10 Of The Best Partnerships In The DC Universe

Throughout the years of a character’s journey, there may come a time where they encounter a companion who just might become their closest ally- someone who understands why they do what they do, and who will stand by their side, no matter what. It is not always easy to go on a story arc alone, yet for those fortunate enough to have a partner they can rely on, the journey becomes that much shorter.

There is, in turn, some necessary credit due to those partnerships that are strong in their formation and effective during missions. With that in mind, here are 10 of the best partnerships in the DC Universe.

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10 Shazam and “King” Shazam (Billy Batson and Freddy Freeman)

The New 52 revisions of the characters Billy Batson and Freddy Freeman saw them sharing a mischievous streak for hustling and pranks; which is only amplified further when a host of magical powers are thrown into the mix. Despite how the two thrive off one another during shenanigans, the relationship between Billy and Freddy fosters bonds that become necessary for Billy to learn to trust other people. On his own, Billy maintains that he is better off alone, but it is Freddy who keeps Billy grounded by checking his ego.

In the end, Freddy is one of the few people who know Billy for who he truly is, and for some superheroes, it is a necessary quality to have, especially as beings with god-like powers.

9 Green Lantern and the Flash (Hal Jordan and Barry Allen)

Guy Gardner is not the only troublesome Green Lantern there is, but it might be surprising to learn that Hal Jordan, himself, is troublesome. For Hal, it is better to “shoot first and ask questions later,” and as a result, he tends to leave a trail of destruction in his wake.

Fortunately for him, he has Barry Allen by his side to, ironically, slow him down, and encourage other methods that demand less forcefulness. The two, in any case, work in tandem to apply their mechanical and analytical strategies, which inevitably provides a sort of balance during a conflict.

8 Black Canary and Huntress (Dinah Lance and Helena Bertinelli)

The cohesion between Huntress and Black Canary obviously originates from their martial arts capabilities. Similar to how the bat family operates in battle, Dinah and Helena complement one another by diving the work of combat between them, so that neither is completely over-run.

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At the same time, however, the two often carry differing views of how criminals should be punished, which keeps either of them from taking on a narrow perspective. Fighting crime is only part of the battle, after all.

7 Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (Harleen Quinzel and Pamela Isley)

Although Harley Quinn has a primarily solo series, many of those issues still feature the addition of her romantic partner, Poison Ivy. Harley’s previous relationship to the Joker, when compared to her current one, revealed how her commitment to someone who only used and abused her, was ultimately neglectful.

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The developed relationship between Harley and Ivy, however, is not only a substantial improvement but one that represents a “yin and yang” scenario, in which Harley’s passion is met with Ivy’s rational inclination. Regardless, though, they are a very compelling couple.

6 Red Hood and Arsenal (Jason Todd and Roy Harper)

Although these outlaws technically have a third member, it is nevertheless the case that Jason Todd and Roy Harper have been written together in several adventures, where their marksmanship and fighting skills become intermingled in battle. It is always captivating to see, however, how the two manage to banter with each other, despite an on-going battle.

Even though as outlaws there are not many they can go to for help, Jason and Roy, nevertheless, have used this mutual status to their advantage in their own partnership, which has allowed them to consult and collaborate with the other person, without fear of betrayal.

5 Blue Beetle and Booster Gold (Ted Kord and Michael Carter)

Like the partnership between Freddy and Billy, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold bring out in each other a shared interest for business ventures, which is probably why their friendship flourishes. The schemes they concocted may end in calamity, more than not, but their ability to relish in each other’s comical nature often downplays failure enough, until the next idea.

The true testaments to their partnership, however, might be during the darkest moments, where Ted and Michael stood by their friend when they needed them most.

4 Hawk and Dove (Hank Hall and Dawn Granger)

Hawk and Dove are known as a duo from the very beginning, and they have generally remained together ever since. Needless to say, there is no Hawk without Dove, and there is no Dove without Hawk.

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There is an understanding that the two need each other to both instigate action and later repress it (depending on the variety of the situations that they come across, as the avatars of war and peace). The two essentially benefit from one another, because they respect each other enough to consider what the other has to say (even if it is usually Hank who ends up listening to Dawn’s advice).

3 Firestorm (Ronald Raymond and Jason Rusch)

People may say that two heads are better than one, but for Firestorm, this is taken literally. Ronald Raymond and Jason Rusch may not have been ideal partners for one another initially, but the future of their story arcs would see them inevitably fused together as the hero Firestorm.

These two, in turn, would learn to apply both their instinctual and logical strategies as a hybrid of the two, during catastrophes that necessitated complex solutions. It would only help them further, when they eventually become friends; conveying, as a result, the more applicable metaphor that “opposites attract.”

2 Batman and Superman (Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent)

The notorious “World's Finest,” Batman and Superman, have been working together for years since the Golden age of comic books. Although the relationship between the two has been known to be tenuous at times, the two are still an iconic example of opposites attract, and for many, the two complement one another due to their differing perspectives.

At the end of the day, however, the partnership between Batman and Superman is everlasting, and the pain felt in moments when it turns to shambles, certainly defends that condition.

1 Rorschach and Nite Owl (Walter Kovacs and Dan Dreiberg)

It would be a crime not to consider Rorschach and Nite Owl, as the two are always better off together than they are apart. Separated, the two are quite vulnerable to the manipulations of the “mask killer,” as one is low on resources that would provide self-protection, while the other remains ignorant of the conspiracy against him. Yet, when Dan finally decides to join Rorschach in his investigations, they finally uncover the identity of the “mask killer.”

How they come to that conclusion becomes connected, furthermore, to how their partnership functions- Rorschach is the absolutist determined to find the truth, while Nite Owl is contemplative enough to ensure that it is the truth. These two essentially act as hot and cold to create temperate cooperation that allows for them to succeed in their missions, and it is this that puts them at the number one spot as one of the best partnerships in DC Comics.

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