The Best Marvel Gifts for Father's Day (and Where to Find Them)

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For many fans of the Marvel Universe, dads or other parental figures played a big role in introducing and fostering a love for all things Marvel. With Father's Day right around the corner, the holiday is the perfect opportunity for Marvel fansto celebrate their appreciation of Marvel's extensive library of popular superheroes together.

Now, CBR is taking a look at some of the best Marvel-themed Father's Day gifts for the father figures in your life, just in time for the holiday.

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Avengers Symbol Watch


As the premier superteam in the Marvel Universe, the Avengers are immediately recognizable with their iconic monogrammed logo featuring a large, stylized A emblazoned across their gear and Avengers Tower deep in the heart of Manhattan. The logo has since been popularized by the team's prominent appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bringing the symbol to millions of fans worldwide.

SuperHeroStuff has created a wristwatch with the the Avengers logo front and center and made from steel. The watch also features dual, adjustable straps to comfortably accommodate a variety of sizes for those looking to stylishly keep track of the time on the go.

Captain America Waffle Maker


One of the most recognizable symbols in the Marvel Universe is Captain America's star-spangled shield. Made from indestructible vibranium, Cap is rarely seen without it, and he flings it at targets with unmatched accuracy as both a defensive and offensive weapon.

Now, Marvel has released an officially licensed waffle maker bearing sharing the same design as Captain America's iconic shield. It can create waffles with the same rounded pattern and prominent star in the center. The waffle iron is corded with non-stick plates ready to prepare the most important meal of the day for Marvelites.

Deadpool Slippers

Deadpool Slippers


The most comedically irreverent character in the Marvel Universe, known for constantly shattering the fourth wall in virtually every incarnation is Deadpool. The hyper-verbal antihero started as a villain to the New Mutants before going on to take up his own quasi-heroic character and inspiring waves of merchandising and media adaptations.

Bioworld has released a pair of Deadpool slippers bearing the Merc with a Mouth's familiar, masked face. Made from cotton/polyester blend, the slippers come in a variety of adult sizes and feature soft soles for maximum comfort while wearing footwear based off the wisecracking mercenary.

Spider-Man Necktie


Perhaps the most recognizable character in all of Marvel's vast library of superhero characters is Spider-Man. The web-slinging superhero has been a perennial fan-favorite for nearly 60 years, adapted into everything from feature films to video games, and inspired a whole wave of merchandise.

Neckties are always a surefire hit for Father's Day presents and Cufflinks, Inc. has released a tie emblazoned with a red pattern of Spider-Man's mask. Made from 100% silk, the necktie gives well-dressed fans the perfect means to show off their Spidey appreciation with sophisticated style.

Iron Man "Invincible Dad" Shirt


Not only an accomplished superhero and prolific genius businessman in the Marvel Universe, Iron Man is also a founding member of the Avengers and secretly orchestrates superhero activity in the cosmos as a member of the clandestine Illuminati. Additionally, Iron Man kicked the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008, and he recently became a father in the MCU too.

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Now, Marvel has released a graphic t-shirt of the Armored Avenger in action with his classic 1970s armor that lets everyone know the dad wearing it is just as invincible as Iron Man. Coming in a variety of different colors, the cotton/polyester blend comes in most adult sizes in a classic fit cut.

Marvel Legends Thor's Hammer Replica


One of the mightiest weapons in the Marvel Universe is Mjolnir, hammer of Thor. Forged by his father Odin in the heart of dying star, Mjolnir is crafted from the mythical Norse metal of Uru and can only be wielded by those deemed worthy enough to use the mythological artifact either as a weapon of justice or tool to build.

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Marvel Legends created a scale replica of Mjolnir powered by three AA batteries (not included) to light up with Odin's Norse insignia with a voice activated light. Designed just like the version of the mythical hammer seen in the MCU, the replica of Mjolnir is perfect for cosplay or just to display around the house.

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