10 Best Pokémon Monster Cosplays

It's difficult to not love Pokémon. The video games have been a much beloved franchise for many people around the world, continually managing to reinvent itself with every new incarnation. There have been various animes and movies all based on the cute and crazy monsters, with new creatures popping up all the time.

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Everyone has a favorite monster, and with so many to choose from, the possibilities for cosplayers are endless. There're plenty of imaginative takes on myriad of all the different types of Pokémon including carbon copies and Gijinka, so we look at 10 of the best Pokémon monster cosplays and bring you our absolute favorites.

10 Charizard

When Pokémon debuted on the Game Boy all the way back in 1996, Charizard was featured on the cover on Pokémon Red. A final evolution of Charmander, the fiery dragon was incredibly powerful, and also looked incredibly cool. Jennocide Cosplay has taken the fundamentals of the character and turned it into a thing of beauty.

The well-crafted orange and gold armor makes up the majority of her outfit, fitting her really well. Charizard's wings and tail have been replicated with intricate stitching, and the fabrics used give them a truly authentic look. Topped off with light blue stockings, horned boots, and crimson hair makes it one of the finest Pokémon cosplays around.

9 Magikarp

OK, so when it comes to the weaker and less popular Pokémon, Magikarp is definitely one that springs to mind. However, cosplayer Sev did something so popular that it made it into the news, and it's clear to see why.  Whilst it's basically a well-toned and muscular man wearing a Magikarp on his head, the picture is hilarious.

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It was based on the famous "Do you even splash" Magikarp meme, which was taken from another meme that arose on bodybuilding and fitness forums aimed at faux weightlifters. DC-based cosplayer Sev is an advocate of fitness, and thought it would be funny to incorporate his love of exercise and his admiration for Magikarp. Bravo, Sev.

8 Jigglypuff

Tayla is a South African cosplayer better known as Kinpatsu, and the quality of her cosplays is astounding. Every single one on her website portfolio photos oozes realism, and the time put into them shows just how talented Tayla is. She's tackled everyone from Widowmaker in Overwatch to Android 21 in Dragon Ball Z, but her Pokémon cosplays are brilliant.

She's cosplayed as Cubone, Arcanine, and Umbreon to name a few, but her Jigglypuff outfit is great. Simple and understated, her pink fitted dress and bouncy wig help to replicate the cute monster's own fur. Topped off with little pink ears and a microphone, it encapsulates Jigglypuff's personality excellently.

7 Machoke

Super strong Pokémon Machoke has been cosplayed by Gym Cosplay here, and thanks to some stunning work by Ravendark Creations on the mask, and photographed by the hugely talented Anthony N. Camastro, it brings the muscly monster to life. It also helps that he's in superb shape to be able to make sure the body looks as accurate as his Pokémon counterpart.

From the age of 18, Gym Cosplay was into MMA, and ever since he's kept up with his fitness as well as joining the military when he was 20. As well as competing in fitness shows and working out, he also loves cosplaying as his favorite characters, and his dedication to getting them right always seems to provide great results.

6 Metapod

The telling of a true cosplayer is taking a character that doesn't have a lot of fans and turning it into an incredible cosplay that will turn heads wherever it appears. Metapod is also an afterthought when it comes to creating your party in a Pokémon game, but if he looked like this you'd probably never pick anyone else.

Savage Suon is a cosplayer, artist, and prop maker, and his talents are highlighted in this metal armored Metapod. Wearing thick metal armor and using Metapod as a shield turns a relatively unpopular monster into a bonafide badass. We love what Savage Suon has done here, and we're sure you will too. Just don't mess with him if you see him in the flesh.

5 Arcanine

There's something remarkable about what cosplayer Shan Claw has done with his take on Arcanine. During ColossalCon in 2017, Shan Claw debuted his native American-inspired Arcanine cosplay, and it's clear to see exactly why it was so popular among all of the attendees.

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The headdress with Arcanine's face on encapsulates the Pokémon's ferocity, and with the addition of the fur on various parts of the cosplay helps to keep it realistic and professional. The various layers of brown fabric underneath the armor, and stunning belt that sits on his midriff makes it special and unique for all the right reasons.

4 Eevee

Just because a Pokémon is cute doesn't mean than it can't provide quite a challenge during a battle, and that applies perfectly to Eevee. She's just appeared as one of the two main characters in the Nintendo Switch's Pokémon Let's Go! video games, and whilst she might squeak and look like a little sweetheart, she packs quite a punch.

Cosplayer Odette Crystal has recently cosplayed various Disney Princesses and D.Va from Overwatch, but when she went by the name of Kiko London, Eevee became the focus of one of her finest cosplays ever. Wearing a light brown cloak and a hood with a white furry trim, she managed to look both majestic and cute.

3 Pikachu

There's no arguing that Pikachu is the most famous of all Pokémon, and ever since he appeared alongside Ash in the anime, his rosey cheeks and penchant for electrocuting both humans and monsters alike never gets old. Both sexes have cosplayed as Pikachu, but there hasn't been anything quite as imaginative or as exceptional as this one.

Kaichan is a cosplayer who has done some amazing things with armor and weaponry. His takes on Genji from Overwatch and Cyrax from Mortal Kombat are breathtaking, but it's what he's done with Pikachu that really stands out. Turning a beloved character into a killing machine is no mean feat, but Kai owns it. Look at that sword!

2 Haunter

Not every Pokémon is as welcoming as Eevee or Jigglypuff. Some are pretty menacing, and Mary-Ève Grégoire's cosplay of Haunter doesn't change that opinion, if anything it solidifies it. She's done some amazing cosplays including fantastic versions of both Joker and Harley Quinn, but there's something amazing about her Haunter cosplay.

Gijinka cosplays are massively popular because it allows the artist to humanize the Pokémons, and to see Haunter as a sorceress makes perfect sense. Grégoire's headdress and boots are the main focus of her outfit, but it's her magnificently designed staff that really gives her Gijinka Haunter its character.

1 Leafeon

Eevee has plenty of evolutions in Pokémon, and her evolution of Leafeon can only occur when near a Moss Rock. Sayunie Cosplay has given the white-bodied creature new life, and turned her into a badass warrior that carries a bow. There're quite a few cosplays of many of Eevee's evolved forms, but this is our favorite.

She's also cosplayed as Link from the Zelda video games, and whilst these two could share a wealth of comparisons, Sayunie Cosplay has given her Leafeon cosplay plenty of unique touches such as the leaf emblem on her forehead, and the leafs that wrap around her bow. The white dress with pearls around the trim is also a sublime touch to the final outfit.

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