Power Hungry: The 10 Best Powers Rogue Has Stolen (And The 10 Worst)

Rogue has been a part of the X-Men's roster for years, and while she has solidified herself as one of the X-Men's best assets, it's taken a few trials and tribulations for her to get there -- including being part of the Brotherhood for a time. Raised by Mystique and Destiny, early life was never easy for the power-absorbing mutant. Upon the manifestation of her abilities, Rogue kissed her then boyfriend, putting him into a coma for weeks. It’s bad enough to deal with the trauma of nearly killing one of your loved ones, but when Rogue steals a person’s life force, their thoughts and memories, even personality traits are taken. The feeling of people being inside of her head has always plagued the X-Man.

Still, Rogue has some of the most difficult powers to come to terms with. She cannot have skin-to-skin contact with anyone, unless she wants to drain them of their power. This means that Rogue always keeps a safe distance from those she cares for. Her signature gloves are always on hand, Rogue has stolen powers from many humans and mutants alike. When she takes the powers of others, she can use the abilities for a short time, or in rare instances, she can absorb the powers into her being permanently. Whether it be her villainous past with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, or her heroics on the side of the X-Men, the number of powers Rogue has absorbed over the years is a long one and below are some of the best (and worst powers) that Rogue has taken over the years.

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Mystique is Rogue’s adoptive mother and while she raised Rogue as her own, the relationship between the two has been strained over the years. While Rogue did begin her life as more of a villain, than a hero, she eventually joined the X-Men while Mystique remained on Magneto’s side with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Despite the distance now between them, Rogue has absorbed the powers of Mystique on more than one occasion, giving her the ability to shape shift -- an ability that could be of very good use, especially during any covert missions Rogue might be a part of with the X-Men.


Rogue and Iceman have been friends for years, but despite this closeness, Rogue has absorbed the Omega-level mutant’s powers on multiple occasions before. While Iceman’s abilities are cool (don’t mind the pun), they were never really ones that were well suited to Rogue. It was interesting to see her be able to wield his ice powers, it could have been one absorption the mutant didn’t need.

Rogue’s powers could have been used to borrow the powers of many of her other teammates. While having fun with the powers, they were never really ones that fit Rogue and should have been solely left for Iceman’s use.


Wolverine New Avengers David FInch

With enhanced senses, reflexes and a healing factor, it’s no wonder that Rogue has borrowed the powers of Wolverine a few times over the years (in both the comics and movies). Needing a quick mend of her body or the need to be more stealth and have keen animal-like senses, Rogue has always been smart when borrowing any powers from Logan.

While Logan’s powers are great one for Rogue to borrow, Rogue knows that the potential to go into one of Logan’s berserker rages is always looming. So, she has to make sure to be careful -- although as Jean pointed out in X-Men after Rogue absorbed Logan’s powers, she took on some of his more charming personality traits.


Created by the Shi’ar as a weapon of mass destruction, the Hecatomb is able to devour the minds of those it encountered. The weapon was used against the Heptarchy, and consumed 18 billion minds. However, there was a flaw to be found with the Hecatomb -- instead of devouring the minds and simply erasing them, all of the minds were absorbed, leading the entity to be fixated on consuming even more minds.

When Rogue was infected with the Strain 88 virus, the mutant’s abilities were used to absorb the minds within Hecatomb, which drove her to near insanity. Luckily, only the core was left behind from this act, meaning Rogue saved the day -- even if that meant absorbing all those minds.


Many people would probably say that being able to see or foretell the future would be a power that they would like to have. For Destiny, it’s the power she has and for Rogue, it was a power she’d stolen from the other woman who helped to raise her in the past.

Of course, seeing the future could be seen as a positive or a negative (depending on how you look at it), and for Rogue, it turned out to be a positive. Using Destiny’s abilities, Rogue was able to confront an enemy, knowing his moves before he made them in an attempt to hunt him down.


Genetically engineered by magical means to have abilities that include: superhuman speed, agility, reflexes, a healing factor and probability field manipulation amongst other things. While these powers would be great to have, it was the other abilities like superhuman attractiveness and the weakness of the powers malfunctioning when other probability manipulators are in the vicinity.

