Ranking The 10 Best Marvel Legends Action Figures

Marvel Legends action figures are full of cool features, details and more accurate depictions of the characters you know and love from your favorite movies. Launched initially as a spin-off of Spider-Man Classic action figures, this line has now become one of the most popular and fun lines of figures available on the market.

They make excellent gifts for kids as they are fun and elaborate toys, but they also are great for older, adult fans, who can display these highly-detailed little people as ornaments on a desk or on a shelf of movies, to add a little playful fan merch to a workspace. These are ten of the best Marvel Legends action figures, ranked from good to greatest.

10 Ant-Man

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This Ant-Man figure closely resembles Paul Rudd, giving him an up-to-date, cinematic connection. This toy is part of the Build A Figure series, a line in which each action figure comes with another, additional body part belonging to a larger figure (the BAF). Collectors can gather all the parts and put them together to create one giant, new figure to add to their set of toys.

Ant-Man's mask is removable, so you can choose to display him either with his handsome mug showing or with his face covered, ready to kick some butt. The movable joints allow for any pose you desire, making it a solid desk ornament that can change every day.

9 Ronin

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This figure depicts Ronin as he appears when Clint Barton assumes his identity after Avengers: Infinity War. This toy is exciting along with the ramp up to  Avengers: Endgame, where Ronin will be played by Jeremy Renner. It comes with a long sword, a short sword and three ninja stars for combat.

His face is covered and hooded, with lots of details in his clothing and accessories. The wide variety of poses that the figure is able to reach make this a dynamic toy or ornament. To show enthusiasm for Endgame, this action figure will get you in the right spirit.

8 Iron Man Mark VII

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This figure features Iron Man wearing the Mark VII, which is a Fully-Loaded Rapid Deployment suit, as seen in The Avengers on the big screen. Beams can be placed in the hands of the figure, using the suit's repulsor technology in the gloves to fight crime. The beams can also be removed for a less aggravated situation.

The figure has plenty of joint mobility, enabling it to be positioned in many postures, from lunging to crouching to funny walking. This action figure does not have a removable suit, so Iron Man only appears fully equipped with all of his handy powers.

7 Erik Killmonger

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After Michael B. Jordan's portrayal of this complex character, Erik Killmonger gained a massive fanbase that is all his own. This highly-detailed figure closely resembles his likeness from the movie, with exciting accessories to complete the experience.

This figure is also part of the BAF series, where a piece accompanies the toy to add up with other collectible pieces and create a new figure. In this set, Killmonger comes with his mask, pistol, rifle and spear. He is wearing his signature vest and army pants, with his military boots. This is an exciting figure and a very popular one with Marvel fans.

6 Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel has made a huge impact on movie-goers of late, with her gripping origin story and trippy outer space flying scenes. The toy can be altered to either display Carol Danvers bare-faced and with her hair out, or with her mask on and face hidden, with her locks poking out the top of the headwear.

She comes with either closed fists or open hands, alluding to Captain Marvel's ability to shoot energy beams. Though this is more of a bare bones figure, the character is meant to be highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, so this is fitting - it's also more rare to find good action figures of female heroes, so this is a valuable addition to the series.

5 Black Panther

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This is Black Panther as he appears in Avengers: Infinity War. The figure is well-accessorized, with plenty of creative options for play or display. He comes with the option of having his face showing, or being covered by his mask and prepared for battle.

The figure is mobile and can pounce, lunge, lean and make either fists or claw-like gestures, by switching out the different handpieces. This is such a beloved character and the figure is nicely detailed, matching the features of Chadwick Boseman to stay loyal to the film. This is also a BAF figure, coming with an additional piece that belongs to a larger creation, for which you can collect all the pieces.

4 Vulture

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This is also a part of the Build A Figure collection, but instead of creating another character with the pieces, these parts can be collected to create a model of Vulture's flight gear.

Once completed, the flight gear can be used with this figure. The figure is modeled after Michael Keaton's portrayal of Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, with his airforce-inspired jacket and helmet, clawed feet and spooky green lights positioned over the eyes in his visor. The figure is posable to the extent that you would expect Vulture to be, for gripping and clawing with his feet and lifting off the ground once his flight gear is completed.

3 Carnage

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Carnage can't be overlooked when discussing treasured villains from the Marvel universe. The vampiric parasite that can regenerate damaged body parts strikes horror into the hearts of fans, haters and spider-men everywhere. This figure comes with two different options for his head - escalating from creepy to gross, with Eddie Brock's head or the classic image of Carnage's alien visage available.

Alternate options are included for Carnage's hands, either with long claws or with his tendrils formed into a giant axe for slicing victims. This is a great villain toy and a dynamic and colorful piece for display, that builds upon the universe created within a collection.

2 Ghost Rider With Flame Cycle

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When an action figure comes with an awesome motorcycle, it gets major points in a ranking. This figure features the bounty hunter of the damned, Ghost Rider, with his flaming Hellfire chain. He comes along with a flame cycle, accurate to the film with Johnny Blaze's motorcycle stunts.

The cycle comes with two different options for the handles, with flames kicking up and back from the wheels of the vehicle, to match the fire protruding from Johnny Blaze's hot head and the Hellfire chain at his side. This is a visually exciting figure, with action and movement written all over it - worthy of an extreme stunt.

1 Deadpool

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This figure comes with more accessories than the average toy, which makes it one of the most detailed and fan-oriented action figures of the bunch. The figure can be changed to feature a bare, scarred head instead of the masked face. It also comes with pistols that have a working holster, in addition to swords that fit into actual sheaths.

The boot knife fits properly into the boot of the action figure. The most fun accessory and the most thoughtful, in this package is the taco that accompanies Deadpool, for his love of the food is widely known and incredibly relatable.

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