The 10 Best New Mutants Who Graduated To Become X-Men

The X-Men have had many spin-off teams over the years. X-Force, Generation X, Excalibur, and X-Factor were all popular in their own times. One of the more interesting of these teams was the New Mutants. Chosen by Professor Xavier to train and eventually become X-Men themselves, the New Mutants team was catered towards training much younger mutants.

Over the years since the team's inception, many members of the New Mutants have grown to become powerful heroes. Some of them have even graduated into becoming X-Men. Here are the top ten New Mutants who became X-Men, ranked.

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10 Rictor

Julio Esteban Richter is a powerful mutant who has found himself on many of the "X" teams. With the power to generate and manipulate seismic blasts, Rictor is a bit of a gamechanger when it comes to the battlefield.

Although he first appeared in X-Factor, Rictor eventually made his way onto the New Mutants roster. He then was a founding member of the X-Force, before finally being invited by Charles Xavier himself into joining the X-Men. Professor Xavier was forming a new team of X-Men, called the X-Corporation. One of the first mutants he sought out was in fact Rictor.

9 Cypher

Although not the most powerful mutant to ever grace the pages of a Marvel comic, Cypher is nonetheless a very interesting character. He was a key member of the original New Mutants team, using his powers of translation to help decipher codes and communicate with alien species.

Professor Xavier recognized Cypher's gifts as indispensably valuable. Although not typically going out on field missions with the other X-Men, he is a valuable member of the team, often operation from the X-Mansion.

8 Magma

Magma New Mutatns

A mutant with the ability to control the Earth's tectonic plates. This allows her to both create earthquakes and summon molten rock from deep within the Earth's core. From the secret Roman city of Nova Roma, Magma decided to join the New Mutants after she was rescued by the young team.

Later in her career, after being separated from the New Mutants for some time, Magma ran into Cannonball. Now leading his own group of X-Men, Cannonball invites her onto his new squad. She accepts, becoming one of the few New Mutants to become an X-Man.

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7 Mirage

One of the few Native American superheroes in Marvel comics, Mirage was one of the standouts on the original team of New Mutants. Mirage has various psychic abilities including telepathy, illusion casting and the ability to focus her psionic power into arrows made of energy that can stun enemies.

She served for many years on the New Mutants before she later joined the more extreme X-Force. Not long after, Mirage was invited to join the X-Men and mentor her very own squad of New Mutants at the behest of Xavier.

6 Wolfsbane

A young mutant girl hailing from Scotland, Wolfsbane has the ability to transform into a wolf. Even better than that, she can also transform into a human/ wolf hybrid. Her various abilities such as physical attributes and senses made her a key member of the original New Mutants team.

After her long stint with the young team, Wolfsbane bounced around to several other mutant teams. First, she joined X-Factor, then traveled back home to the United Kingdom to join Excalibur. Shortly after that, Professor X invited Wolfsbane back to the US to join the X-Men and serve as a teacher at Xavier's Academy.

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5 Sunspot

Sunspot has the most visually stunning powers of any of the New Mutants. He has the ability to absorb solar rays and redistribute them in various ways, either for strength augmentation, flight or energy projection.

After his time as a member of the New Mutants, sunspot has proven to be a valuable member of several different teams. Not only did he join other X teams such as X-Force and the X-Men, but Sunspot also became a member of the Avengers.

4 Karma

A mutant born with the ability to take control of other people's minds, Karma has always been an important member of the New Mutants. She was actually one of the five founding members of the team along with Cannonball, Mirage, Sunspot, and Wolfsbane.

Like several of the other founding members of the New Mutants, Karma was later invited back to the Xavier Institute to serve as a teacher. Over her many years since with the team, Karma has always been a valued member and has played a vital roll in the team's success.

3 Warpath

The brother of the former X-Man Thunderbird, Warpath initially blamed the X-Men for his death, pitting him against the mutant team. Eventually, however, Warpath abandons his grudge and is convinced by Cable to join the New Mutants.

Warpath's time with the New Mutants helped him prove his worth. He quickly established himself as one of the most powerful members of the team. It wasn't long before Xavier came calling. Then Warpath was finally ready to follow in his brother's footsteps and become an X-Man himself.

2 Cannonball

The leader of the original New Mutants team, Cannonball has long been an important member of the X-Men family. He perhaps has the most unique ability of any mutant, being able to thrust himself forward like a rocket.

After serving as the leader of the New Mutants for many years, Cannonball joined the X-Force where he became the second in command. Not too long after that, he officially became an X-Man. Cannonball was the first member of the New Mutants to graduate into the main mutant team.

1 Magik

Magik New Mutants

Magik is the sister of Colossus and perhaps the most impressive of all the New Mutant graduates. Her magical powers, mystical sword and overall battle skills have all helped make her a key member of the X-Men.

Of all of the New Mutants to make their way onto the main team of X-Men, Magik has consistently been the most important mutant to help the team. Her unique magical powerset is unlike any other mutant on the X-Men (other than perhaps Scarlet Witch). She always has and continues to be the most impressive New Mutant graduate.

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