One thing Rogue probably doesn’t need with her natural powers is superhuman attractiveness, seeing as physical contact can lead to severe consequences, and with a few probability manipulators in existence within the realm of Marvel Comics, Rogue also doesn’t need to have any of her borrowed powers malfunctioning.



Teleporting would definitely make traveling a lot easier for most people. Hopefully, it would also put a stopper in being late for most people as well. However, for Rogue, she used Nightcrawler’s skills in conjunction with some of the powers of her other teammates to essentially become a super mutant.

Rogue put Nightcrawler’s teleportation powers to good use in order to fight the villainous Proteus. Having been possessed by the villain himself, Rogue absorbed Nightcrawler’s powers in order to de-power him and stop him from causing any further damage to his teammates and others. Rogue was successful in this task and was also able to teleport to safety afterward.


Another super powered being that Rogue has absorbed powers from over the years is Cain Marko, aka the Juggernaut. With the crimson gem of Cyttorak, Juggernaut has near limitless strength and stamina, and invulnerability. All powers that many would want to have at their disposal, taking on the rest of Juggernaut’s traits weren’t great for Rogue.

Also, Juggernaut has a weakness to strong magical or mystical attacks and if the powers are used in a manner that are not approved by the Cyttorak, the powers do not work in full. In essence, he would only have a portion of his powers at his disposal. Also, upon stealing the powers from Juggernaut, the results were bad, causing the mutant to go insane.


The Master of Magnetism has been one of the X-Men’s deadliest foes for years and while he has worked alongside Rogue as a villain and a hero (and even as a couple before), Rogue has borrowed Magneto’s powers in the comic books and in the movies.

As one of the the most powerful mutants on the planet, it would make sense that Rogue would want to take Magneto’s powers for her own, use them against him and other enemies, and also weaken the villain, in a fight. Rogue having the powers of the X-Men’s greatest adversary at her fingertips was a great sight to behold.



While She-Hulk is an awesome character, stealing powers from She-Hulk was probably one of the worst of Rogue’s power borrowing moments. As Rogue already has superhuman strength, absorbing She-Hulk’s powers were nothing new. Of course, her super strength is not on par with She-Hulk’s by any means, but as the power set was slightly similar, it brought nothing new to Rogue, other than her being green.

Essentially, it was much better for Rogue to have her usual powers and for She-Hulk to retain hers and keep smashing, as the power borrowing didn’t really bring anything new to the table, other than a bigger and greener Mississippi mutant.


It’s probably safe to say that at some point, many people have wished they had the ability to control the weather. For Ororo Munroe, aka Storm, this is something that she is very familiar with -- being that she is a mistress of the elements herself. A former foe and now friend and teammate of Rogue, Storm knows what it feels like to be at the opposite end of Rogue’s power absorption.

While Rogue has used Storm’s powers on more than one occasion, it is cool to see every time. There are so many cool elements to Storm’s powers that can be explored and while we haven’t seen Rogue master them all, it’s always fun to see her become a ‘weather witch’.


Victor Borkowski, aka Anole, is a mutant with reptilian-like capabilities. Including having scaly, protective skin, Anole also has the abilities of enhanced speed, agility, reflexes, and strength. Anole also boasts a sticky prehensile tongue, can alter his skin for camouflage purposes, can scale walls with ease and has both claws and spikes, and can also regenerate limbs and other body parts much like many reptiles.

While some of these powers are cool (like the limb regeneration and enhanced speed), a scaly, spiky Rogue with a prehensile tongue was a little too toad-like, and we did not have to see Rogue looking like she belonged back with the Brotherhood of Mutants again as Mortimer Toynbee.


Back when Rogue was still on the same side as the villains, she and the Brotherhood took on some of the Avengers. Of course, this included Captain America and with the powers of Thor, Cap and the other Avengers at her disposal, Rogue kicked some major butt during the ensuing fight.

Rogue was pretty much invulnerable to all of the incoming attacks and easily put the Avengers in their places. Even though it came from a place of villainy, it was cool to see Rogue take on the Avengers at such a powerful level. Avengers Annual #10 is definitely a must-read if you want to see Rogue and the Avengers throw down.


