Iron Mongers: 15 Iron Man Toys Every True Fan Needs

If you think about it, the best characters to create toys and statues for are robots and armored people. The detail that goes into the panels and structure of the characters allows for a very realistic representation. The character Iron Man has so many different types of armor that have debuted in the comics and films, it has led to some incredible toys people can buy. Believe us, there are a lot to choose from, but we dug through the catalogs, review sites and trade magazines to come up with the 15 we determined every serious collector must have!

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For this list, we considered going with only statues as those are the most detailed and well-crafted, but that would be a disservice. So much work has gone into creating some more affordable items, we couldn't leave them off the list. Featured here, you will find statues, toys, busts and more. Sadly, we can't just create our own Iron Man suit and fly around the city (we have tried) so we are limited to playing with and admiring these incredible toys. Be forewarned, true believer; these toys, statues and busts can easily bust your wallet so purchase sparingly! With that, please enjoy this list of 15 MUST-HAVE Iron Man Statues And Toys.


Sometimes, the best toys are those that you can't really play with. The image above features two separate items that, when combined, turn your wall into something extraordinary. The Iron Man Mask and Hand deco light are essential for every geek cave, nerd room or office where you want it to look like Iron Man is literally breaking through your wall.

They do function as lights as well, which just makes them all the more awesome. The best thing about these items is definitely the cost. Amazon is currently selling the mask for just under $30 and the hand for the same amount (sold separately). If it's not clear, the eyes light up on the mask while the hand lights up in the center repulser. 3D Light FX also makes similar products for other superheroes to include Thor's Hammer, Captain America's Shield and the Hulk's fist, among many others.


If you are reading this article, it's highly likely you know of or at least have several toys in the Pop! Line. We looked through and decided to feature the above four Iron Man Pops, but there are many... MANY more you can buy. What's great about these is that they are relatively inexpensive, usually costing around $10 each, and they are also highly collectible. Their collectibility can be a problem with some demanding much more cash after they have been released and end up on the "hard to find" list.

These Iron Man toys also make great gifts for people who don't collect such things. They are affordable and frankly, adorable compared to the other items on this list. Pop! figurines continue to come out regularly so there are always new figures to collect.


Sentinel Toys' special line of Iron Man Re: Edit modified toys features more than a dozen versions of Iron Man in a modified form. These toys are highly collectible and are designed by Chemical Attack. The various editions of the Re: Edit line include a modified Sentinel Armor, Shape-Changing Armor, a specialized House of M Armor that looks like something out of Gundam and a Hulkbuster.

The Re: Edit toys are relatively expensive given their unique nature and will run you between $175 and $300 depending on whether or not they are still being produced. They can be ordered directly from the Sentinel Toys website or through 3rd party vendors on sites like Amazon, ToyWiz and eBay. Each Iron Man comes with LED lights and many come with accessories like shoulder-mounted plasma cannons and rocket launchers.


Not every Iron Man toy or statue looks exactly like the version we see in the movies... and that's a good thing. There are so many variants of the character, leaving off one of the animated statues would have been a mistake. The Iron Man Animated Statue features our favorite shellhead soaring into the sky ready for battle.

Likely due to the nature of the model, it is comparatively cheap given the following statues on this list. It can be purchased directly from Gentle Giant LTD for $65 and makes a great addition to any collection of Iron Man toys, statues and figurines. Gentle Giant LTD's line of cartoon-inspired Marvel characters are all digitally sculpted and beautifully colored. The detail is limited... especially compared to what comes next, but that only makes this statue a fun addition to your collection.


When it comes to busts, there is no shortage of amazing Iron Man representations. Shortly following the release of Iron Man 3, Sideshow Collectables released a line of busts featuring eight variations, the MK XXIV being our favorite of them all. As you can see from the above picture, just about every major version is available to include a rather menacing Iron Patriot and War Machine.

It wouldn't be an Iron Man bust if the eyes and chest didn't light up, which, of course, they all do. The busts average around $50 online, but you can purchase all seven in some places for a discount. The set includes the Mark 42, Iron Patriot, War Machine Mark 2, Mark 17 - Heartbreaker, Mark 24 - Tank, Mark 30 Blue Steel and Mark 33 Silver Centurion, along with a bonus eighth bust, the Mark 42 Battle Damaged Version!


