The 10 Best MCU Marvel Legends Action Figures, Ranked

As we look back at the first 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are a number of great moments from the various franchises that fans were dying to see brought to life in action figure form. Marvel Legends have brought a number of costumes and characters from the MCU to life in detailed and articulated figures that fans of all kinds can enjoy.

Today we are going to look at the best MCU figures from Marvel Legends that are must-haves for fans of Marvel Studios huge shared universe. These figures come from all the films in the Infinity Saga and represent the best Marvel Legends MCU figures currently available.

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The First Avenger introduced viewers to Steve Rogers as he volunteered to become a Super-Soldier for the US government, in a program run by Sharon "Peggy" Carter. The procedure was successful and Rogers became the star-spangled Captain America, who sacrificed his life to stop the Red Skull in WWII.

Marvel Legends has released this special edition two-pack that features Rogers in his first battle costume, which was a mixture of his stage show uniform and standard military fatigues. He is joined by Peggy Carter as she appeared in The First Avenger, ready to aid the Sentinel of Liberty in battle.



Easily one of the fan's favorite characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the rest of the MCU as a whole. Over the course of the Infinity Saga, fans were introduced to a few different versions of the giant talking alien tree, showing the unique yet familiar growth cycle of the Guardian known as Groot.

The Marvel Legends figure includes an adult Groot as he appeared in the first Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as his potted plant version seen in that film's post-credits scene. This figure also comes with a Baby Groot figure as well, as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, so fans don't have to choose which version of Groot they want to add to their collection.



No MCU collection would be complete without the strongest member of the Avengers, Hulk Captain Marvel! Carol Danvers first appeared in her solo Captain Marvel film that was set in the MCU's past, which was followed by her arrival to the Avengers in Infinity War and Endgame.

Marvel Legends has released a "Binary" form of the character, which is Carol's energized form. The figure comes with a number of energized attachments to replicate her abilities, as well as interchangeable heads that features her Kree helmet with an energized mohawk flowing through the top.



Thor has had quite a few different looks over the course of the Infinity Saga, but none stood out quite like his Thor: Ragnarok appearance, where the character was outfitted for battle in the Gladiator Arena on Sakaar.

Ragnarok was the kick in the pants the Thor franchise desperately needed, and the Marvel Legends figure showcases some of what made that version of Thor so enjoyable. While this figure lacks Mjolnir, it does come with the dual swords wielded in the film, as well as the best version of Thor's comic helmet seen on the big screen yet.



Captain America: Civil War is best known for disassembling the Avengers prior to the events of Infinity War, which contributed greatly to Thanos' initial success with the Infinity Gauntlet. However, the film is also best remembered for pitting Cap and Iron Man against each other, while also introducing a couple of new characters to the MCU.

This Civil War 3-Pack from Marvel Legends showcases the main combatants of the film with Captain America and Iron Man figures featuring the costumes worn in Civil War. The 3-Pack also features Spider-Man in his first MCU appearance, and the figure even comes with Cap's shield, allowing fans to recreate his iconic Civil War debut.



Another key character that was introduced in Captain America: Civil War was T'Challa/Black Panther, who would go on to star in his own solo film as well as the following Avengers sequels Infinity War and Endgame. 

Marvel Legends has brought the King of Wakanda to life with an exquisitely detailed figure that comes with an interchangeable unmasked head sculpt and alternate hand choices. The actual figure is based on his Infinity War appearance, which features the purple kinetic energy highlights that Black Panther first introduced.



While the newest iteration of the Punisher never made an appearance on the big screen, Jon Berenthal did star as Frank Castle first on the second season of Daredevil before starring in two seasons of The Punisher on Netflix. All of Marvel's Netflix series (Jessica JonesIron FistLuke Cage) were loosely connected to the events from the MCU films.

Marvel Legends released a Punisher figure alongside other Defenders characters, and the detail on Frank's battered face and his faded skull bulletproof vest make this the perfect figure to rep the Marvel/Netflix series in your MCU collection.



While Iron Man will go down as one of the biggest stars of the MCU, especially given his ultimate sacrifice at the end of Endgame, we still can't help but think that War Machine is still a little bit cooler than Iron Man, at least in appearance.

After all, WM is a flying tank, and his Endgame armor may be the best version of that due to the bulkier armor and extra firepower he put together for the final battle. This version of War Machine has almost evolved to his final Mecha form and would look great as a part of any MCU collection.



Another fan-favorite member of the Guardians squad is without a doubt Michael Rooker's Yondu, who stole the show in the first film and took center stage in the second before sacrificing himself to save Peter Quill/Star-Lord.

That final act cemented his place in the fan's hearts, and Marvel Legends really did the character justice. The Yondu figure features multiple head sculpts that feature either his short or long red headfin along with a whistling facial expression that works well with his mystical arrow that fantastically flies out of its holster, which is captured perfectly by the figure.



Following the blockbuster release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, fans were shocked by the news that Sony and Disney had ended their partnership, which meant that Spider-Man would no longer be able to appear in the MCU.

Thankfully his brief time in the MCU has introduced a number of great Spidey costumes that have been turned into action figures by Marvel Legends, with the Stealth Suit Spider-Man riding high in our buy pile. Come on, how can you not add Night Monkey to your MCU collection?

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