<i>Beverly Hills Cop</i> Heads to CBS

A year may have passed between Eddie Murphy announcing he'd like to create a Beverly Hills Cop TV series and the project actually making the rounds to networks, but it only took a week for it to find a home. According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS has given a pilot production commitment to the dramedy, which will focus on the son of Murphy's Axel Foley character.

Murphy has been working on the continuation of his film franchise with The Last Resort and The Shield executive producer Shawn Ryan, who will serve as showrunner on the Sony Pictures Television project and write the pilot.

Axel's son Aaron will take center stage as he attempts to get out from under his father's lengthy shadow in the hour-long procedural. Murphy intends to reprise his role in the pilot, and could recur if the project goes to series. He'll also be an executive producer.

Released in 1984, Beverly Hills Cop found wise-cracking Detroit cop Axel heading to Beverly Hills to bring his friend's killer to justice. Tony Scott directed the 1987 sequel, while John Landis helmed the third film which opened in 1994.

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