The 10 Best Spider-Man Marvel Legends Action Figures, Ranked

With all the difficult news about Spider-Man and his future with the MCU breaking online currently, it's totally understandable to need an escape from the sad Spidey news by celebrating our love for the character with fantastic toys and collectibles.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the best Marvel Legends figures that are available from the Spider-Man line of toys, which includes incredibly detailed and poseable figures from recent films like Spider-Man: Far From HomeSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and even Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4. Any of these options would add some great figures to your collection, but just wait until you see our top-ranked Spider-Man Marvel Legends action figure!



Sony's animated adventure introduced a Spider-Verse full of characters, led by Miles Morales/Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen/Ghost-Spider. Both characters come from different realities than the mainstream Peter Parker/Spider-Man, though they have interacted in comic events like the recent Spider-Geddon and their own respective titles.

This Into the Spider-Verse two-pack features Miles and Gwen in their movie costumes, which doesn't mean much for Spider-Gwen. However, Miles costume is very unique to the animated film, and really represents his character by the design of the costume, which will be the perfect addition to any collection.



While most of the figures we'll be looking at today are around 6", Marvel Legends has also produced a larger Spider-Man figure with incredible poseability and detailed paint job that is a must-have for any Spider-Man fan.

Not only are there a number of other figures in the same size range for the collector who wants to go big, but Spider-Man comes with a number of hand options that of course includes "thwipping" options. The real selling points of this figure are the optional heads that include unmasked Peter Parker and Spidey with his mask rolled up halfway.



Any Spidey collection needs to have a few bad guys, and what better option than Spidey's greatest villain, the Green Goblin. Stormin' Norman has been a thorn in Spidey's side for years, and then it got personal. While Doctor Octopus has grown to become as big of an enemy to Spider-Man, Green Goblin always manages to shake him up again whenever he inevitably returns.

Marvel Legends have released a few different Goblin characters over the years, from Hobgoblin to Norman's other deadly persona, Red Goblin. our money still goes to the classic Green Goblin though, which will look great in any Spidey collection flying high on the Goblin Glider.



There are a few Spider-Men that fans should be adding to their collection unless they are die-hard Peter Parker enthusiasts. We've already mentioned Miles Morales from Into the Spider-Verse, but another character was teased in that film that became a fan-favorite Spider-Man in the 90s, Miguel O'Hara.

Miguel O'Hara is Spider-Man 2099, and Marvel Legends has created a figure that really captures one of the best costume designs to come out of the 2099 line. Miguel would later get a different Spidey costume from Parker, but fans can still celebrate his original suit, complete with his iconic tattered web cape.



We may be in mourning over the loss of Spider-Man from the MCU, but that doesn't mean we aren't still excited about picking up a few of Marvel Legends Far From Home figures! The Wave 12 collection includes figures from FFH with a few other Spidey surprises, including the FFH Molten Man monster Build-A-Figure.

Spider-Man in his new FFH costume is there of course, but he is also joined by FFH Mysterio and Night Monkey (Spidey Stealth Suit). The other Spidey figures include Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman, Scorpion, Hydro-Man, and the Spider-Man Doppelganger.



Spidey has appeared in a number of different mediums since his first appearance in the comics in 1963 was followed shortly by his first animated series in 1967. He's made the move to video games a number of times, though it was the most recent PS4 exclusive that really left a mark on the character.

Marvel Legends have celebrated the success of Spider-Man PS4 with a figure based on the Advanced Spider-Man suit seen in the game. The original take on the Spidey costume from Insomniac Studios also recently made the transition to comics in the pages of Spider-Geddon.



There have been a couple of characters to take on the guise of the Scarlet Spider, beginning with Peter Parker's clone, Ben Reilly. He was succeeded after his death by another clone who went by the name of Kaine, though they wore very different costumes.

While Reilly's scarlet bodysuit and blue hoodie might be more iconic, Kaine's red and black costume just looks cool. The Marvel Legends figure even includes some great accessories that highlight some of the differences between Kaine and his other Parker brothers, like his interchangeable hands complete with a set of Stingers.



Symbiotes are hot right now, both in the comics and on the big screen. While Sony might be preparing to add Spider-Man into their cinematic Venom-Verse, the comics are dealing with Absolute Carnage. Collectors should just play it safe and pick up Marvel Legends Venom collection, which includes a number of symbiotes.

Not only is Eddie Brock (with fantastic interchangeable head sculpts) a great figure, but the collection features an even bigger B-A-F version of Mac Gargan's Venom. Other symbiotes include Carnage, who is set to appear in the upcoming Venom sequel, along with Scream and Anti-Venom. The rest of the wave includes Typhoid Mary and everyone's favorite Spider-Ham!



Of course, no collection is complete without Black Suit Spider-Man, or Symbiote Spider-Man as he's come to be known. There are quite a lot of selection when looking to add this costume of Spider-Man to your collection, including a two-pack with Kraven the Hunter, but we're fans of the latest version of Symbiote Spider-Man to hit the comics world.

Peter Parker rejoined with the Venom Symbiote to face off against Norman Osborn's Red Goblin in Dan Slott's finale to his decade-long run on Amazing Spider-Man. While the costume is very similar to his previous times with the symbiote, there are a few subtle differences such as the extended eyepieces and revamped Venom symbol that really make this figure stand out.



We've been discussing quite a few modern takes on Spidey, from his new duds in Far From Home to his updated Symbiote costume, but the best addition to any collection has to be Marvel Legends First Appearance recreation from the Sentinel Series.

Based on Steve Ditko's amazing design of the Spider-Man costume, the figure features a few slight alterations to the Spider-Man costume fans know and love today. The original costume featured darker colors, smaller eyepieces, and a more simplistic logo, and collectors will appreciate the attention to those details in bringing Ditko's vision to life.

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