10 Mass Effect Tattoos That'll Make You Feel Like N7

Tattoos are one of the greatest modern forms of self-expression and since the stigma against body art and modifications has been disappearing more and more each year, peoplefeel more comfortable making the choice to cover their body in images related to the things that matter most to them. No longer must one consider if they will still be employable after choosing to have a butterfly or simple quote on their arms.

One of the biggest trends in the tattoo world in recent years has been that of the nerdy tattoo. The geeks and nerds of the world have flocked to their nearest tattoo shop, with the goal of decorating their skin with references to their favorite films, characters, and video games. One of the more popular choices in the nerdy tattoo world, next to Harry Potter references, are those related to Mass Effect video game series. This article will explore some of the more stunning tattoo homages to this great science fiction series (and may convince some readers to get a Mass Effect tattoo of their very own.)

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10 Rock An N7 Helmet

Some prefer a smaller and subtle piece when choosing a tattoo, while others see their skin as a canvas and prefer to go all out. Both choices are valid and people should feel free to choose whichever calls to them. This gorgeous Mass Effect tattoo (created by Johan Ulrich at Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival in Fredericksburg, Virginia) depicts several elements from the series including an N7 helmet, a planet, and a ship blasting off. This piece is colored, though the colors are not so bold that they overshadow the piece itself. A wonderful choice for the fan who wants to make their love of Mass Effect bright, bold, and very clear.

9 For The Reaper Fans Of The World

Some clients love to include quotes in their designs and there are ways to do so without compromising the other elements of the tattoo. The above tattoo (Design by JackalopeRider on DeviantArt) is a perfect example of blending photo and quote elements into one piece without having either aspect of the tattoo overshadow the others.

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The choice of the ribbon banner (which holds the quote element of the piece) is an excellent way to incorporate the words as it can lay over the image and even core elements without creating conflict between the two aspects. The lighter shade of the ribbon creates a lovely contrast between the words and the image below. Truly stunning and a great way to achieve the desired design.

8 Keelah Se'lai

There are two types of fandom tattoos. The first is the kind that anyone and everyone can recognize from a single glance. And the second is the subtle kind that exists as a nod to the series itself that can only be identified by those who are also members of said fandom. The above tattoo (via Thieves Don't Knock on Instagram) is a rather subtle piece as those who do not know the phrase "Keelah Se'lai" or who are unfamiliar with the Mass Effect series would not recognize the piece at first. This can be ideal for someone who has several pieces and wants to avoid conflict between them as well as someone who simply prefers more subtle declarations of fandom on their skin.

7 Where Americana Meets Sci-Fi

One of the coolest kinds of tattoos are those that combine different styles and bring them together in one cohesive piece. The above tattoo (tattooed on John Wood, Twitter) combines the Science-Fiction elements of the video game with the classic vintage Americana style tattoo that has been making a comeback in recent years.

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The old school look of the above piece plays with Americana elements, creating a fun yet gorgeously detailed piece. Those who prefer something a bit more basic than the bigger pieces seen in this article may appreciate the above tattoo's simple (yet well-executed) design. Combining aspects of the series with one's personal style is a very important step in the process of designing a fandom tattoo.

6 The Best Mantra

Fandoms have the power to change lives. Films, books, and video games all include elements that can motivate people to address the things in their lives that they are unhappy with and make a change for the better. These elements stay with us long after the credits have rolled and can change the course of one's life. This quote will remind the client of the ways that Mass Effect impacted them, who they want to be, and how far they have come. These quotes are a good choice for those who prefer subtle tattoos as those who do not know the series will be unable to place the quote. These types of tattoos are also good for those who prefer their fandom tattoos to be a bit more personal. The above tattoo was posted to Reddit by user Falkor222.

5 The Sleeve Of Champions

This tattoo (created by an artist at High Roller studio in West Chester, PA) is not for the faint of heart, nor those who prefer something subtle and unrecognizable. This tattoo is for those who wear their fandom pride on their sleeve (literally). This animatronic arm replication tattoo is absolutely stunning and the detail that the artist created in the piece makes it that much more impressive.

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One important thing to consider before getting a fandom tattoo (especially one of this size) is if said fandom is a temporary hyper-fixation or something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

4 For Those Who Like A Bit Of Colour

Though many do prefer their tattoos to remain black and white, there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of color to a favorite piece. The subtle blend of the galaxy colors present in this piece (tattooed upon the arm of user nafferly from Reddit) creates an aesthetically pleasing palette that will age nicely. The geometric shapes used to outline the tattoo combined with the planets and their rotational lines create a piece that feels like looking into the night sky. The detail on the ship itself is impressive and every element of the piece blends so well together.

3 For Those Who Cannot Choose

One of the best ways to plan the placement of a piece that one desires is to test it out with temporary tattoos (like those in the above image). The temporary tattoos allow the client to test out the look of a piece in different areas of the body without committing to one just yet.

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Things to consider when deciding on placement can be whether or not it can be covered by clothing (if that is a concern,) if the image warps during movement, other pieces that the client may have or be planning in the future, if the tattoo will be affected by aging or weight gain in said spot, and if the client themselves will be able to easily see the piece or not.

2 For Those Who Prefer Something Simple

Though the design itself (created by JackalopeRider on DeviantArt) is intricate and detailed, this is considered a more subtle fandom tattoo due to the fact that only those who are familiar with the series in question (in this case, Mass Effect) will be able to recognize where it is from. This can be a great way to commemorate a beloved series without outwardly labeling oneself as a clear lover of said series. Some choose to wear their fandom loud and proud while others prefer to keep things subtle and simple. Though preferring a simple design does not mean that it needs to be small nor basic, as the above tattoo proves. One can create a subtle design that is rather simple yet still detailed and absolutely stunning. Intricate and subtle do not have to be seen as mutually exclusive elements when designing a piece.

1 Become N7 Oneself

There is just something so wonderful about the above piece (tattooed upon user thatguythat456 of Reddit). It is simple, straightforward, and important to the client. It references a game/series that is important to them yet it is not an homage to any element of the series. Instead, it labels them as part of the series. The above tattoo labels the client as a part of N7 which, consequently, allows them to pretend like they are a part of their favorite piece of media, as if they were transported into the world of their favorite game themselves. Which can be a wonderful feeling.

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