The Best Modern Superman Stories for New Readers (and Where to Buy Them)

Starring in stories across virtually every medium worldwide since his creation over 80 years ago, Superman is the most iconic, recognizable superhero in the world and has been DC's flagship character since his debut. With such a deep comic book history, it can be daunting for new readers to find a recent jumping on point to immerse themselves in the adventures of Superman but, fortunately, DC has put out several accessible stories for readers not particularly well-versed on the Man of Steel's extensive mythos.

With that in mind, CBR is taking a look at some of the best Superman comic book stories since 2000 that are fantastic starting points for new readers looking to learn more about DC's iconic superhero.

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All-Star Superman

All Star Superman Frank QUitely


Grant Morrison and longtime collaborator Frank Quitely teamed up for a 12-issue series outside of main DC Universe continuity to tell a timeless love letter to the entire Superman mythos in All-Star Superman. On a rescue mission in deep space, the Man of Tomorrow gets too close to the sun, causing his cells to overload with solar energy, slowly killing him. As he prepares for the end, Superman sets out to accomplish several mythical labors while growing closer to Lois Lane.

Immediately acclaimed upon its initial publication, the story was adapted into an animated film and would be retroactively added to DC's Black Label imprint, a special designation of select titles by the publisher deemed among DC's very best comic stories of all time.

The Man of Steel


After years of writing best-selling stories for Marvel Comics, award-winning scribe Brian Michael Bendis signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics at the end of 2017. Bendis' first long-form work with DC was The Man of Steel, a six-issue miniseries that set the status quo for Bendis' acclaimed and ongoing runs on Superman and Action Comics.

Not to be confused with John Byrne and Dick Giordano's reinvention of Superman from the 1980s of the same name, Bendis' The Man of Steel featured a whole host of superstar artists including Ivan Reis, Ryan Sook, Adam Hughes, Evan Shaner, Kevin Maguire and Jason Fabok. As Clark Kent had to contend with the mysterious disappearance of Lois Lane and their son Jonathan, the Superman would learn of a dangerous new enemy tied to Krypton's destruction that would inform the superhero's current activities.

Superman: Lois and Clark


With the DC Universe completely rebooted by the New 52 publishing initiative in 2011, many characters had their origins and depictions drastically redefined including Superman himself, met with varying levels of fan support. Longtime readers were overjoyed to learn that the pre-Flashpoint version of Clark Kent and Lois Lane were alive and well on an alternate Earth, having since had a son named Jonathan.

Superman: Lois and Clark collects the entire eight-issue miniseries by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks that saw the family's official arrival in the New 52 universe, trying to acclimate to a strange, new world filled with familiar characters who were still noticeably different in their own right. The perfect story for lapsed readers who longed for the classic Superman's return, Lois and Clark set the stage for the family during the DC Rebirth era and the next story on this list.

Superman: Son of Superman

Superman and Son


After an acclaimed, lengthy collaboration on Batman and Robin during the New 52 era, Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason reunited to launch Superman during the DC Rebirth era, paired with his son Jonathan as he developed his own superpowers and crime-fighting alter ego alongside his father.

Superman: Son of Superman collects the relaunch's first story arc as the Kent family continues to acclimate to the new, alternate Earth as Clark resumes his heroic mantle while serving as a father and husband on the family's new home on a Midwestern farm. With a resurgent Eradicator taking a villainous turn, Clark and Jonathan will have to develop their own heroic chemistry to save the day as this Earth's new Superman and Superboy.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Superman Batman Public Enemies header


One of the best-selling comics ever published by DC was Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, the first story in the popular early '00s ongoing series by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness. The storyline had President Lex Luthor order the arrest of the two flagship superheroes leading to the heroes and villains of the DCU surfacing to bring them in.

Superman/Batman, Vol. 1 collects Public Enemies and its sequel, Supergirl, which would both be adapted into animated films while redefining the dynamic between the World's Finest for years to follow. For anyone who wasn't a fan of the schism between the World's Finest heroes in the DC Extended Universe, this is a perfect modern update on their classic friendship.

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