The 10 Best Anime From UFOTable Studio (According To IMDb)

Ufotable is a well-known Japanese animation studio responsible for some of the best-produced and clever anime series of the last decade, like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, God Eater, and the Fate/stay franchise. Recently, the company has been under fire after reports of the company's tax evasion schemes were revealed to the public, but that shouldn't diminish the impact of the art that came out of such a unique animation studio. Never heard of Ufotable before this article? Many of their series are under 30 episodes, so you can take a break from Naruto or One Piece while you finish one of them in a weekend of binging. A great place to start would be with the top ten best anime produced by the company, according to their IMDb scores of course.

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10 Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu (6.6)

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu, based on a browser videogame by the name of Touken Ranbu, answers the question that many anime fans have pondered, especially after watching the first few episodes of Soul Eater: What if swords came to life? What would they say? Who would they want to kill? How would they look? After sages animate the weapons of legendary warriors, these swordsmen must travel back in time in order to prevent an army of villains from perverting their timeline. Fans of the game will appreciate being able to play as some of their favorite characters, but don't expect to see anything revolutionary in this series that hasn't been done across similar titles.

9 Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! (6.6)

Known also by Manabi Straight, this show takes place in 2035, where the world's birth rate has decreased. Schools are spiritless, deprived of the vibrancy that existed when children populated the halls. The main character, Manami Amamiya, joins the student council, and although her enthusiasm can be exhausting, she remains focused on uplifting everyone around her by creating the best student festival the school has ever seen. It's definitely not a plot to be taken seriously despite the dark future that it presents, and it's hard to believe that these characters are well into their teenage years. At its core, Manabi Straight is a story about finding your passion, your agency, and changing your environment rather than allowing your environment to change you.

8 Tales of Zestiria the X (7.0)

Yet another anime based on a popular videogame, Tales of Zestiria the X takes place in a dying world in need of redemption after legendary beings that control the elements called Seraphim and the men and women that control them, called Shepherds, have disappeared. Sorey, a newfound Shepherd, his childhood friend, Mikleo (who happens to be a Seraph), and Alisha Dipha, a princess who stumbles upon the two after getting lost in a stone labyrinth, seek to restore the world back to a place where Seraphim and humans can coexist as they did in the past. Though it isn't the most original story, Tales of Zestiria the X is one that features stunning magical spells and interesting battles that are enough to get you invested in this magical world.

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7 God Eater (7.0)

It's almost become a trend that so many of Ufotable's most highly received anime series also happen to be based on videogames, but that only shows how great the studio is at following source material. God Eater is another one of those videogame adaptations, taking place in an apocalyptic future where the planet is ruled by monsters of pure destruction known as Aragami, and the only people who can destroy them are soldiers called "God Eaters". While this anime isn't groundbreaking, it is reminiscent of the popular show Attack on Titan, with a main character who lost his family to the Aragami and now has his sights set on growing stronger so that he can avenge their deaths. Overall, it's a well-animated series, and with the constant string of games throughout this decade, the growing fandom is stronger than ever.

6 Ninja Nonsense (7.1)

Naruto signified just how much attention people would pay to ninjas once they got their own platform to truly demonstrate what they were capable of. Ninja Nonsense is a show that managed to flip all of those established tropes on its head. Based on Ryoichi Koga's manga, Ninja Nonsense follows Shinobu, a ninja-in-training who is as innocent as she is clueless, and her escapades with her newfound friend Kaede, her younger sister Miyabi, and her perverted ball of a teacher Onsokumaru. This light-hearted series is short enough that it can be enjoyed in only a few days. With its peculiar cast of characters, and humor that's mature enough to be enjoyed by most audiences, fans who are aware of how skilled ninjas should be will find this series hysterical.

5 Dokkoida?! (7.1)

While this list contains mostly serious tales featuring characters who risk their very lives to save their worlds from an apocalyptic force, Dokkoida?! feels like Ninja Nonsense and Power Rangers had a baby, playing off of common superhero tropes through an absurdist comedic lens. It follows the story of Suzuo Sakurazaki, a country boy who struggles to find a job until he is approached by Tanpopo, a teenage space alien who works for the Galaxy Federation Police, an organization that wants to test out its new prototype mechanical power suits. After putting on a transformation belt, Suzuo becomes the hero Dokkoida, and must defeat the villains that have been hired to test the limits of his power suit. The catch is that all of the heroes and villains hired by the Galaxy Federation Police are forced to live under one roof, and they lose their jobs if their identities are revealed. Dokkoida's humor is so over the top that it deserves a spot so high on this list.

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4 Knight Hunters Eternal (7.7)

Also known by the name WeiB Kreuz Gluhen (literally translated to mean "White Cross Glow" in German), Knight Hunters Eternity is the third entry in the Knight Hunters franchise. In a world of nonstop terrorist attacks somehow related to a mass of student suicides at the prestigious Koua Academy, a team of assassins work to uncover the evil that permeates the school's exclusive chain of command. It won't affect your understanding of the story if you haven't seen the predecessor series, as Knight Hunters Eternal remains a well-paced, dramatic anime that's equal parts dark and gritty, and may have you rethink sending your kids to that fancy private school across the street.

3 Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (8.0)

Based off of a visual novel that goes by the name, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, is an anime that follows Rin Tosaka, a competitor in a tournament known as the "Holy Grail War" in which she and six others must fight to the death against one another with a summoned "Servant". The prize for such a dangerous tournament is the Holy Grail itself, a wish-granting chalice. Not only is the animation beautiful, but the battles are explosive. There's even an alternate ending that fans can enjoy, just like in the visual novel.

2 Fate/Zero (8.3)

While Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works takes place during the Fifth Holy Grail War, Fate/Zero takes place during the Fourth Holy Grail War. It follows the experiences of one of its competitors, Kiritsugu Emiya, a man with an affinity for guns and modern technology as opposed to casting spells. The characters are extremely well-written, and it's always interesting to see how the Servants and Masters interact with one another. The animation is flawless, giving fans a spectacle with every battle. One fight in particular during the series' 24th episode was praised for being so well-paced and choreographed.

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1 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (8.9)

There should be no question as to why this series is the highest-rated of Ufotable's anime series. It's 19th episode trended on Twitter for its stellar animation, although the entire series is a stunning work of art that tracks a young boy's quest to turn his sister from a demon back to a human after a demon attack deprived him of his family. It's a gruesome, unforgiving anime, with a main character who isn't just on a hellbound quest for revenge like many Shonen protagonists. Instead, Tanjiro Kamado is a kind soul who often feels sympathy for the very demons that he is destined to kill. In what other anime would you see a pig-headed Demon Slayer in action? We'll wait for an answer in the comments below.

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