Best-Selling Author Barbara Hambly signs with Penny-Farthing Press

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Best-selling author Barbara Hambly has signed with Penny-Farthing Press to write The Invisible Labyrinth, a 64 page one-shot for The Victorian focusing on the villainous character Claude Ballaré slated for a 2003 release.

The author, best known for her elaborate settings and bewitching descriptions, brings her perspective as a successful novelist to The Victorian's world. The Invisible Labyrinth will give readers Hambly's signature combination of mystery and historical accuracy along with a touch of fantasy.

"Barbara's a beautiful writer," PFP Editor-In-Chief Marlaine Maddux explained. "She has a passion for her subject matter that shines in every syllable. She was our first choice on this project."

Hambly's prolific career includes such critically-acclaimed titles as Beauty and the Beast, The Benjamin January Mysteries, Knight of the Demon Queen, Magic Time, Star Trek: Ishmael, Star Wars: Children of the Jedi, and The Windrose Chronicles.

The Invisible Labyrinth marks the first in a string of The Victorian one-shots intended to give readers more insight into the series' elaborate world. Each one-shot will feature a unique creative team that will take The Victorian in new directions.

"We're very excited about our upcoming projects associated with The Victorian title," Maddux said. "We want to expand the fictional world of the main story line and show readers how certain characters came to be."

Though creative teams have not been named for additional The Victorian one-shots, pre-production will begin on the projects in 2003.

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