The 10 Best Takes On The Shirtless Kylo Ren Meme

This article will contain spoilers for the Star Wars movies, so if you're one of the very small number of people who are fans of the shows but haven't yet seen all the movies, please do yourself a favor and catch up. Ben Solo is the only son of Leia Skywalker and the swashbuckling rogue Han Solo, and while he was originally raised to be a Jedi by his uncle, Luke Skywalker, he sided with the Dark Side after Supreme Leader Snoke influenced him. Now, Ben Solo goes by the name Kylo Ren, and he aims to be as great as Darth Vader himself.

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In one of the movies, there's a scene with Kylo Ren without his shirt. This singular image has inspired a myriad of hilarious memes, aka the Ben Swolo.

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10 Packakin Skywalker vs Ben Swolo

This meme actually makes fun of itself and compares the titular character of Kylo Ren to the iconic Darth Vader himself. While Kylo Ren is evidently very muscular, judging by the sheer size of his torso, most of his body is hidden underneath the pants he wears.

In the case of Skywalker, there is no such issue, with all of his musculature clearly visible and well defined. Should it really have been Ben Swolo that went viral? Six Packakin Skywalker has shown off more skin, but perhaps that was the reason why he didn't go viral. The high waisted pants really complete the look.

9 Be There, or Be Square

There's a phrase, "Be there or be square" that implies that if you're an interesting person, and have an interesting personality, you'd show up to the event. The phrase is most commonly used to invite people to a gathering that is rather rambunctious, involving all kinds of fun little things. Because of the high waisted pants and the dark background, Kylo Ren does look very rectangular, and after distorting the meme a little bit here and there, you can get a very square looking Ben Swolo. Does this mean that Kylo Ren doesn't go to parties that get out of control?

8 Delete Number

Because of how amusing the image of Kylo Ren was, it's caused a surge of copycats, people mimicking the rather simple look of Ben Swolo. A pair of high waisted pants and a wide chest is more than enough to complete the look. In fact, most of the memes about Kylo Ren's shirtless scene revolve entirely around people's ability to mimic and recreate the image in an entirely different situation. In this meme, people are using their recreation as a response to everything Star Wars related. It's starting to get quite the reaction out of people, and that only makes it funnier.

7 Hyperspace Emergence

In hyperspace, light starts to distort because of the sheer speed of movement. Things look elongated or wide or tall or long. It hasn't visually been recorded yet in real life, but scientists have based their assumption on very sound mathematics. As for the non-scientists, we just took the distortion of hyperspace travel as a way to justify just how swole Kylo Ren is.

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Maybe he was emerging from hyperspace during that scene too, that would certainly explain why his torso was so massive. It's a lightyear from one of his shoulders to the other, and that's the thrill of the Dark Side.

6 Lego Kylo Ren

This other variation of the meme is more comical and more cartoony. Because Lego is so popular, there are LEGO versions of all our favorite characters, from most Star Wars icons to DC heroes, to Marvel Heroes, to even meme heroes apparently. Usually, the LEGO versions of the characters have the same basic shape, just different art painted on them.

Kylo Ren is so world-shifting, that he needs his very own unique shape. To do justice to that internet-breaking torso of his, they needed to add an extra two-bit piece above his waist, because, without it, it's not truly Kylo Ren.

5 No Moon

Due to the sheer size of his chest, a lot of people remarked on how large he looks. And positively threatening. And because the internet likes taking what's already there to its maximum extremes, they've exaggerated his hugeness and implied that Kylo Ren with his shirt off isn't just a singular Dark Jedi, but rather the size of the moon.

The exaggeration is amusing, especially because there's a call-back to the original trilogy of Star Wars that made the series so popular and such a staple to modern everyday media. That's no moon, that's just Ben Swolo who benches the Dark Side.

4 Social Media Popularity

A previously existing meme is to compare different pictures of someone and relate them to how much attention they get on social media. This meme has had many variations, comparing how men get little social media attention whereas women get a lot, or how a picture celebrating an achievement you're proud of gets little attention compared to a shirtless picture.

In this case, they've made a joke about how when Kylo Ren turns into Ben Swolo, not only does he get praise and attention on all forms of social media, he also happens to break the internet along the way.

3 Stranger Things

People have often compared the likeness of young Adam Driver, the actor who plays Kylo Ren, to Finn Wolfhard, the actor who plays Mike in Stranger Things. The movie came out around the same time the show was gaining tremendous popularity, so it's no surprise that there's been a melding of the two.

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Because of how popular Stranger Things is, there's little doubt in people's minds that the show will stretch on for a while. In long-running shows, most of the time, characters start becoming more and more physically fit, so it's hilarious to compare young Mike in Stranger Things to the powerful Kylo Ren in Star Wars.

2 Swole AF

There's this divide in the bodybuilding community about how people wear their shirts once they're able to build a lot of mass. Should they wear tight shirts to show off their musculature, or should they wear shirts their size so that they are more graceful?

Sometimes people wear ill-fitting shirts to make them look bigger than they actually are, but in the case of Kylo Ren, that's just factually incorrect. He wears a big shirt because he needs a big shirt. It looks ridiculous on him because, underneath it, the Dark Side has made him Swole AF. And there's no denying it.

1 Swolo Savior

The best part about this meme wasn't the meme itself, it was the impersonations. From LEGO Ben Swolo to now Swolo Jesus, there's just no end to it. And that's what makes this so amusing. It's such a simple yet iconic look, especially since most movies like to show off their main actor's entire upper body, it's caught on super quick. As such, there are countless people who were eager to recreate it with their own little flair. The square look doesn't exclusively belong to the Dark Side anymore, it belongs to everyone. This is Ben Swolo's legacy, and it's beautiful.

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