Bestselling novelist Brad Meltzer tapped by DC as new 'Green Arrow' writer

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"Meltzer spins a mean fantasy that'll have you turning pages in a frenzy." - Kirkus Reviews

New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer is slated to take over as the new writer on GREEN ARROW with issue #16. Meltzer's works include the novels The Tenth Justice, Dead Even, The First Council, and The Millionaires (currently #5 on the New York Times bestseller list and #1 on the Barnes & Noble bestseller list). He also has contributed short fiction to USA Weekend, the London Sunday Times, and the anthology The Games We Played.

Meltzer joins series penciller Phil Hester and inker Ande Parks on the critically acclaimed, hit series.

"I'm sad to be leaving GREEN ARROW," says Kevin Smith, "but I'm secure in the knowledge that Brad's going to take Arrowhead for one helluva ride after I'm gone. I know I'll still be buying the book on a monthly basis after my run's finished. I suggest you all do the same. Brad's not going to let you down."

"Brad brings tons of enthusiasm about Ollie Queen, DC, and comics in general to the party," says Group Editor Bob Schreck. "He's a hell of a storyteller. Both The Tenth Justice and The Millionaires had me biting my fingernails and scratching my head trying to figure out what was going to happen next! Having read his initial plot, Brad's already off to a fantastic start on GREEN ARROW, building on the foundation Kevin created for the series. I think he's going to surprise everybody."

Meltzer, a lifelong comics reader who names Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis as three of his favorite authors, is currently on a national book tour for The Millionaires.

"Kevin has injected an amazing level of energy and enthusiasm into a character that was - quite literally - dead, and I just feel lucky that they're passing the quiver on to me," says Meltzer. "It's an honor, and I can't think of a more fun character to write, or a better person to follow on a book. Kevin's a master of two genres. The Stanley and His Monster reference was so good I was literally jealous."

"Kevin set a very high standard for us to measure up to," Schreck added, "and I'm telling you - Brad has already set a course GREEN ARROW that I'm certain the fans of the series will really enjoy. I know that me, Phil Hester, Ande Parks, (colorist) James Sinclair and (letterer) Sean M. Konot are definitely up for it."

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