The Thing Mike Wrieringo

One of the original members of the Fantastic Four, Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, is one of Marvel’s physically strongest characters. An asset to the Fantastic Four, Grimm is always ready to fight alongside his fellow heroes. In one instance, Rogue and Grimm found themselves sharing a kiss and Rogue absorbed Thing’s powers, rock-like hide included.

Let’s just say that orange wasn’t Rogue’s colour and her transition into a female version of the Thing took a little bit of getting used to. Thankfully, it wasn’t a permanent change and Rogue was back to her less rock-like form in no time.


Psylocke has many powers that make her a formidable teammate and combatant. A highly skilled telepath, has telekinesis and can create a telekinetic katana out of raw psi-energy. While Psylocke might be the strongest telepath in X-Men lore, she is still one of the coolest. And this combined with her ninja assassin skills, explain why Rogue’s borrowed Psylocke’s powers on multiple occasions.

Having borrowed Psylocke’s powers on more than one occasion, including a time where she not only absorbed Psylocke’s powers, but the powers of Colossus, Angel and Wolverine as well (yes, all at the same time), the absorption of Psylocke’s powers have proved to make for some pretty interesting moments for Rogue.


Slowly driven insane by television signals that came from another space/time continuum, Mojo is from a race of spineless beings from a planet later known as Mojoworld. Mojo has been a pain for the X-Men many times over the years and with powers including: mind control, increased power from television ratings, inter-dimensional teleportation, and outside of his home dimension, Mojo can generate an anti-life field that can wipe out natural organisms.

While the powers of Mojo are different from many of the X-Men’s other foes, they are ones that could possibly also come with grave consequences, especially if Rogue was able to create one of the anti-life fields. Also, relying on television ratings to grow your powers is a bit lame for Rogue.


Ghost Rider certainly boasts some of the coolest powers in the Marvel Comics realm. So it’s no wonder that when Rogue borrowed Ghost Rider’s abilities, it made for an interesting comic book moment. In the Uncanny Avengers, Rogue took the powers -- but ultimately could not handle them.

The powers instantly took a toll on Rogue and she begged Johnny Blaze to take them back. Blaze toyed with the idea of not taking the powers back, feeling once again what it was to be free of the Ghost Rider and his lust for vengeance, but he ended up taking the powers back, knowing it was his burden to bear.


Dazzler Astonishing X-Men

One of Rogue’s fellow X-Men team members was Alison Blaire, aka Dazzler, who was also one of Rogue’s targets. This was back when Rogue was still one of the X-Men’s enemies and she drained Dazzler of her powers, only to try to use them against her future X-Men teammate.

Rogue wanted vengeance against Dazzler and was jealous of the starlet’s fame and popularity. It brought out a side of Rogue, that is certainly one that is best left in the past. So, this coupled with Dazzler having some of the least powerful abilities on this list, makes Rogue’s stealing of Dazzler’s powers some of the mutant’s worst.


Of course, the best powers that Rogue has stolen would have to be those of Ms. Marvel. These were powers that the former villain absorbed permanently, giving us the Rogue with superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, invulnerability and ability to fly that we all know and love today.

Unfortunately, the move also put Ms. Marvel into a coma for years and Carol’s personality also fought for dominance with Rogue’s for quite a long time as well. It was a long recovery for both women, and eventually, everything worked out for both of them. Since there is the Disney/Fox merger, perhaps we will finally get to see this play out in live-action at some point and give us the super powered Rogue that fans waited for.


The Brood Horde

The Brood are a race of insect-like alien creatures that travel through space looking for hosts to infest with their spawn. Thousands of years old, the Brood society is led by queens, with the Empress Brood being the most supreme leader within their society. The X-Men and the Brood have come into contact with one another on many occasions and for the most part, it didn’t ever end too well for the Brood.

However, there is an instance where the Brood Queen and Rogue made contact. The Brood Queen infiltrated Rogue’s body and as such, used Rogue’s power absorbing abilities to try to take all of the superhero powers that she could for her own evil plans.

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