The Greatest McFarlane Toys Ever, Ranked

Since the company began producing toys in 1994, McFarlane Toys has consistently released some of the most detailed and incredible action figure toys on the market. It's not surprising how successful and well-received the toys are with fans considering the company's namesake, Todd McFarlane, has always been known for the intense level of detail he uses in his artwork. McFarlane founded the company as "Todd's Toys" when he was unable to come to terms with Mattel on how to create a new line of toys from Spawn, which was growing in popularity at the time. He launched his first line of Spawn toys to incredible acclaim and the company took off from there. Within a short amount of time, McFarlane Toys grew to include toys from just about every area of pop culture, music, military, sports and fantasy you could think of.

McFarlane Toys consistently produces lines featuring characters from movies, television series, video games, sports teams, children's books, fantasy stories and much, much more. With more than 25 years of production, the company has made hundreds and hundreds of different characters, but which are the best of them all? We could easily create a list of the 30 best Spawn figures, but thought it best to vary our appreciation for McFarlane Toys by diving into the company's many different types of figures to determine which is the best of them all. Granted, much of this is subjective, but we tried to base the ranking on popularity, level of detail and value on the collector's market. If we missed any of your favorites, sound off in the comments and let us know your favorite!

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Michonne and Pets The Walking Dead McFarlane Toys
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Michonne and Pets The Walking Dead McFarlane Toys

When McFarlane began working on Skybound's The Walking Dead, it was a near certainty the company would churn out some horrifically good figures. These heavily articulated pieces were done in 3 3/4" scale with intense detail and look exactly like the characters from the television series as well as the comics.

Michonne and her two pets are perfectly articulated and ready for action. The three-piece set comes with Michonne, her pets, the chains she needs to keep them close and everything else you need to recreate her early days traveling alone through the land of the walking dead.


Malebolgia is one of the most important characters in the Spawn universe thanks to being responsible for Spawn's very being. After making a deal with the gigantic demon to get back to Earth after he was killed, Al Simmons unknowingly entered into an agreement that made him into Spawn. He also got screwed over and was returned five years later, but that's another issue altogether.

This large, perfectly articulated toy version of the demon Malebolgia is a must-have for Spawn enthusiasts. Because it so perfectly captured the character, this was a must-have in any Spawn-lover's collection when it was released back in Series 2.

27 T-1000, TERMINATOR 2

The T-1000 was one of the earliest entries in the McFarlane Movie Monster series, but that doesn't make it any less detailed than some of the others on this list. Instead of settling on a single look for the figure, the company went with pretty much all of them thanks to some interchangeable parts.

The frighteningly accurate figure sports an uncanny resemblance to Robert Patrick, but also comes with varying levels of damage. Interchangeable heads and torsos allow for the recreation of many of the scenes int he film. Sadly, you can't shatter it into a million pieces with a quick one-liner, but just about everything else is covered.

26 SPAWN 7 (SERIES 21)

As we said in the intro, there are plenty of Spawn toys to choose from when going through McFarlane's many lines, but there are a few standouts we simply had to cover. One of the best depictions of Al Simmons' Hellspawn comes from Series 21, which features the character sitting on a throne.

While sitting, he holds a skull in a contemplative position akin to Hamlet's recollections of Yorick. Shakespearean comparisons aside, this is also a beautifully sculpted figure with some fun accessories and an impressive look. Fans loved it and it can be difficult to find for a reasonable price.


When McFarlane Toys first launched McFarlane Monsters, the line consisted of playsets, not just single figures. One of the best from that series was the Werewolf Playset. Not only did this set feature a well-sculpted werewolf of epic huge proportions, it also had a human you could tear apart for its pleasure.

That's right, this set featured the werewolf, but also a hiker who may have stumbled into a place he probably shouldn't have gone. You can rip off the limbs and create any number of macabre scenes with this somewhat off-putting, but certainly interesting "toy".


