The 10 Best Wonder Woman Comics Ever

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So, you loved the first Wonder Woman film. You're pumped for WW84. But in the meantime, you want to read some great comics featuring Diana of Themyscira. Where do you begin? Well, we at CBR also love a great Wonder Woman story, and we've read enough to know which ones are truly gems.

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So to help you out, we compiled a list of the very best WW stories to get you ready for the sequel, or to just find out more about the character. Put on your gauntlets and collect your lassos, comic fans, here are the 10 Best Wonder Woman Comics Ever.

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10 Rebirth

We’ll start with maybe a recommendation that seems too obvious to you. If you want to read good Wonder Woman comics, pick up the current Wonder Woman comic. However, there's more reason to read the current Wonder Woman Rebirth title than that it’s the most recent Wonder Woman book.

Starman co-creator James Robinson writing the character, and his work so far has been full of mystery and suspense. Plus, the art that Jason Paz is putting in the book is absolutely breathtaking and well worth a spot in your monthly pull list.

9 The Golden Age

Switching gears entirely for this next entry, we also suggest you read the oldest Wonder Woman stories ever told. Don’t say we don’t give you a range here at CBR. In all seriousness, the original Wonder Woman stories are as fun as they are iconic, drenched in classic Greek mythology as well as old-timey comic camp.

Plus, you should check this out to see just how stable of a character Wonder Woman has been in her long history of comic books. Whereas Batman and Superman have both made some pretty huge jumps in characterization, Diana stands out as a character who still champions her original ideals. Gotta love that consistency.

8 Divided We Fall

Soon after Batman leaves the Justice League in the story Tower of Babel, Wonder Woman takes on a central role as the heart of DC’s greatest champions. This story is fun to read because it pits Diana against a new type of mythology, one that takes inspiration from Grimm's fairy tales rather than classic Greek literature.

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If you liked seeing Greek God Kratos explore Norse mythology in God of War, you’ll love seeing an Amazon do battle with Snow White’s Wicked Queen. Also, at one point the whole league gets fairy tale-appropriate armor, and you know you want to see that.

7 A League of One

It's Wonder Woman Vs. the Justice League in an epic battle to decide the fate of the planet! If that doesn't already have you hooked, check out the fantastic artwork by artist and author Christopher Moeller.

This book is great if what you want is some classic Diana Vs. Monsters action. It's got the scale of a Tolkien epic and a really deep mythological backstory. It's an underrated gem for sure, so once you check this one out, loan it to one of your comic book friends. It deserves to be out there more.

6 Earth One

Grant Morrison has written Diana’s character in Justice League several times, but never as directly as he did in Earth One. Wonder Woman: Earth One reimagines the Wonder Woman origin story, fleshing out some of the smaller characters and giving a larger picture of Amazonian society.

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Read this book if you want a Wonder Woman story that’s very close to the myths that inspired her. But be prepared, this is a short book, and so is its sequel. You'll definitely be left wanting more. No word yet on when Earth One Volume Three is set to hit shelves.

5 Blood

The New 52 relaunch of DC’s main titles was controversial, to be sure. However, most fans agree that at least a few gems came out of that line. One of them was certainly the New 52 Wonder Woman. With the art by Cliff Chiang and storyline by Brian Azzarello, the Blood storyline that started Wonder Woman’s New 52 tenure was not just a brilliant iteration of a familiar character for comic book fans, but a great jumping-on point for anyone not entirely familiar with Diana’s characters.

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Again, we can’t say enough how fantastic the art in this book is. The redesign of the Greek Pantheon alone is worth your time. Plus, this volume is on ComiXology Unlimited!

4 The Circle

Gail Simone, known for her work on Secret Six and Red Sonja, brings us this story about the birth of Diana of Themyscira. But don't think this is a reworking of Diana's origin.

No, this is kind of a mystery book, one that will eventually reveal a dark and terrible truth about Diana, her mother Hippolyta, and the Amazons themselves. If you like your comics to have an element of conspiracy, then this book is for you.

3 The Lies

Greg Rucka is known for a lot of different comics. But his Wonder Woman is maybe one of his most well-loved. That's why it was so exciting when he returned to the character for DC's Rebirth line in 2016.

Check out this story if you're already a Wonder Woman fan, and want a story that dives into different facets of her personality than we get in other "starter" books of hers. And with Liam Sharp, one of the character designers on Batman Beyond, on the art, you know you'll have a comic that's really worth its price in your hands.

2 The Legend of Wonder Woman: Origins

Very few Wonder Woman books have captured the hopeful, exciting personage of Diana than The Legend of Wonder Woman. Written and illustrated by the fabulous Renae De Liz, this book does for comics what the film did for movies.

It introduces us to the character of Diana in a new and important way, tying her origin to a larger overall story and presenting her as a character that both shares our weaknesses and possesses strengths we can't have. This book is a nearly perfect DC Comics story. You'll find the only thing that's disappointing about it is that it got canceled too soon.

1 Gods and Mortals

The Wonder Woman run by George Perez is widely considered the greatest run of the character in comic book history. Like Walt Simonson on Thor or Alan Moore on Swamp Thing, this run has become iconic, a prime example of what makes the best Wonder Woman stories.

If you are a fan of Wonder Woman and haven't read this, or you liked the character from the film and don't know where to start reading her, or if you just want to get into comics in general, you cannot go wrong with this story. It is hopeful, intelligent and true, just like the character herself. You're missing out if you're not reading it.

What's your favorite Wonder Woman comic? Are there any we left off this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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