Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions About Bernadette, Answered

When reflecting on the characters from The Big Bang Theory, you don’t get to thinking of Bernadette straight away; she enters our minds after we’ve pondered over the other cast members. This makes Bernadette a rather underrated character, who didn’t get her time to shine in the decade she was seen on the show.

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No matter if you’ve watched the series, are in the process of watching it, or haven’t seen it yet, you’ll still be unaware of facts about Bernadette due to her being out of focus. In order to bring you up to speed about Bernadette, here are 10 questions about her answered.

10 How Large Is Her Family?

Unlike Howard, who had just his mother to keep him company while growing up, Bernadette was raised in a house bustling with children. She had five siblings in total, all of whom were younger than her – only the name of a brother called Joey is known.

Her parents have stayed together all her life, but Bernadette claimed not to be close to her mother. According to Bernadette, her mother was extremely controlling and would dump her other children onto Bernadette for her to take care of. Her father had a much better relationship with Bernadette, though, as he was shown to be very protective of her.

9 How Popular Is She?

If you’re wondering about her popularity when she was growing up, Bernadette was said to have been a nerd in school like Amy had been. If you want to know what Bernadette’s popularity is as a character on The Big Bang Theory, then you’ll find out she is the least popular one.

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Out of the whole cast, Bernadette ends up at the bottom in polls where the show’s characters are weighed. Amy, who was introduced around the same time, ranks quite highly; however, Bernadette is seen as relatively unlikable by the show’s audience, and she was the least promoted character from The Big Bang Theory.

8 What Is Her Occupation?

When we first saw her, Bernadette was Penny’s co-worker at the Cheesecake Factory, where she was a fellow waitress. This was supposed to be temporary, though, as Bernadette was working so she’d have money while she went to university to complete her doctorate.

After she did graduate, Bernadette swiftly got a job in a research lab; her occupation was as a microbiologist. Bernadette specifically worked in the health sector, eventually heading a division that experimented in pharmaceutical drugs. It was here she saw an opening for Penny to enter into her workplace as a representative of the drugs Bernadette’s team worked on.

7 What's Up With Her Voice?

The most notable character trait about Bernadette is her gumdrop voice. This became more pronounced after her initial introduction, with her voice eventually settling into the one we all know. Bernadette’s distinct voice has people believing the actress sounds like that in real life – let us assure you, she doesn’t.

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There’s a reason for Bernadette’s voice being the way it is, and that’s because she is specifically intended to come across as sweet and well-intentioned. Bernadette realized she could have her way when she was nice to everybody, resulting in this settling into her voice.

6 Why Does Howard Love Her?

If you’ve seen the first few seasons of The Big Bang Theory, you’ll feel as if Howard would love any woman willing to be with him, but it goes deeper than that. The truth is that Howard is attracted to Bernadette because she treats him the same way another woman in his life did: his mother.

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While we’re not saying there’s some gross association Howard has with his wife and mother (well. maybe a little), he does love Bernadette because she fills the same role of babying him like his mother did. Bernadette was frequently shown doing his laundry, making his meals, and even shouting at him like his mother.

5 How Many Boyfriends Did She Have?

Bernadette was seen admiring Penny’s promiscuous ways back in Season 4, when Penny admitted her routine of getting over a guy involved picking another attractive one. This confirmed that, along with Amy, Bernadette hadn’t had much luck with romances before finding her special someone.

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However, Bernadette was shown to have had a long-term relationship before Howard, in the form of her former teacher. This man was everything Howard wasn’t; being a person who looked chiseled to perfection and having a stature well over 6 feet in height. Although Howard felt threatened by this guy, Bernadette assured him she was long over that relationship.

4 How Important Is She?

We mentioned this earlier as well that Bernadette was the least promoted member of the cast, and that’s because she’s meant to be the least important character. She did appear in every episode except one starting from Season 6, but you’ll notice she had hardly any storylines.

Everything she did was connected to what was going on with Howard, and her other role was being part of Penny’s friends. In the seasons she was pregnant, Bernadette was relegated so far down in importance that she would be seen in only one or two scenes in those episodes. All in all, her main role was to add to Howard’s storylines.

3 How Tall Is She?

Every character on The Big Bang Theory is below average in height other than Sheldon, and Penny in women. Bernadette, though, is below what is considered below average; she is dwarfed in comparison to practically everyone. Howard, who was supposed to be shorter than even Leonard, was clearly taller than Bernadette, too.

By her own admission, Bernadette claimed to be 4 feet and 10 inches tall, making her truly in the lower scale of heights in the world. Her father at one time claimed she was simply 4 feet tall, and the other characters also occasionally joked about her short stature; although that didn’t stop them from being scared of her either.

2 Who Is Her Best Friend?

Among the guys, Bernadette didn’t have much of a relationship with Sheldon and Leonard, and they were almost always (with just one or two exceptions) seen together only in groups. She did have a good relationship with Raj, which had started when Raj was in love with her.

Still, the guys can’t claim to be nearly as close to her as the girls are, with both Penny and Amy clearly being Bernadette’s confidants. Within this trio, Bernadette was shown to be closer with Penny, because of whom she even became part of the group as Penny fixed Howard with Bernadette. In the very last episode of the series, Bernadette acknowledged she wasn’t Amy’s best friend, but was adamant Penny saw her this way.

1 Who Does She Love Most?

Like the case was with Penny, Bernadette really wasn’t a fan of children at all. She claimed it stemmed from looking after her younger siblings in her childhood, and associated kids with robbing her from those times when she should’ve been acting like a child.

However, once she did have children, Bernadette changed her stance as she openly told Howard how much she loved them. In one episode, Bernadette made it clear her children were the love of her life when she admitted she loved them more than she loved Howard. Now that’s some nice bit of character development, isn’t it?

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