Early in the comics, two characters rose as some of the most important in the series: Sam and Twitch. These two detectives couldn't be any dissimilar, but that didn't make them two of the best partners on the force. Sam Burke is the larger, cigarette smoking, burly thug of the two while Twitch Williams is his polar opposite.

Twitch is an expert marksman and quiet professional, but the two work well together. They become involved with Spawn's antics and major players in his world. This early release is a perfect representation of both characters and must-have for fans of the series.



Not all figures from McFarlane Toys are... well, figures. The company has made numerous vehicles and playsets to accompany its many toys, but the one we decided to feature here was the Warthog from the company's line of toys featuring characters from the Halo universe.

This version of the popular vehicle comes equipped with a Light Anti-Aircraft Gun from the Halo Reach video game. The company released this one back in 2010 to rave reviews. Anyone who had the associated Halo Master Chief characters could load them into their very own Warthog and terrorize the neighborhood... at a smaller scale of course.



You can't get too far beyond a name like Berserker without thinking of a powerful orc or troll. This character is the latter and comes from the fantasy line, Dark Ages Spawn: The Viking Age from 2002. Like all of McFarlane's toys, this one was heavily designed with intense detail in mind for the sculpt.

Without knowing anything about the character, it's already an impressive figure with a seemingly rich backstory. The figure comes with a rather deadly looking crossbow and wolf-hide cloak, which we wish we had IRL. These are relatively easy to find if you have the cash to spend.


Even if you know absolutely nothing about the character, Poacher from series II made back in 1997 is one of the most formidable looking action figures McFarlane Toys has produced. Upon first glance, it's a giant, bipedal elephant man with huge tusks and a sword nearly as large as he is. This is not someone you want to anger, to be sure.

The figure comes with the aforementioned sword though its greatest feature is the level of detail upon the skin. look closely and you will see folds and tattoos all over the skin that make Poacher look like a real character. It's highly collectible and most fans have at least one in their collection.


It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that McFarlane Toys has delved into the world of fantasy and created some beautiful dragons. To be fair, the entire series features some impressive figures, but the best from this series has to be the Hydra Dragon.

In addition to the beautiful level of detail given to the scales and coloration of the dragon, each head is unique and frightening to behold. The designers could easily have duplicated the heads to attach to the neck, but opted to make each one slightly different than the rest. Because of this, it is easily the best entry from the series.


One of the company's greatest figures, Cy-Gor II was put together all the way back in 1998. This figure answers the question, what would a gigantic ape wired up with cybernetic attachments and a fearsome growl look like? Fortunately, these figures from the Spawn comic book series aren't too hard to come by and can be snagged for around $30.

Interestingly, this wasn't one of the most popular characters from the comics, but that didn't stop fans from buying the figure. It makes sense when you look at it and see how detailed and maddeningly scary this is. What kid wouldn't want one?


Daryl Dixon and Motorcycle McFarlane Toys Boxed Set

There are tons of figures in The Walking Dead line(s) from McFarlane Toys with more than a few devoted to dear old Daryl Dixon. With so many to choose from, it wasn't difficult to settle on the boxed set of Darryl and his trusty motorcycle. In terms of the figure itself, it's a perfect representation of Norman Reedus.

When you get to the motorcycle, it's an amazing toy on its own. For fans who like to set up scenes from the show with their figures, the box-set helps by providing as much as you need to get it done. These are less than $50, but there is another with a chopper that is equally impressive.


One of the best characters introduced to the world via Todd McFarlane's Spawn was the Clown and his regular form of The Violator. As one of the Phlebiac Brothers, the Violator works for Malebolgia while keeping an eye on Spawn while he traipses about Earth. The two often fought and the Violator even ripped out Spawn's heart in their first battle, but that was quickly settled between the two.

As a giant demon with overly articulated joints and giant mouth, Violator makes for a fun and interesting action figure. The Violator 3 from Series 20 is particularly well-made and highly detailed, which is why it ranks on this list above other versions of the character.



