10 Best Marvel Cosplays That Look Exactly Like the Characters

The world of Marvel Comics is a truly vast one, dating back to the 1960s with titles such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and others that have been thrilling readers for decades. Now, ever since 2008's hit movie Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is bringing all of these heroes to life. Many viewers and critics love these high-budget action flicks.

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Meanwhile, cosplayers love to bring these characters to life, too, and some fan-made costumes even rival the on-set costumes that the movie stars wear. Whether at Comic-Con or a backyard photoshoot, these cosplayers are ready to show off their superhero and villain costumes. Some of the best can be inspirational works of art.

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10 Wolverine

Hugh Jackman, is that you? This particular Wolverine cosplay is a simple one, but very effective. The cosplayer opts for a simple, recognizable image of Wolverine, complete with his trademark white tank top, dog tags, and of course, a well-trimmed beard to match.

The hair is looking pretty good too, and all that's missing at this point is a cigart (that's optional anyway). Someone passing this guy on the street would be sure that Logan had just become real!

9 Doctor Strange and Loki

Now we get two cosplayers at once, and they've got plenty of room out there to strike a pose. In this shot, Doctor Strange clearly has the upper hand on Loki, who's down for the count.

Both costumes are impeccable replicas of their movie counterparts, and Doctor Strange, in particular, has just the right hair and beard to match Benedict Cumberbatch's performance of this heroic wizard. His costume is highly detailed and professional looking, too.

8 Black Widow

Not all heroes are those with god-like hammers or billions of dollars to build gadgets with. Black Widow and Hawkeye are fine heroes in their own right, and they can carry out covert ops where the Hulk or Thor would stand out too much. Here, this cosplayer makes for a convincing Black Widow, from the quality uniform (complete with a SHIELD patch) to the right shade of red for her hair.

With her cool-as-ice expression and looking over her shoulder, that cosplayer looks just like Black Widow watching her back behind enemy lines.

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7 Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes nearly died in World War II and returned to the world stage as the Winter Soldier. The character exploded onto the big screen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and he returned for more action in the third CA movie.

Meanwhile, this cosplayer is every inch the Winter Soldier, from the very convincing and quality metal arm to some fine goggles and the right hairstyle. Don't forget the combat-ready firearm he's got, and a tactical pose with a grimy industrial building in the background. This could easily be a movie screenshot.

6 Human Torch

It's true that the Fantastic Four live action movies didn't do nearly as well in the box office as the other Marvel features, and many fans are less than thrilled about the FF movies. But at least the cosplayers are doing these decades-old characters some justice.

The Fantastic Four are powerhouse heroes in the comics, and here, we get a very convincing Human Torch. The flame effects are spot-on, and the uniform looks like it came right out of Hollywood's costume department. The aviators and somewhat messy hair only enhance the effect of this hero's rogueish charm.

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5 Ghost Rider

The first two Ghost Rider films, starring Nicholas Cage, may or may not be part of the MCU. But the character is certainly a valued member of the comics lineup, and he fights for justice in his own ruthless, rogueish way.

Now, this cosplayer makes for a terrifying but excellent Ghost Rider, down to the last detail. His outfit looks authentic and high quality, and the hat and skull make him look like a true monster (in a good way). Good flame effects, too!

4 Lady Captain America

A popular idea in the cosplay world is to make a "gender-bender" costume that reimagines a character as the opposite sex, often with women making gender-bender versions of male characters.

Here, we get a lady Captain America, and her costume is a wonderfully accurate replica of the combat uniform that Steve Rogers had in The Winter Soldier onwards. Or perhaps it's Stephanie Rogers now? At any rate, the shield is looking good too, being just the right size, and it's nice and shiny.

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3 Spider-Man

Often considered the flagship series in Marvel Comics, the Spider-Man comics have entertained readers since 1963. Actors Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and now Tom Holland have all stepped into Spidey's shoes, and so has this cosplayer. Once again, the costume is so high quality and convincing, it looks like a spare outfit from Hollywood itself.

The cosplayer doesn't let it go to waste, either, striking a heroic and stylish pose with an urban backdrop. Spider-Man is a city boy, after all, keeping New York City safe from all kinds of perils.

2 Hela

The all-powerful Hela was the star villainess in Thor: Ragnarok, and she was a real sight to behold. Thor's sister had a stylish, form-fitting outfit, cold eyes, and some impressive antler-like growths coming from her head during battle. This cosplayer harnesses the full, glorious terror of Hela, with a punk leather jacket and the right cosmetics to bring the character to life.

And look at those antlers! They look just like their film counterparts, and it must have taken some real dedication to make them and wear them for a photoshoot. Worth it? Definitely!

1 Rogue

This list concludes with a beloved member of the X-Men lineup. In the original X-Men film trilogy, the mutant known as Rogue was a central part of the plot at first, being the key to Magneto's plan to transform all world leaders into mutants. She continued to fight bravely in the film franchise until she surrendered her powers in X-Men: The Last Stand to have human contact at last.

This cosplayer is in full battle mode, and she has a charming pose and a great leather outfit to compliment her skintight pants and yellow gloves. The hair is just right, with Rogue's chestnut hair and light gray accents.

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