25 Sideshow Toys That Are So Great We’re Keeping Them In the Package

Since time out of mind, children have struggled with lowering the resale value of their action figures by being so foolish as to play with them. Well, you’ll find no fools here at Comic Book Resources. We would much rather play with, say, the emotions of our loved ones than we would our toys. Besides, in this busy workaday world, who has time for such things as play when there are jobs to be resented and traffic to sit in? No, thank you. These figures described below are more like museum pieces — artworks to be exhibited in the home, mostly to ourselves and our pets. Some of them are even statues, with no points of articulation (we had to break more than a couple limbs off some of them, just to be sure).

Since its inception in 1994, Sideshow Collectibles has presented us with some of the finest possible additions to our personal museums. This does not mean that we have no fun with these; far from it, in fact. Where as children, we may have enjoyed reenacting our favorite battles and creating new ones, as savvy, mature adults, we now take great pleasure in creating our own little dioramas that are aesthetically pleasing as well as just plain fun to look at. Don’t let any tell you toys are made to be played with — get your fun wherever you can! Odin knows it’s hard enough as is. So let’s take a look-see at the coolest figures Sideshow has for us now, but no touching. Ha ha, just kidding, but seriously, don’t touch.


This is likely going to be a pretty Infinity War-heavy list, so if that’s a problem, just snap your fingers and take yourself on out of here. First up, we have the Winter Solider himself, Bucky Barnes, looking more than semi-stable for a one-hundred-year-old man.

Not only does Buck come with two pairs of gun-holding hands and one-pair of knife-holding hands, he also comes with a bionic arm that is turning to dust, just like in the movie (er…spoilers for a several-month old film, sorry). He won’t turn to dust on our watch, though!


Again as seen in Infinity War, we have a very serious Thor, complete with his new haircut and eyepatch from Ragnarok. He is also carrying Stormbreaker from this year’s Avengers film, and we certainly hope it will be compatible with the Beta Ray Bill figure forthcoming in our wildest dreams.

We are actually very tempted to take this one out of the package, for he has six light-up armor plates on his chest for a very cool lightning effect. Lead us not into temptation!


Straight out of our favorite fight scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we have Anthony Edward Stark in his Hulkbuster armor, certainly the piece of equipment General Thaddeus Ross is most jealous of. Apparently, the original version of this figure was so popular, Sideshow deluxed it up for a 2020 release date.

This version comes with an LED light-up Jackhammer left arm, an interchangeable locking forearm, and a Hulkbuster pod. Nice try, Sideshow, we’re not taking this out of the package even more than we did not take the first one out of the package! Better luck next time!


The world saw Luke Skywalker’s return to the Star Wars Universe in full in last year’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and boy, was he looking a bit rough. Happily, by the time of his final showdown with Kylo Ren, he had gotten cleaned up a bit, and now Sideshow has commemorated this occasion with this beautiful figure.

Not only does Luke here come with his blue lightsaber, he also comes with the pair of dice he finds on the Millennium Falcon, the good luck charm of his old buddy Han. We’re not going to lose those!


Hela, goddess of death, was imprisoned for eons by her own father, yet she’s never looked better. This figure from Ragnarok beautifully captures Hela as depicted by Cate Blanchett, and she’s even crazier than she was in Blue Jasmine.

Not only does Hela come with her own swords, she also comes with a damaged Mjolnir, reenacting what must be the most heart-breaking scene in the film (yes, even more than the death of Odin)(spoilers again, sorry). Her cape is also magnetically attachable — smart and fashionable!


Why, if it isn’t the wonderful Wade Wilson, won’t you? This figure, based on the character in Deadpool 2, comes with a lion’s share of weapons and accessories, not to mention a keen figure stand with the movie logo. It’s just like Barbies, you guys!

This figure comes with all our favorite accessories — shurikens, that collar thing he has to wear in prison, a unicorn doll, and (our personal favorite) that goofy X-Trainee jersey he wears. Oh, you better believe we are *this* close to taking it out and playing with it, but no, absolutely not.


Again in conjunction with the good people at Hot Toys, we have another figure from Ragnarok, certainly one of the most fun Marvel movies ever made. We were beyond thrilled to find that the filmmakers were going to be incorporating the look from the “Planet Hulk” storyline, and now it’s further commemorated with this figure!