It wasn't possible to limit this list to a single dragon and while the Hydra is amazing, there is another from the Clan 7 line that is absolutely stunning. This version of the Fire Dragon is one of the most detailed figures of a dragon any toy company has put into the world.

The scales are beautifully painted, but also protrude from the body in a way that appears natural. Granted, we don't have a real dragon for comparison, but given what this toy looks like, it's reasonable to assume this is what a fire dragon would look like in real life. Most toys just pain the scales on, but this one detailed them individually.


There are hundreds, if not thousands of Robocop toys released since the first film premiered in 1987. For McFarlane's introduction, the company chose to do several versions, but the 12" figure is one of their all-time best. The figure comes with battle-damage, which makes it look more authentic to the film.

Every feature of Robocop's design is carefully crafted into this figure, which looks like it might blurt out, "Dead or alive, you're coming with me" at any given moment. It's a perfect addition for fans of the film, but also an amazing figure for collectors who haven't even seen it.


Much like the Robocop 12" figurine, McFarlane Toys also created a Predator from the popular 1987 movie. This character is full of detail, which is why it was a perfect choice for the company to create a figure for it. Granted, there are more than just the 12" version put out by McFarlane Toys, but this is by far the most detailed and intricate.

If you weren't already afraid of Predators, you might be after picking up one of these. It's perfectly detailed to look like the character from the original film and you can almost see it beating the snot out of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


When the Violator is mucking about the planet Earth, he normally alters his form into a fat, diminutive man called the Clown. The character was famously played by John Leguizamo in the 1997 film and is generally presented as a disgusting, violent and homicidal maniac, which is pretty much what he looks like in toy form as well.

It wouldn't be easy to explain having the Violator toy without also owning this version of the Clown, which was released in Series 27. It isn't the only version of the character the company has made, but it does feature more detail than any others, which is why it made it onto this list.

12 SPAWN 5 (SERIES 17)

As we mentioned, Spawn has been featured heavily in McFarlane Toys' various lines, which should come as a surprise to nobody. With so many to choose from, the one we like the most with his standing and showing off his impressive cape was made for Series 17.

This version of Spawn comes with a base and chains, but the real focus here is the cape. The many folds are expressed in a way that enshrouds the character making him look as formidable as Spawn truly is. It's a figure with amazing detail and a must-have for any collection.



One of the scariest movie monsters to enter the zeitgeist was the formidable Alien Queen from Aliens in 1986. James Cameron's addition to the already scary franchise only ramped up our fears of what would happen should we ever stumble upon a facehugger. Fortunately, McFarlane Toys found a way to make that frightening monster a reality.

For Movie Maniacs 6, the company released an Alien Queen playset that not only featured the matriarch of the Xenomorphs, but an unfortunate human snack encased in alien muck against the wall. This was an excellent Aliens toy and an all-around amazing piece by McFarlane Toys.


Sometimes, McFarlane Toys releases figures for the love and artistry of them and no other reason. An example of this would definitely be the special repainted two-pack of Samurai Spawn alongside Takeda the Archer. These two characters don't look much like anything else in the Spawn universe, but that hardly matters.

The level of detail in these figures is impressive to say the least. While they may not appear like original samurai from feudal Japan, they stand alone as gorgeous representations of the era. Collectors loved this two-pack and it can be difficult to find online as a result.



For anyone who has read the Manga or seen the Anime, Akira features one of the coolest motorcycles in the history of pop culture. The bike that Kaneda rides (and Tetsuo steals and crashes) is a PX-03 with heavy customization. It's a fan-favorite, much like the Bat-Mobile and pops up from time-to-time in other features.

This box set not only gives you an impressive version of Kaneda who looks exactly like the character from the film, it comes with the bike. The stickers and every aspect of its design were meticulously crafted into this toy, which is one of the reasons it is one of McFarlane Toys' most popular.


in 2016, the world lost a legend with the passing of David Bowie, but that doesn't mean we can't remember him as the talented artist he was. One way to do that is to pick up this impressive McFarlane Toys figure of the character he played in the film Labyrinth in 1986.

