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Big Bang, LXG, Garfield, Punisher, Hulk and Wonder Woman: Comics2Film wrap for June 27, 2003

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Big Bang, LXG, Garfield, Punisher, Hulk and Wonder Woman: Comics2Film wrap for June 27, 2003


with a clear sense of morality and justice, villains who were easily identified
as evil: these are the hallmarks of comics from the golden age. Readers who miss
such stores often turn to Image’s “Big Bang” comics, for comics paying
homage to simpler times.

In 2000 producer Philip R. Cable wrote, produced, directed and even appeared
in a low-budget, direct-to-video adaptation of the books called “Knights of
Justice.” Just as the comics paid homage to funny books past, Cable’s video
paid homage to cheesy, live-action, Saturday-morning spandex shows of the

Then, in 2002, Cable vowed to return with a feature length film adapted from
the “Big Bang” comics. Little has been heard since.

Cable recent dropped a line to Comics2Film/CBR News updating us on the
project, which is now back in development.

the project was moving forward last year, a near-tragic car crash brought it to
a halt. Cable and his wife were involved in the accident and nearly died as a
result. During the slow recovery process, the financing that had been secured
for the “Knights of Justice” feature dried up.

“Now that my health is relatively
normal, I am in the process of getting the ‘Knights’ movie off the ground again.
Currently, a DVD company is negotiating with me for the video rights to the
movie. If we can come to terms then we may be in production early next
year,” Cable told C2F/CBR News.

the mean time, Cable will be warming up his directorial muscles on another Big
Bang project called “Whiz Kids,” which is basically the “Teen
Titans” of the Big Bang universe.

“The movie is about four young superheroes who are part of the Whiz Kids
project. This project has been set by the Knights of Justice to train young
superheroes in the proper use of their super powers. Any trainee who shows
enough promise might possibly become a member of the Knights,” Cable

“Four would-be
Knights include the acrobatic Galahad, the ultra strong Thunder Girl, the
super-fast Cyclone, and Kid Ghost, who can become invisible or intangible.

the Whiz Kids are given the simple assignment of finding a witness, they
unexpectedly find themselves opposing an incredibly dangerous extraterrestrial
criminal who is stealing advanced technologies. These thefts lead the Whiz Kids
into an action packed adventure filled with fights, car chases, and death traps.”

Noel Neill, a veteran of the 1950s show “The Adventures of
Superman,” has been cast in the movie. She’ll play Miss Pepper, who trains
the young heroes.

Returning from the “Knights” DTV movie is Lorin Taylor, who plays
the superhero Masker, an original character created for the live-action

Casting is underway for the superhero teens.

“Whiz Kids” is written and directed by Cable. Belinda P. Cable is
producing. Deidre Neal is the costume designer. Filming is expected to begin in


Fox is targeting the
“X-Men” crowd with the latest “League of Extraordinary
Gentlemen” hype. Fans who are subscribed to the official “X-Men”
movie e-mailer got a promo sent to them last night.

The new promo links the
Victorian-era superheroes to the modern day mutants with the tag line, “Before
there were X-Men there were Gentlemen.” From there fans can watch a special
trailer linking the two movies.

to have a look.


“Drumline” breakout Nick Cannon has joined the cast of
“Garfield” according to The
Hollywood Reporter
. Cannon will play Louis, a city mouse who befriends the
portly leading-cat.

Although the title character is a CGI creation, the remaining cast members,
other animals included, are reported to be live-action. Presumably a trained
mouse will stand in for Cannon, who will provide the voice.

Bill Murray is voicing the title role. Breckin Meyer and Jennifer Love Hewitt
star as Garfield’s human companions. Peter Hewitt is directing.


shed some additional light on the potential casting of Rebecca
Romijn-Stamos in “The Punisher.” According to FilmForce’s typically
reliable sources, Romijn-Stamos is circling the role of Joan, a character
introduced in Garth Ennis’ initial run of the comics.

Romijn-Stamos is currently said to be in negotiations for the part.


Fans who are wearing out their thumbs playing “The Hulk” video game
will want to head back to theaters and watch the movie one more time. Hidden in
the film is a “supercode” which unlocks completely new gameplay in the
video game.

Hulk fans who correctly identify this code in the movie will be rewarded with
the ability to re-play the interactive game as the gray Hulk. The video game
character is said to be more an homage to the character’s first appearance in
The Incredible Hulk #1, rather than the Fixit character that appeared in Peter
David’s highly acclaimed run on the book.

“The ‘Hulk’ video game was designed with the goal of rewarding fans who
experience both the movie and the game,” said Nicholas Longano, Vivendi
Universal Games’ SVP of Marketing. “We created the Gray Hulk bonus gameplay
as the ultimate payoff in which the key to the treasure is literally buried in
the body of the film.”

The code that unlocks Gray Hulk appears in a scene right before Bruce Banner
transforms into the Hulk for the first time. Gamers can unlock the Gray Hulk by
entering the code word into any computer terminal in the game.

Additional special game content can be unlocked with a series of passwords
related to the film’s plot and characters. Clues can be found online at


There’s no telling how long it will take before we see a “Wonder
Woman” movie but one eagle-eyed C2F reader uncovered this bit of
information about the development effort: Warren Manser, who did concept designs
for “X-Men,” “Spider-Man” and “Daredevil,” is, or
was, on board as a designer for the Amazon Princess.

At his official
Manser writes, “I worked on ‘Wonder Woman’ for about nine months in development before Warner
Bros. decided to put the project on hold while they revise the script. I did a
variety of character designs as well as vehicles and some environments.
Unfortunately, since the film is unreleased, I cannot show any of my
concept art. The project was great fun and I hope they continue towards a
finished film.”

Philip Levens of “Smallville” fame was recently hired to take the
latest pass at the script.

Thanks to Robert N for mailing this one in.


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