10 Best Pokémon Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters

Pokémon is a world-renowned media franchise.  The anime is so popular that even those who might not be die-hard anime fans enjoys watching this anime ... or at least enjoys playing its many video games.  Pokémon actually started out as a video game called Pocket Monsters that was released in Japan in the '90s.  This media franchise created toys, more video games, manga, books, and of course the Pokémon anime series in the years to come after the release of its first few video games.  It even got a live-action film in 2019.

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One way people express their love for Pokémon across the world is by cosplaying as its iconic characters such as Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, and the meme-worthy Pikachu.  Without further ado, here are 10 best pokémon cosplays that look exactly like the characters.


The Amino app features many amazing cosplayers showing off their fantastic costumes.  One cosplayer from Hawaii, who goes by the name Blushiibun and also Megu, perfectly recreated Misty.  She got everything right about Misty's look.  She even got the exact same colors as Misty's crop top and shorts.  It's amazing that she also used the exact same hair color as Misty's.  She got Misty's sharp bangs and side ponytail perfectly correct.  It's clear that she didn't ignore the small details of what makes up Misty's character.  This Misty cosplay is definitely worthy to say that it looks exactly like the character.  Instagram: @blushiibun


"Prepare for trouble, make it double."  The only trouble these two Team Rocket cosplayers are stirring is that their costumes are absolutely killing it.  They are the spitting image of Jessie and James' characters.  Team Rocket includes Jessie, James, and Meowth (who is unfortunately not included in this cosplay).  They are the main villains in Pokémon.  Team Rocket does a lot of bad in Pokémon, but this cosplay of Jessie and James is nothing but good.  It's clear to see that so much work was put into these cosplay costumes.  Both of these cosplayers outfits perfectly resemble that of the characters'.  What's really impressive is their hair.  Jessie's hair defies gravity and James' hair is the exact same color as it is in Pokémon. Twitter: @Ryoko_Demon


This cosplayer is the real-life Officer Jenny.  The more detailed your costume is, the better your cosplay is.  Using the exact same colors as a character's hair and clothes makes a big difference.  We can all agree that paying attention to detail in costumes is much appreciated.  This cosplayer has the same colored belt, hat, gloves, shirt, and hair color as Officer Jenny in Pokemon.  Adding the little stuffed animal Pokémon on her shoulder adds much more cuteness to her costume.  This cosplay represents Officer Jenny very well.   Tumblr: marugittocosplay

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Pretty in pink is this next cosplayer.  She is bringing joy to Pokémon fans by cosplaying as Nurse Joy.  Her cosplay costume is so adorable, and it resembles Nurse Joy's look very well.  It's impressive how she recreated Nurse Joy's hair.  Her hair color is the exact shade of pink, and the shape of her hair rings are very similar to the actual shape of Nurse Joy's in Pokémon.  As I mentioned before, usually the more detail and props added the better.  She includes her look with a cute, stuffed animal of the Pokémon Togepi.  This cosplay definitely looks exactly like Nurse Joy. Instagram: @zasiel


Professor Samuel Oak is a Pokémon researcher who lives in his research lab in Pallet Town.  Professor Oak is an older character and works hard with his research.  If you don't know much about this character, the bags that are drawn under his eyes serve as proof that he spends much time with his research.  This cosplayer uses makeup as a way to really turn themselves into Professor Samuel Oak.  This character is known for his big, chunky eyebrows and this cosplayer got his eyebrows perfectly.  They also used makeup to age themselves and look just like Professor Oak, topping everything off with the wig.  Worldcosplay.net: MIDORIMUSI


The character Dawn was first featured in the Diamond & Pearl Pokémon anime series.  She is a Pokémon Coordinator.  This cosplayer did an excellent job recreating Dawn's look.  Everything about her outfit is what you see on the character.  Not one single part of her costume seems to be off or missing something.  Her scarf is even worn the same way as the character actually wears it.  Now that's dedication.  There's nothing better than seeing a cosplayer give their character justice by creating a very similar outfit.  Instagram: the_anyapanda


Iris is a Pokémon trainer who uses Dragon Type Pokémon.  In Pokemon: Black 2 and White 2, she is the champion of the Unova region's Pokemon League.  It would be a crime to not perfectly cosplay this character.  Luckily, it hasn't been reported that someone has done that yet.  There are people who are cosplaying Iris and doing it amazingly well.  This cosplayer, for example, looks like she could be the live-action character of Iris.  Her cosplay is fantastic.  Her entire outfit looks exactly the same as it does in the anime and video games.  Her hair was also perfectly done.  Pinterest: Smiley Grins


Brock and Ash are two of the main characters in Pokémon.  These two characters are best buds and best friends across the world are known for cosplaying as them.  Ash and Brock could be considered as hard to cosplay because of their hair and face details.  However; these two cosplayers didn't let that discourage them from creating a perfect cosplay of the two characters.  They really did a great job of using the correct colors for their outfits.  The mini pokeballs they're holding are also appreciated.  What's really impressive is their hair and how they did it for their cosplay costumes.  Worldcosplay.net: Noi

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Nessa is a Gym Leader who specializes in Water Type Pokémon.  Nessa is a new character that appears in the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Nintendo Switch games.  Her style and accessories make her a fun character to cosplay as.  One cosplayer really went all out in recreating this character's look.  Starting with her hair, she has her small buns in the correct spot as Nessa's, and she also has her blue highlights in the same spot.  This cosplayer has the exact outfit and she made sure to use blue contacts to perfectly put it all together.  Facebook: Flawless by Tenisha


This cosplay group recreated each character perfectly.  Getting a character's hair down packed is important.  One reason why this cosplay group did a great job cosplaying as many of the main characters in Pokémon is because of their hair.  They did each characters' hair so perfectly.  There isn't a strand out of place.  Their outfits match the characters they are playing as well, and it's obvious that they put a lot of work into creating their costumes.  Instagram: @hopiechan

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