Betty & Veronica Fashion Line Expands Retail Distribution

Official Press Release

New York, NY (March 8, 2005) – Stemming from its strong showing at independent upscaleboutiques last season and strong demand at the recent Magic Apparel Show in Las Vegas, theBETTY & VERONICA apparel lines will begin to make their bow at top tier departmentstores nationwide beginning spring 2005, it was announced by Allan I. Grafman, President ofArchie Comics Entertainment, LLC.

Licensed by Archie Comics Entertainment, Miramax film Corp. and Los Angelesbasedagent, Brand Central LLC, BETTY & VERONICA high-end apparel and accessorieswill be sold at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Marshall Fields , Macys and May Company.

"Archie Comics Entertainment Vice President of Licensing Steve Herman togetherwith the team at Miramax and Brand Central have created an exciting BETTY &VERONICA program embraced by blue chip licensees and top retailers alike. Thedepartment store launch of the BETTY & VERONICA apparel and accessories reflects thefocus of our combined licensing efforts, along with the timeless appeal of the Betty andVeronica characters themselves to teens and women of all ages," said Grafman.

Added Herman: "Working closely with Brand Central and Miramax we havedeveloped a highly effective, tightly focused licensing program that has attracted the toplicensees and is taking our evergreen characters to new heights of success. At Magic,existing licensees were constantly seeking to expand their involvement with the highlysuccessful BETTY & VERONICA brand – always a sure sign that a license is truly workingin the marketplace."

Under the Archie Comics Entertainment/Miramax/Brand Central developed licensingtheme of "Are You A Betty Or Are You A Veronica?" the BETTY & VERONICA appareland accessory lines capitalize on several of today's key trends , blending a Retro 80's lookwith the comic book characters and trendy, fashion-forward styling. With Betty representingthe popular girl next door, and Veronica standing for a more glamorous, sophisticated type,the apparel covers a wide range of styles and attitudes.

The apparel and accessory licensees behind the BETTY & VERONICA fashion Linedepartment store debut include: Van Mar (women's sleepwear, loungewear and daywear);Briefly Stated (men's sleepwear, loungewear), Freeze (juniors' sportswear), Bejeweled(women's and juniors' embellished fashion tops), Isaac Morris (boys' and girls' sportswearand active wear), Wish Licensing (Juniors' fashion tops), Joe Blow Tees (women's andmen's t-shirts) and The House (juniors' fashion tops, Canada). Accessory licensees includeLazy Susan (glassware), Accessory Network Group (bags, leather goods, stationery) FantasiaAccessories (hair accessories, headwear, belts and costume jewelry), The Italia Collection(charms and charm bracelets), Added Extras (cosmetics and bath and body products),Graphique de France (calendars and note cards) and Capo (adult sunglasses).

The Archie characters first appeared in an Archie comic book published in 1941.More than 60 years later, Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead and friends remain a staple ofentertainment for readers the world over with timeless tales of the trials, tribulations andtriumphs of teenagers. Role models to millions, Betty & Veronica, Archie and Jughead havecome to represent the fads, fashions and attitudes of contemporary youth.

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