Jareth The Goblin King was one of Bowie's most memorable characters and this representation certainly does him justice. It comes with a small crystal ball and masquerade mask just like the one seen in the "ball" scene from the film. This is truly a beautiful piece for any collection and a lovely way to honor an amazing and talented artist.


Conan is, first and foremost, a battle-hardened warrior capable of taking on anyone and anything in his world. When he finally conquered everything in sight, he became a King who sat upon his throne. Most figures McFarlane Toys creates are fully articulated, but this one can only slightly move its neck and nothing else.

Frankly, it doesn't need to move more and while this is technically more of a statue than an action figure, it's also one of the best Conan toys on the market. It's a beautiful sculpt of the character in a contemplative or pensive pose you might expect from a warrior-turned King.



Returning to the world of Akira, McFarlane Toys created a rendition of the boy whom the series is named for. Akira is the namesake of the experiment who destroyed Tokyo in the first place, which gave rise to Neo Tokyo and the experiments that brought Tetsuo from a bike gang into national trouble as an incredibly powerful telekinetic monster.

In this version of the character, Akira is demurely sitting atop the throne Tetsuo sculpted from the junk he found around himself in the Olympic Stadium, which was in the final act of the film. It's a wonderful representation of an often overlooked character.


Ash Williams is one of the greatest characters in all of pop culture. In the films, Ash cuts off his hand when it's taken over by evil and affixes a chainsaw in its place. He then uses it to take out the so-called "Evil Dead" as he saves the living while delivering one-liners the whole while.

This two-piece set combines Ash with the Pit Witch from Army of Darkness. After being thrown into a pit, Ash takes out the Witch and ascends to the top where he instructs the locals on who truly is the top dog in their world. This was a must-have for fans of the films and remains popular to this day.


Back in 1985, Tom Cruise was just starting to get his career off the ground when he starred in a dark fantasy adventure film called Legend. Within that movie, there were unicorns and all manner of characters including the Lord of Darkness as played by the legendary Tim Curry.

Of all the characters in the film, the one standout people still dress up as for Halloween is Darkness. Is it the horns? Who knows, but what we do know is that this toy is a perfect representation of the character from the film. It's absolutely beautiful and perfectly designed to pay homage to a character who has stood the test of time.


Where The Wild Things Are McFarlane Toys

Just about every adult these days fondly recalls the book, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak from their childhood. Pretty much everyone had this book, which is why it was made into a film in 2009. To commemorate that movie as well as the book, McFarlane Toys put out a series of figures, which look exactly like the ones made for the movie.

Unfortunately, these weren't available for purchase as an entire set so if you wanted to buy them all, it will cost you a pretty penny. Individually, the characters are approximately $55 on Amazon, which means the entire set is valued at around $350 to $400!


In the Spawn universe, Overkill is a gigantic cyborg assassin who first enters the stage in an attempt to take out the titular character. Spawn ends up facing off with him using traditional weaponry so that he doesn't overuse his limited supply of hellspawn magic. Unfortunately, Overkill is rebuilt more than once and continues to come after Spawn every so often.

In reality, he isn't much of a threat to Spawn, but he is a rather impressive character. The Series 20 version pictured here is easily the most detailed and highly sought-after rendition of the character. It's hardly the only one, but is certainly the best the company has made.


Like many other comic book characters, there are more than one version of Spawn. There's a pirate Spawn, a robot version, and more, but the one that stole the toy market when it came out had to be Mandarin Spawn. This version of the character is on here simply because it is stunningly beautiful.

This is a "just look at it situation," which is why the toy sold like crazy. People who had no idea what it was bought it because it looks so amazing. The level of detail put into it is, in a word, sublime, which is why it tops out list of the best McFarlane Toys on the market.

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