Weighing in at 14 pounds, this bad boy comes not only fully armored, but armed to the very large teeth with both a battle axe and a war hammer. He also comes with an interchangeable hairpiece in case he has a blind date or something.


The head sculpt on this looks so much like Carrie Fisher in Empire Strikes Back, that at first we thought the photo was a still from the film. All the more reason to keep it mint in package.

As noted, this is Leia specifically on Cloud City in the film, with the exact red robes and everything. There are not a whole lot of accessories, but this more than any other figure on this list (and that is saying quite a bit) was clearly meant to be a museum piece, not an actual action figure.


Never has the face of evil been so well recreated on a toy. This version of Palpatine is based on his appearance in Return of the Jedi, and he comes not only with his little cane, but also the Force bolts that shoot out of his hands.

Further, this deluxe addition also comes with his Imperial throne from which he watches his pupil battle his pupil’s only son, and which also lights up. It also comes with Luke’s lightsaber, which rests within hand’s reach, just like in the film.


Battle-damaged figures are way cooler than the artisanal way we used to have to do it, by leaving our toys in the driveway and then our dad backing over them. Harkening back to the old Battle Damage He-Man figures, this ultra-collectible exclusive figure is definitely not going to be actually damaged.

Not only is Batman’s face (well, Ben Affleck’s face) partially visible through his damaged helmet, his remaining armored eye lights up. So too does his Kryptonite spear light up, just like our eyes did when we saw this figure for the first time.


Coming from the far-flung future of 2015 A.D., we have everyone’s favorite time-travelling teenager with a real chip on his shoulder as far as the whole “chicken” thing goes. Marty is, as in the film, somewhat better dressed than Marty Jr. typically is, not that Griff ever seemed to notice.

He comes with the jacket and the shows, but also the multi-colored hat along with a different hairpiece for wearing said cap. Complete with sports almanac and copy of USA Today, the only accessory this figure doesn’t come with is a giant holographic shark.


While T’Challa gets all the attention as the most eligible African prince in the MCU, his father gets kind of the short shrift. T’Chaka was dispensing Wakandan justice while his son was still in short pants, and he is a bad dude in his own right.

This strong and literal father figure comes decked out in his finest array, the trim as intricate as it is textured. Not unlike the Princess Leia figure above, this is clearly meant as more of a museum piece, one we can display and pretend he is expressing pride in us.


Again, we were fooled once more into thinking we were looking at a still from the film. Count Dooku was by far one of the most delightfully evil characters in the Star Wars prequels, and the grim features of this figure capture that spectacularly.

Dooku also comes with his red lightsaber, as well as one that appears to be in motion, but coolest of all is the hologram projector and hologram figures of a battle droid, Jango Fett, and others. These are toy holograms, not actual holograms, but that makes them actually cooler somehow.


Way punker than you, this figure might be the most fun one on this entire list. Based on the design from the very popular video game, we have Spider-Punk in all his three-chord glory. Good luck trying to get this sort of authenticity down at Hot Topic, you mallrats!

Spider-Punk comes with all the accoutrement, complete with guitar and denim vest covered with pins (we can’t quite make out the detail, but is that a Minor Threat button? We sure hope so!). The detail is flawless, right down to the scuffs on his Chuck Taylors. See you in the pit!


Laura is at her rageful finest in this beautiful 25” tall figure. Atop the severed hand of a mutant-hunting Sentinel, X-23 defines grace under extreme homicidal tendencies. The attention to detail on the form is stunning, her lithe arms and legs taut but powerful; it’s like one of those very tasteful weightlifting magazines come to life.

This figure also comes with two different facial expressions: one is a serious if somewhat subdued business-like face, and the other is red-eyed and savage, complete with domino mask and harkening back to Laura’s days as a member of X-Force. Truly a museum piece.


Ergh, should we take these out of the package?! These statues are so beautiful, we are truly torn between preserving them and showing them off. Take Nueva York’s friendly neighborhood Alchemax-experiment-gone-wrong here – it’s too pretty to hide, just like our complete run of the original series.

These statues don’t come with quite as many neat little accessories that the sixth scale figures do, but what they lack in versatility, they more than make up for with sheer attention to detail. The base is a well-recreated rooftop from 2099, which does also light up.


