuoco brought on herself.

No, you're not going blind: Cuoco is not in this photo. This is actually a photo of her dogs that she posted to Instagram. Like all pet lovers, she saw her pets being cute and decided the world should see it. Just one problem: the pooches are all either wearing or sitting on American flags. Many of her fans thought this was highly disrepsectful, forcing Cuoco to later release an apology. Unfortunately, this isn't the only dog-related controversy she has had!


Many fans and critics have tried to crack the code to the success of Big Bang Theory. Why does this comedy easily stride into double-digit seasons while other shows fall by the wayside? Part of it is the “found family” appeal: the idea that a group of different people can come together and form an unbreakable bond. This image, though, indicates the offscreen bond is already broken!

What you see is what you get: actor Jim Parsons is looking towards the camera with mock innocence while a bitter-looking Kaley Cuoco flips him off. It looks like he managed to offend her and Cuoco (as honest off-screen as she is on-screen) immediately let him know how she felt. Such a moment is brief, but it serves as a stark reminder that everyone's favorite characters are very different people when the camera isn't rolling.


This is another one we can file under “Kaley Cuoco makes her own trouble.” On this particular evening, she had gone out with fellow star Melissa Rauch in order to celebrate the birthday of Kunal Nayyar's wife. The idea was to help Nayyar and his significant other have a good time, but it looks like Cuoco and Rauch had a good enough time for everybody!

Cuoco ended up posting this photo to her Instagram. In it, she and Rauch are unmistakably drunk and temporarily crashing on Nayyar's couch. This photo is evidence of a night of which Cuoco can only remember “dancing on tables to Macklemore while eating cookies”...and if it were us, we would definitely get rid of any evidence of being a Macklemore super-fan!


Remember when we said Cuoco has a habit of getting into pet-related trouble? Last time, it involved her pets allegedly dishonoring the American flag, but the pooches weren't otherwise in any kind of danger. However, this video she posted to Instagram had the internet riled up that she might end up hurting or even killing one of her dogs!

In the video, Cuoco is very intoxicated (this seems to be a running theme) and decided to have some weird fun by “knighting” her dog, Norman. There was just one problem: she used a grill lighter as the sword, and she had it lit while she did the knighting! Needless to say, the sight of a celebrating drunkenly waving fire right next to a dog's face did not go well with the internet...and to make matters worse, Cuoco would later insist that she didn't remember making the drunken video!


In one episode of Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is horrified when Amy asks why he doesn't grow his hair out. Sheldon implies that this would be a slippery slope to being a hippie, complete with wearing Birkenstocks and asking people “can you dig it?” Here, though, we get to see Jim Parsons with much more than long hair, and we don't think the world is quite ready for it!

Here, Jim Parsons is in drag. This includes a tight corset, stockings, and a striking red feather boa. He looks pretty fabulous, and he's left us wondering what it would be like to see the entire Big Bang Theory cast doing a rendition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. However, chances are good that CBS doesn't like such an alternative look for their most popular character leaking out into the wild!

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