The Best Wolverine Villains Who Haven't Appeared on Film Yet

Appearing in six live-action X-Men films and three solo spinoffs, Wolverine has fought against plenty of classic comic book foes on the big screen from Sabretooth and Magneto to Lady Deathstrike and the Weapon X program. However, there are quite a few classic Wolverine villains that have yet to make an appearance in a live-action film.

Before Marvel Studios brings X-Men and Logan into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. here are some of the most notable Wolverine villains who have yet to make an appearance on the big screen.

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Omega Red

Created by John Byrne and Jim Lee in 1992's X-Men #4, Omega Red is a Russian serial killer who was captured and experimented on by the KGB to create its own super-soldier like Captain America. Given an artificial healing factor, superhuman strength and speed, and retractable tentacles made from carbonadium -- the Soviet Union's attempt to create the indestructible metal adamantium --  Omega Red has since become one of the X-Men's most threatening recurring enemies.

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Due to the unstable nature of carbonadium, Omega Red sought out the whereabouts of a Carbonadium Synthesizer to keep the metal bonded to his body from lethally poisoning him. Believing Wolverine to know its location, Omega Red hunted him down, leading to the first of their many one-on-one encounters that almost always end in victory for Logan.


Daken Wolverine

Of all the children Wolverine has conceived over the years, the most villainous is Daken, a half-Japanese son Logan fathered shortly after World War II. Created by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon in 2007's Wolverine Origins #10, Daken was stolen by the evil Romulus after murdering his mother and raised to be a dark shadow of his father, complete with his own set of similar powers including retractable claws. Resurfacing in the present, Daken launched his bloody vendetta against Wolverine as part of Romulus' master plan.

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Following his introduction, Daken would pose as Wolverine on Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers, further angering his father. Since then, Daken has been perhaps the cruelest reminder of Logan's personal failures and a sinister incarnation of what he could have become without finding heroic redemption among the X-Men. After being killed by Wolverine, Daken was resurrected by the Apocalypse Twins as the new Horseman of Death and received a power boost to become even more dangerous than ever before.


Throughout his history, Wolverine has spent a significant portion of his life in Japan, finding a serenity in the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun as a sort of modern ronin. One of Logan's mentors and martial arts instructors in Japan was a mysterious figure named Ogun, created by Chris Claremont and Al Milgrom in 1984's Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #1, who could use his telepathic abilities to control minds and switch bodies, effectively making himself immortal. First encountering Logan in Shanghai during the Chinese city's occupation by the Japanese military, Ogun would resurface decades later as a villainous member of the Yakuza and attempt to possess Kitty and use her to continue his legacy as an assassin before being defeated by his old friend and student.

Since then, Ogun has attacked Wolverine and the X-Men in new host bodies in an attempt to gain his revenge only to be constantly thwarted by Logan time and time again.



Created by Peter David and Sam Kieth in 1991's Marvel Comics Presents #85, Cyber is a murderous villain that has existed since the early 19th century inhabiting new bodies as he continues his life of inflicting cruelty and death upon others. First encountering Wolverine during World War I, Cyber beats Logan within an inch of his life, traumatizing the superhero for decades to come. After helping raise and train Wolverine's son Daken, Cyber is nearly killed by the young mutant, only for their mutual master Romulus to spare Cyber by lacing his body with adamantium and giving him claws tipped in powerful hallucinogenic toxins.

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Later facing Cyber in Madripoor, Logan overcomes his long-held fears by finally defeating Cyber. The villain would resurface repeatedly to fight Wolverine and X-Force over the years before his body was destroyed by the Dark Riders. Now in his astral form, Cyber would possess the body of a young mutant as his new host and bond it with adamantium as he continued to plague Wolverine and the X-Men.

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