10 Best Pokémon Quotes (from The Show)

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Pokémon has been going on for a while. Like, a really long time. It is only getting more popular instead of less popular too. While so many people from the older generation play the games and are into the app, how is the show doing? The design has certainly changed but there have been some lines that are difficult to top.


In the show, some lines have just stuck with us. Despite revolving around collectible animals and battles, a deep line gets out there now and then. That’s not to say it has to be deep to be awesome. Some lines are just ridiculous and that is what makes them awesome.

10 Brock’s Best Line

“Hey, I know. I’ll use my trusty frying pan as a drying pan.”

Brock says this line while he, Ash, and Misty are rushing for shelter in a rainstorm. He then puts his frying over his head as a makeshift umbrella.

The popularity of this silly quote is well known to Pokémon fans. In fact, a 14 second Youtube video of him saying this line has over eight million views. According to a translation from a Reddit user, this joke was not too far from the original Japanese version either. In Japanese, Brock says, "At times like this, I'll use my frying pan instead of an umbrella...pretty neat, huh? Not much of a big deal at all."

9 James’ Hair

“Don’t worry that pretty blue head of yours, I’ve got a plan.” – Meowth

“It’s lavender.” – James


James’ delivery of this line got a lot of giggles from fans. His tone is offended and he says lavender like “It’s lanvenduh.” It is nowhere near the popularity of Brock’s frying pan line, but it is on Youtube for fans to enjoy.

Correcting someone about what the color of anything is tends to make good comedy, especially during a serious moment such as planning how to steal Pikachu.

8 Creative Names

“Err...my name is...Tom Ato!” - Ash

“What!? Err...well...my name is Ann...Chovi.” - Misty

“And my name is Caesar Salad.” – Brock

Once again Brock is a gift to all of us. In this line, Ash gets his name from staring at a ketchup bottle that Pikachu is messing with. So Misty is shocked and accidentally comes up with a food-related name as well.

But Brock, Brock does not blink when he said his name is Caesar Salad. He was fully prepared to say that from the get-go. He says that line as though it's utterly normal and something he just had in the back of his head for years.

7 Mewtwo’s Wisdom

“I see now that one’s birth is irrelevant. It’s what you do that determines who you are.” – Mewtwo


The deeper quotes Pokémon offered came mostly from the show’s movies. This quote from Mewtwo says that your actions define who you are. It’s not what is on the outside or where you came from that matter.

What you do is what makes you important more than anything else. You can come from anywhere, but that place does not have to define you and neither does your family. Mewtwo would certainly understand that, being a clone and all.

6 Meowth’s Deep Words

“We do have a lot in common. The same earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what’s the same, instead of looking at what’s different, well, who knows?” – Meowth

Also from Mewtwo’s movie, Meowth decided to steal the show with this line. Despite Pokémon being a story of battles, getting along and peace is a message they discuss a lot.

To think of it even more ironically, Meowth is technically a villain in the series. Maybe it’s those two paradoxes that make the line hit even harder. Rather than having a hero say this line, we get a villain saying it and it's unexpected yet more meaningful in that way.

5 On Butterfree

“A Caterpie may change into a Butterfree, but the heart that beats inside remains the same.” – Brock.

So Brock does not just dish out silly lines. He has his serious moments as well. He brings up the important point that while a Pokémon may look and act differently after it evolved, it’s still the Pokémon you raised and loved.

It’s a sweet quote because in our world, that quotes reaches to topics like growing up, parenthood, and the stresses we undergo with change. It’s a comforting quote, showing that some things don’t change even though it looks like they have.

4 On Getting Others To Like You

“There’s no sense in going out of your way to get somebody to like you.” – Ash Ketchum

What’s so great about this quote is it’s applicable to everyone from adults to children. From the moment people are born, they are taught and conditioned to be people pleasers.

That sometimes turns against us and we get stressed about whether other people like us or not and then we do not act like ourselves. It’s a big issue, and one that Ash talks about in an incredibly straight forward way.

3 Where Vikings Live

“I didn't know Vikings still existed...” - Brock

“They mostly live in Minnesota!” – Ash


This went over so many heads when Pokémon: The First Movie came out. Ash is actually referencing the Minnesota Vikings football team. What a stretch right? It’s amazing that that was put into Pokémon seeing as Minnesota technically shouldn’t even exist in the Pokémon world.

Who had that idea anyway? The English voice actors? Because that line definitely was not in the original Japanese version. Imagine how many more heads this joke would’ve jumped over if it was in the other versions.

2 James’ Costume

"I am the Flaming Moltres!" - James

"Where on Earth did he get that costume?" - Jessie

"Straight outta his closet.” - Meowth

It is adorable how excited James is to be a Moltres when he says this quote.

James is a fan favorite of the Pokémon community for not only his funny lines but also his love of cross-dressing. Fans love how he breaks gender stereotypes with his soft-spoken and passive personality as well.

These patterns have caused many to theorize that James is not heterosexual. Who can blame them too when Meowth says that line? It’s almost as if he turned and gave the audience a gigantic wink.

1 Streaker Mention

“It's following Pikachu around like its a streaker or something.” - Ash

“Ash you mean a STALKER!” – Brock

It’s hard to believe that this is in the anime, but you can find the clip on Youtube. In this scene, Ash is commenting on a Magnemite that is following Pikachu. What must have made this quote come to life is that there was a funny pun Ash said in Japanese that they had to dub into English.

They decided to pick something that would fit Brock and Misty’s shocked body-language. Well, that quote definitely made the cut.


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