Best of 2013 - We Can Fix It!

As I mentioned during my Top 10 Comics of 2013, instead of just listing a bunch of honorable mentions for the list, I'm instead going to spotlight some other 2013 comics that I liked a lot in their own individual posts. First up, we have Jess Fink's hilariously charming time travel graphic novel from Top Shelf Productions, We Can Fix It! The sub-title of the comic gives you the best idea of what it is about - "A Time Travel Memoir." This story uses time travel as a way for Fink (and the reader) to re-examine Fink's past and through these trips to the past, see her present in a new light. It's a really delightful work that mixes over-the-top humor with some deep insights into Fink's personality and both the vagaries of the human memory and the value that the mistakes in our lives have in making us who we are.

This comic gets into the thick of things with a bang right out of the gate. To give you a hint of what kind of approach Fink is taking with this story, check out the first five pages...

Twistedly hilarious, right?

Future Jess then decides to make past Jess' sexual exploits better. She then figures - why stop there? She continues to try to correct the problems of her past (through traveling to the past, and thereby giving us a deep and full view of her life) but a funny thing happens along the way.

1. Just like the sexy times weren't quite as sexy as she remembers, nor were the bad times quite as bad as she remembered.

2. Secondly, if your experience during your life make you the person that you are, then should we ever really "correct" our past mistakes?

Fink examines these intruiging ideas with a fast-paced, hilarious way in a fashion that manages to both be down-to-Earth AND out-of-this world.

Fink is an outstanding cartoonist. I can't wait until her next comic book work!

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