10 Best Sword Art Online Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters

Anime fans can love it or hate it but Sword Art Online is here to stay. Thankfully, no matter what one thinks of the show, it is hard to argue that is doesn't bring in talented people from all walks of life. Fan artist and fan writers share their interpretations online for others to enjoy while talented editors also make their mark by producing Anime Music Videos for the net denizens to enjoy. Let's not forget the cosplayers who are just as important.

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Their job is to bring the character to life and while it is not an easy task, some knock it out of the park. To the point where they walk that fine line between 2D and 3D and prove that even the most fantastical designs can exist in real life. They may even look exactly like the characters...

10 Asuna By tae

There's no better way to start than with the main heroine of the series, Asuna. A sweet girl first and foremost, she was one of the many people caught in the Sword Art Online incident, eventually rising through the ranks from an utter noob to an elite warrior gamer by the game's end. A player who was a key part in ending the incident once and for all.

The unofficial wife of Kirito shows off her warrior side in this great cosplay. Brought to you by tae, she presents Asuna as every bit the warrior woman she was in the series. She has poise and grace, but that doesn't mean she won't stab you in the face.

9 Alice Zuberg By 茉夏

Going from the first heroine to the lastest, Alice is a new face from the Alicization saga of the anime. Another warrior woman stuck in a virtual world, she sets herself apart from Asuna by being a far more serious girl and starting off far more antagonistic to the heroes in general.

This more serious lady coming to life thanks to the efforts of 茉夏. Not only does she manage to nail her shining gold armor, but she also maintains a regal appearance in her photo befitting of an Integrity Knight. Just make sure you don't break the Taboo Index in front of her.

8 Yui By NiNi

Let's go from serious to downright adorable! NiNi gives us the spitting image of Yui, Kirito and Asuna's unofficial and artificial daughter from Sword Art Online. The cosplay every bit as precious as the pixie herself, you'd be forgiven for checking if for any sudden in-game menu just to make sure you are not stuck in a game.

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At just 11 years old, NiNi completely nails the character down to every small detail. Of course, it sure does help that she seems to be around the same age as the character. The young artist already quite accomplished despite her age and if this picture is any indication she is off to a great career in cosplayer here and down the line!

7 Lizbeth By Ilirea

Part of the reason that Kirito is so badass in SAO, Lizbeth is the virtual blacksmith who forged Dark Repulser, one of the blades that Kirito favors when swinging his swords around like a typhoon of sharp objects. Otherwise known as the skill, Dual-wield.

Hardworking, friendly, but still a bit mischievous, Ilirea brings all of those wonderful traits to her cosplay. Displaying Lisbeth in a thoughtful pose that either has her thinking about how to better forge blades or how to best tease her friends. The hair and the outfit are perfect, but what really puts the outfit on top is the wonderful amount of detail in getting her freckles just right. Sometimes it is just the little things!

6 Klein By Hayato-X-Flame

Here's a treat, as it turns out, Kirito isn't the only recurring male character in the series. Klein one of a few other guys who make frequent appearances throughout the show to adventure with Kirito, when he's not being the butt of the show's jokes. The older man an accomplished gamer in his own right, if only his skills in games translated to skills in dating!

And here we have him as we know him best, as a bit of a scruffy slacker. Hayato-X-Flame wasting the day away in the shade to bring him to life. He even brings his own amount of scruff by trimming his beard to match the character.

5 Leafa By Naty'Sa Cosplay

Fairies do exist and they exist right here in this picture. Taking a step away from the Sword Art Online designs, here we have Leafa from the ALfheim Online game. Another Massively Multiplayer VR Roleplaying game in the SAO universe, this one takes a step towards the fantastical and magical. The world populated by fairies and magic being commonplace in the setting.

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Though, who knows what sort of magic Naty'Sa Cosplay used to get the character to come to life. It's obvious that some image work was put into the photo for that extra mystical flavor but that doesn't discount from the fact that Naty'Sa pulls off a great rendition of the character. She went as far as engineering the all-important wings to make her costume stand out.

4 Yuuki By DAMA

Continuing with our ALfheim theme, DAMA gives her take on the tragic heroine Yuuki. Ever the energetic girl, she lived her life to the fullest and burned out brightly in the Mother's Rosario Arc of the anime. Throughout the arc, she proved to be every bit the swordsman that Kirito is and managed to leave her mark in the anime despite only appearing for a few episodes.

Every bit of that character seems to be channeled into DAMA's cosplay. From the action pose to the confident expression on her face, she gives us a wonderful rendition of the character. The dash of special effects in the photo only improving her work.

3 Sinon By Kleiner Pixel

This version of Sinon from Gun Gale Online is nothing less than Stunning. Kleiner Pixel put in a lot of work into this cosplay and it shows! There is intricate detail put into the outfit to the point where she even remembered that her top is a zip-up. Sometimes that is hard to tell is you don't take a good hard look at the character.

Beyond that, what she did with her hair is amazing. She somehow brought anime hair physics to life with the expert design of her wig. The hair whooshing and whisking exactly where it needs to be to create that messy but stylized look Sinon pulls off so well.

2 Kirito By tae

Nope, you didn't read it wrong, this cosplayer is the same person who cosplayed Asuna earlier in the list. This outfit a testament that gender barriers are no factor when it comes to cosplay! Tae pulling off our Black Swordsman so well.

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The man. The myth. The SAO Legend. There isn't much we can say about the main character of SAO that a fan doesn't already know, so we won't even bother. Instead, let's focus on the costume. It a faithful recreation of the character's high-level gear from Sword Art Online. The dark outfit a trademark of the character, it also helps separate the other colored parts to the viewer's eyes. Tae doing quite the admirable job of getting that dichotomy right.

1 Happy Birthday by 2106bpm Photography

The second rare treat on our list. Not only do we get to see the character outside of their usual online gear to celebrate a party but are also graced by a cosplay of Agil, a character rarely seen at conventions.

Needless to say, 2106bpm Photography does an excellent job on this shoot. The ambiance of the picture as festive as it needs to be with everyone seemingly having a good time. It is also quite refreshing to see the characters outside of their raid gear. An appropriate and much more casual attire for each character to match the special occasion. Everything seems perfect except for the fact that not everyone is old enough to legally drink. Seriously though, someone get that glass out of Yui's hands!

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