10 Web Comic Artist You Should Be Following On Instagram

With the veritable cornucopia of art and comics being created and made available across the web and on Instagram, it can be hard to know which artists are actually worth the time (or the follow). We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest webcomics available to follow on Instagram. Whether you’re looking for something absurd to brighten up your day or you’re looking for something too deep to get you thinking about your place in the universe, Instagram is home to some fantastic artists creating some of the most unique and exciting works available.

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10. @Deepdarkfears

If you couldn’t tell by his handle, artist Fran Krause’s revolves around what we all (or, in some cases, a few select people) fear. It can be anything from a illustrated fear of shrinking down to a size where your cat would mistake you for a delicious treat to something more realistic like that time mom told you she woke up in the middle of the night randomly when her mother died; making it incredibly difficult to fall back asleep when you wake up in the middle of the night randomly. So if you’re looking to be comforted by the fact that you’re not alone with your fears or just interested to see what’s going on in someone else’s head, you’re likely to find some comic that hits a little too close to home.

9. @Explosmofficial

@Explosmofficial is an essential follow for fans of the Cyanide & Happiness webcomic, but more than that, it’s an essential follow for anyone looked to brighten up their scrolling with some truly absurd comics and short videos. For a lot of people Cyanide & Happiness was the first webcomic they really followed, so naturally, when Instagram started gaining popularity the creators of Cyanide & Happiness saw the perfect platform to help spread their particular brand of crazy comedy to the masses. Give them a follow if you’re looking to add some shockingly weird (but always funny) comics to your timeline.

8. @Awkwardyeti

If you were ever curious as to what your internal organs were thinking and saying behind your back, then @Awkwardyeti is a webcomic creator that needs to be on your timeline. Artist Nick Seluk has created some of the most honest, awkward, and hilarious comics available on Instagram. So if learning how your tongue convinces your heart to make your brain give up on a post-holiday diet, or you’re just wondering who the heart and brain feel about the holidays, then @Awkwardyeti is one artist you need to make yourself familiar with.

7. @Introvertdoodles

As you can probably tell by the handle, @introvertdoodles tackles the subject of what it’s like being an introvert in a highly extroverted world. From the struggles that come from needing both an immense level alone time while also wanting to constantly be loved on to the absolute and unquestionable joys of simply getting back into bed, @Introvertdoodles has something that both introverts and extroverts alike can take away from her honest and comedic comics. So if you’re an introvert just looking for something you can relate to or an extrovert trying to gain a better understanding of your more introverted friends, artist Maureen “Marzi”  Wilson is likely to have doodled something you’ll be able to enjoy.

6. @Lunarbaboon

@Lunarbaboon is the half-man half moon monkey responsible for some of the most wholesome and thoughtful comics available to double tap on Instagram. If you’re looking for a webcomic about a (classic chaotic good) father going through life and experiencing what it means to grow up, then @Lunarbaboon is an artist you really need to look into. From simple comics about day-to-day life as a father who sometimes deals with depression to illustrations of a human being so incredibly kind and thoughtful it seems to bleed through the page, @Lunarbaboon is the webcomic creator who just might help restore your faith in humanity.

5. @Catanacomics

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@Catanacomics is another of the truly wholesome webcomic creators on our list. Her comics explore the small moments in relationships that many people often take for granted. There’s the small, almost unrecognizable aspects of another person that you really just don’t get without spending a lot of time with a loving partner. @Catanacomics is all about the importance of the little things that make a relationship wonderful. It could be slipping a hand into the glove of your partner, finally getting that joke from the other day, or just spending a day in together, either way, @Catanacomics is another artist actively trying to restore the general populace’s faith in humanity. And it’s working.

4. @War.and.peas

@War.and.peas by artists Elizabeth Pich & Jonathan Kunz is an absurd adventure into some of the most creative and comedic minds throughout the whole of Instagram. If you’re curious about the final moments of a tender snowflake just before it splashes down on an expectant human tongue, or you’re curious about what happens to Santa if the fireplace is still lit when the kids finally go to bed, then you’re very likely to find something that will brighten up your day with this hysterical webcomic creating duo.

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3. @Adamtots

Artist Adam Ellis’ poignant observational humor and unique artistic style are just two fantastic reasons to give @Adamtots a follow. Whether you’re interested in the perilous and frozen adventures one must take part in to provide sustenance to his loving and deserving queen (his cat) or you’re looking for a twisted take on the tale of The Little Mermaid, @Adamtots is all but guaranteed to have you laughing out loud while staring at your phone like an absolute weirdo. He also recently released his book Super Chill: A Year Of Living Anxiously if you just can’t get enough of his work delivered to you through your phone.

2. @Alecwithpen

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@Alecwithpen is an illustrator and writer who is not afraid of diving into the complexities of dealing with depression on a daily basis. Whether he’s illustrating and acknowledging the awkwardness involved with becoming “Instagram famous” for artwork dealing with his “depression thing”, as some might call it. Or starting the hashtag #therapymakesyouhotter as a way to encourage those dealing with any form mental illness to seek help and demonstrate how even though mental illness feels like a journey you go through alone, often times, there are many people struggling with similar issues. Destigmatizing therapy and creating some terrifyingly accurate Venn diagrams are just a couple of the reasons you need to check out @Alecwithpen.

1. @Poorlydrawnlines

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pet (old comic)

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If you couldn’t tell by the handle, @Poorlydrawnlines may not be the most fantastical illustrated pieces of artwork, but they are some of the most hilarious lines available for viewing on Instagram. Artist Reza Farazmand’s illustrations typically deal with animals and people having some form of existential crisis, so if you’ve ever wanted to see what a mouse does with the sudden wealth found in an abandoned coin or a bird that can’t be just “enough”, then @Poorlydrawnlines is a webcomic you need in your life.

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