10 Impressive Naruto Cosplays That Look Just Like The Anime

There are so many cosplays out there, it's impossible to list all of the ones we like. But we're going to make an effort! Naruto is such a well loved fandom, it's no surprise that there are countless cosplays out there.

While all cosplays show their love of the fandom, some are just absolutely amazing. You know what we mean, the cosplay that just immediately catches your eye, and you have no problem telling what series or movie it is from. Where it looks like the character just walked right out the screen. Those are the cosplays we're always hoping to see.

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10 Dynamic Duo

You can't have Naruto without Sasuke. Or rather, the two are so commonly linked it's hard to picture anything else. Here we have an amazing cosplay pair, showing both Naruto and Sasuke. ReWeJuls2 brought Naruto to life, while Yuurei did the same to Sasuke. And they're both looking amazing!Everything from the outfits to the pose is working in this cosplay. Of course these two are arm wrestling! It's only natural that they're competing, after all. Their hair looks amazing – and anime hair is hard to get right. And let's not forget those outfits. They're looking pretty accurate to us.

9 Hungry Naruto

Check out this adorably hungry Naruto cosplay by nirelcosplay! Everything about this image is pure Naruto. The outfit (what we can see in this image, at least). The way the headband is being worn. The hair. The eyes. The food. And let's be honest, there's a lot of food involved when Naruto is around.You can see how much effort went into this cosplay. Everything looks handmade – while still be very high quality. And of course, there's the humor in this photo shoot as well. It's all so perfectly Naruto.

8 Dramatic Kakashi

This Kakashi cosplay by d00mdesign is so spot on. We all remember that dramatic moment during the Chuunin exam when Kakashi popped out of the scrolls. And that may not be the exact moment being referenced here, but it's certainly a fun call back!

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Not only was this a full cosplay (and a good one at that) but the extra props really took this cosplay to a whole new level. But in particular we're really digging the hair from this Kakashi cosplay. It looks like it came straight out of the manga.

7 Lounging Kakashi

While we're on the subject of Kakashi, here's another one for you to feast your eyes on. This lounging Kakashi is by brooklynpwns, and it is so spot on. How many times in the anime or manga have we seen Kakashi lounging or otherwise standing around while reading this infamous novel series? The answer is: countless.

This cosplay is both very well done and humorous, which is our favorite combination. The post is so strikingly Kakashi it's hard to ignore. As is the book in hand, the hair, (which we love) and the full ensemble. We just can't get enough of it.

6 Such A Loving Pair

This adorable couple cosplay is eye-catching. This cosplay is accurate, and it has some romantic tension to boot. And let's be honest, many of us shipped these two, even while bawling our eyes out during their backstory episode.

The Pain/Nagato cosplay is absolutely lovely. The makeup really makes the look here. And the Konan cosplay is also beautifully done. The pose really makes this image though, with Konan leaning towards Nagato. The pure affection here really enhances the whole scene.

5 Sultry Sakura

Check out this Sakura cosplay by temenochi. She's showing us the fearless side of Sakura that we all know and love. Her bold look and stance tell us that she's not up for dealing with anyone's nonsense!

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We're especially impressed with the hair in this instance. There are plenty of Sakura cosplays out there, but many haven't perfected that specific shade of light pink. And bonus points for going all out with the eyebrows as well. The eyes are what truly bring this whole set together, staring directly into the lense.

4 Smart Sarada

We're cheating a little bit by including a character known only in Boruto, but we just can't resist! Check out this Sarada cosplay by hana_cosgram. She's smart and cute! Which is perfect for her character, right?

The whole outfit is shown here, simple but perfect. There don't seem to be any overlooked details in this cosplay.

3 Aodrable Hinata

And this Hinata cosplay by psuke30526 is to die for. She's so shy and adorable! How could you not love that face? We especially love that the cosplayer went for a shy pose here. It's so Hinata, it isn't even funny.

The hair is amazing as well, both the color and cut look amazingly accurate. And then there's the eyes. They're striking. We respect the decision to go with Hinata sans the Bakugun effect, especially given that this is clearly a Hinata that just spotted her dear Naruto.

2 Stubborn Tsunade

This strong and stubborn looking Tsunade cosplay is out of this world. And all credit goes to cirael. The angle on this photo is surprisingly effective, making Tsunade look taller and more dramatic. And it's also a throw back to some of the most dramatic frames that Tsunade is shown in.

Tsunade's outfit looks deceptively simple, but you can still see all the attention to detail that was put into making this cosplay. There's adoration for the fandom here, no doubt about it. The hair and makeup is also spot on here. You'll notice the iconic diamond on her forehead, for example.

1 Dangerous Senju

Our list wouldn't be complete without this cosplay of the second Hokage, Senju. This is the only video on our list, but this cosplay by doomdesign really needs to be shown in motion to get the full effect. The foam armor (we're assuming) moves so well, it's hard to believe it.

Everything about this Senju cosplay is amazing. But we especially love the number of details included here. The detailing on the armor, the attention spent on the hair, and the weapon itself. All together it makes for one impressive cosplay.

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