Beware the Court of Owls, even at the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Apparently not content to operate behind the scenes of Gotham City, the Court of Owls was spotted Wednesday night attempting to infiltrate the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We can only guess what the ancient cabal had planned: An assassination to change the direction of the NHL? The kidnapping of a future Talon?

Or maybe one its is members is simply a big fan of the Anaheim Ducks or Winnipeg Jets. While we may never know the Court of Owls' true intentions, the Dcuks' 5-2 victory may provide us with a clue ...

— Josh Elliott (@joshelliott14) April 23, 2015

Puck Daddy: Ducks show playoff depth in sweeping Jets out of #NHL playoffs. http://t.co/dvbfA24eXv pic.twitter.com/Ie5Fo1dp9B

— Yahoo Sports NHL (@YahooSportsNHL) April 23, 2015

(hat tip to Reed Beebe)

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