10 'Wicked' Raven Cosplays

There are, aesthetically, a lot of 'dark' cosplay characters, though not all possess traits of 'wickedness', heroism, sensuality, and a calm, cool, and collected attitude. Raven from DC Comics' Teen Titans. What makes these cosplays 'wicked' is more than possessing Raven's attributes, but it is their clean, polished look, and the amount of creativity shown.

Included in the selection are cosplays from the Teen Titans animated series, Injustice: Gods Among Us (Regime), Raven: Daughter of Darkness, classic RavenInjustice: Gods Among Us (Prime),  and elaborate costumes. Each has their own appeal are strong in different ways but all have the 'wicked' sense we're looking for.

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10 Classic Raven I

Raven was introduced to the DC Universe in 1980 in the issue of DC Comics Presents #26. Her comic creators were Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. Raven is a half-human/half-demon from Azarath, who had to learn how to control her emotions in order to not be possessed by her father Trigon.

To begin our list we have a gorgeously wicked classic Raven cosplay by Texas cosplayer, @OMGcosplay. She finely illustrates our favorite Azarathean in a glamorous, radiant, and rainbow-filled silhouette. The craftsmanship is fine, clean, and polished.

9 Injustice: Gods Among Us (Regime) Raven

Regime Raven is from Injustice: Gods Among Us. In this particular storyline, Raven teams up with an evil and vengeful Superman after the death of Lois Lane, unborn child, and the loss of Metropolis. The reason why she joins Superman is because in Injustice, Raven is influenced by her father and has undying loyalty to him instead of Superman.

Showing off her wicked Regime Raven cosplay is California cosplayer alexandriathered. She shows prowess, grace, and of course, a hint of wickedness. Outside of cosplay, alexandriathered is a model, self-proclaimed "geek extraordinaire", and she is married.

8 Classic Raven II

Our next cosplayer has a sort of different spin on the classic Raven look. Instead of Raven's garment color being dark blue, catspaw.cosplay, created our wicked demon goddess in all black attire. She shows elegance and her cosplay is sleek; a very well done piece.

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7 Teen Titans Animated Series Raven

The 2003 Teen Titans animated series adaptation of Raven depicts her differently than in the comics before it. In the animated series, created by Glen Murakami she has light grey skin, a black leotard, a blue cape, and a belt with red gems lined with gold instead of the classic all gold belt. Another difference is that Raven actually looks like a teenager in the animated series and not like an adult. In fact, she looks shorter in the animated series than in the comic. Maybe it's the animation that makes her look different. Either way, Raven is just as powerful and wicked.

Telekinetic or just realistic photo editing? Saeva's cosplay is mysterious, captivating, and, of course, wicked. She shows Raven's tranquil and quiet demeanor in her facial expression. Every aspect of her work is utterly convincing and worthy of the list of wicked Raven cosplays.

6 Raven: Daughter of Darkness


The Daughter of Darkness is the current version of our beloved Raven. In this series, Raven is trying to live a normal high school life all while saving the arcanes from the Shadow Riders. In Daughter of Darkness Raven lives with her relatives and keeps her powers a secret from them throughout the series for their protection.

Simple, black, and totally wicked. Danni seems to effortlessly bring our Daughter of Darkness to life with this adaptation of Raven. Besides cosplay, Danni enjoys visual art such as oil, acrylics, pencils, and sewing.

5 DC Bombshell Raven

DC Bombshell Raven has a pretty interesting story. In this series, Raven is German and Trigon is a mountain spirit named Das Trigon. Instead of being raised in Azarath, she lives her life in the Alps. For some reason, the Joker's Daughter and Killer Frost are part of her origin story. They end up discovering her existence and attack her village, killing everyone but Raven. The Joker's Daughter kidnaps her and tries to turn Raven into her successor of evil. However, Raven got the best of the Joker's Daughter and sealed her away, thus beginning Raven's journey as a Bombshell.

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TinyAshCosplay, an Australian cosplayer, created a mirror image of DC Bombshell Raven. The colors in her garments and accessories breathe vibrantly and show such a rich luster. The cosplay is a little brighter than the comic image, but nonetheless we have a wicked catch here.

4 Fan Art Raven

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... Raven with wings? That's right, this creative rendition of classic Raven is fan art come to life. The designer and illustrator of the costume is Chicago cosplayer Stephanie Flor.

Though Flor's caption is meme-worthy, her cosplay should be on display for the world to marvel at her craft. Flor expertly integrates the mix of classic Raven and the actual bird -- the raven. Her material seems to mimic the raven's feathers instead of using feather (real or fake) to craft the wings and the shoulder pads. She even has a mask to recreate one of the faces of classic Raven. Not only is Flor's cosplay appreciated in the online community, she created another masterpiece inspired by Raven for the Her Universe Fashion Show in 2018. Needless to say, Flor has some wicked skills and wicked Raven ensembles.

3 Injustice: Gods Among Us (Prime)

One of our top wicked Raven cosplays, again, comes from the hit video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. This version is the sequel to Regime Raven. The outfit for Prime compared to Regime is blue instead of purple and it includes some flashy armor.

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What a cool cosplay of Prime Raven done by Raquel Sparrow. Her whole cosplay looks pretty three dimensional. The blue in her leotard almost looks like it could be armor itself! The craftsmanship is extra polished and the photo editing gives Sparrow such a powerful look like she's really about to fight another DC character in Injustice.

2 Raven Costume Design I


We have two original designs by some crazy talented women. First we have a sort of mix of DC Bombshell Raven, Regime, and a pinch of royalty that brings a Game of Thrones-esque look. Costume designer Morgan N., has some wicked skills.

As we can see, Morgan has put in a lot of work with her craftsmanship and her makeup. Just look at those cheekbones! Morgan and her photographer Susan Onysko have perfectly created the right amount of flair and wickedness to pay homage to Raven. They show great teamwork in the final product, what superior artistry.

1 Costume Design Raven II

The most wicked Raven cosplay is another original design that reigns supreme. Olivia Mears is a maker of "unconventional costumes," and is the self-proclaimed "OG Taco Belle." She is a Crown Championships of Cosplay and Her Universe Fashion Show judge and an ambassador for the Singer Sewing Company.

Mears recreates Raven as, basically, a regal goddess. The amount of detail that's gone into this cosplay is unimaginable. Look at that sheer ombre cape and all the lace! Our most wicked Raven cosplayer is no short of impressive, she deserves that crown around her head.

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