If there’s one thing the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done absolutely right, it’s bringing Colonel James Rhodes to centre stage. The working man’s Iron Man, War Machine has long been a fan-favorite in the comics, and now he’s getting his due on the silver screen, commemorated by this gorgeous statue.

This is also part of a Wakanda diorama, their bases capale of interlocking to depict all the brave Avengers who fought Thanos in their seemingly unwinnable battle with the mad Titan. Here, Rhodey is pretty resplendent in his full armor, several guns at the ready.


Speaking of the Battle of Wakanda, here we have Captain Steve Rogers. We might, in our secret hearts, call him Nomad in this get-up, but Captain America is the name on the box. Regardless, Steve is fully geared out with his new Wakandan shields and little boo-boo on his head there.

Ever the proud leader, Cap points ahead dramatically, leading the charge into a war the Avengers may not win but will never quit. This statue perfectly captures Chris Evans’ portrayal of the character: staunch, loyal, brave.


Another fan favorite who will soon makes his big screen debut is Miles Morales, at his most nimble here in this statue. This figure features Miles’ distinctive black-and-red costume, and comes with an unmasked version of Miles’ face and a left hand holding the mask.

The base itself is of note, depicting as it does Ultimate Venom in all his glory. He may have fewer teeth than his Earth-616 counterpart, but he’s no less freaky. To effortlessly blend in form and function with a base like this only goes to show why Sideshow is at the top of its industry.


Direct from the classic storyline, we have this beautiful statue depicting one of the turning points in the life of ol’ Jim Howlett. In what has become one of the most iconic depictions of the character, we have Logan in the Weapon X helmet, confused and frightened, and then we also have him sans helmet, enraged and bloodthirsty.

Kotobukiya has long been a name synonymous with top-shelf models, and there is no departure from that here. The base conveys the harsh Canadian winter during which the story takes place and is truly the icing on the cake, pun not intended.


There are only 3500 of this limited edition maquette, and it retails at just over a grand, but you can see every penny in this piece. Based more on the designs of Jim Starlin than on the Infinity War movie, this Thanos sits on his throne in judgement of you and all creation.

The production team has apparently spent years on this, and again, it absolutely shows. Replete in his throne and with his Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is an actual presence in this piece, and his eyes are piercing, his posture regal.


This statue is a beautiful salute to John Stewart’s service in the Green Lantern Corps, defending sector 2814 as well as the entire universe. Again, this piece comes with two faces, one of pure concentration and one of pure rage, both with eyes glazed over with green power.

The base of the statue is again a work of art unto itself. John is creating a massive construct of hard-light energy against his unseen foe here, and that also forms much of the base in a very intricate combination of form and function.


We’re sure you can see a theme here, that a statue is the sum of its primary figure and its base being equal to more than its parts. Doomsday is one of the most imposing figures in the DC Universe; shreds of his containment suit still cling to him in all his thorny glory.

In the stand, we have the trophies of his conquests – Wonder Woman’s sword, Aquaman’s trident, etc. He clings to shreds of Superman’s cape, and several Bat-a-rangs remain embedded in his body. The crowning jewel is a Green Lantern ring forced onto one of his monstrous fingers.


As always, Zatanna, mistress of magic, looks good enough to make all our worries disappear. This statue depicts her in a very classic pose, with a tip of her top hat and that knowing smirk, like she’s about to say something backwards and make you do something embarrassing.

Behind her back, Zatanna holds her wand and a few playing cards, the ace of spades prominently displayed. Is it the card of death, or just her favorite Motorhead song? We may never know because we are for sure never taking this one out of the box!


Finally, we have the latest edition to DC Collectibles’ Batman: Black and White line of statues. Since 2005, this line has given the world some of the finest noir statues we have ever seen. This latest Joker, the first since Frank Miller’s 2016 model, is designed by Sean Gordon Murphy.

Murphy recently wrote and drew the tremendous Batman: White Knight series wherein the Joker, seemingly reformed, becomes a politician dedicated to bringing down the Batman. Murphy’s style perfectly complements a reformed (or is he?) Joker, and while this statue depicts him as more insane than not, it still fits perfectly.

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