Hot Toys' line of Iron Man sixth scale figurines offered us many choices for this list so we needed to narrow them down to the ones we felt were the best representations of the superhero. The Iron Man Mark VI suit featured here is, by far, one of our favorites. The Mark VI armor is one of the sleekest designs featuring the upside-down triangle shaped chest arc reactor.

Like the other figures in their line, this one comes with some stunning accessories allowing for maximum poseability. The Mark VI comes with interchangeable battle damaged armor, weapons, the standard LED featured in the hands, chest and eyes as well as a specially designed LED light-up Stark Tower-themed figure stand. These retail for just shy of $360 and will be available in October 2017.


Iron Man isn't just a suit of armor, there's also a guy inside! Ok, we all knew that, but sometimes, it's nice to have a collectible that shows exactly what makes Iron Man the indomitable superhero that he is. The Iron Man (Unmasked) Mini-Bust from Gentle Giants LTD, created by Bowen Designs, sits at 7" in height and features the faceplate locked in an open position.

Like all of their products, the detail and painting are of such a high quality, the small representation looks very much like the real thing. Bowen decided to stray away from depicting Robert Downey Jr.'s likeness in this version and instead focused on how Tony Stark looks in most comics, which pays homage to the hundreds of artists who helped establish one of Marvel Comics' most celebrated characters.


Sideshow Collectibles' Iron Man Mark II sixth scale figure by Hot Toys features the design from the first Iron Man film. This is one of our favorite pieces, not just because it looks incredible, but because it is a version of Iron Man that falls between the standard gold and red armor and the bulkier fashioned-in-cave version Stark used to escape his captors.

Hot Toys are not ones to skimp on detail and this piece is no different. The likeness of Stark is a perfect representation of Downey Jr. and it comes with an interchangeable helmeted head with LED eyes, interchangeable armor parts, an LED light-up stand and more you can see in the picture. These babies retail for $330 so maybe don't let your 3-year-old play with it.


Hot Toys' Iron Man Mark V sixth scale figure is based on the Mark V armor shown in Iron Man 2. This is one of our favorites because it is the 'suitcase armor' Tony stepped into in the first act of the film. While it's comparatively bare-bones and much lighter than his other suits, it's a formidable design and has an amazing streamlined look.

Because this is the suitcase model, it comes with a painted Mark V suitcase, enhanced articulations in the appendages and waist for higher poseability, armor flaps that move so you can simulate the suiting up process, interchangeable damaged pieces and the standard eye, repulser and chest arc reactor LED lights. This sleek representation will set you back $345 when it is released early 2018 so preorder it now from Sideshow!


In the final act of Iron Man 3, Tony is able to call forth an arsenal of armor from his collection to include the Mark XLI Bones version featured here. Bones is probably the most versatile suit of armor Stark has created given that each of the six main pieces (arms, legs, torso and helmet) can move independently of one another.

The thin armor plating and exposed internal mechanisms make this a truly unique design that is only available through Sideshow via a limited run at a cost of $300. Like the others featured here, it has the standard set of LED parts, but its main draw has to be the intricate detail made in the underlying parts exposed on the chest and appendages. Bones comes with a special stand to allow for all five pieces to fly separately (pictured).


The Iron Man Mark XXIII Shades figure is another Sideshow exclusive that represents a set of armor from the final act of Iron Man 3 and Stark's House Party Protocol. Unlike the other suits of armor, the distinct look of shades offers more than camouflage, but also an ability to withstand extreme heat temperatures (warning: do not set fire to your toys!).

This was designed for collectors who needed to complete their own House Party Protocol and no collection would be complete without it! Given that Sideshow only produced a limited number of these, it's surprising to find that they are currently selling it for only $250, which is much less than most of their sixth scale figures. It features a standard set of LEDs, but has a unique rectangular-shaped arc reactor in the chest and comes with detachable fists, hands and a unique stand.


You thought we would get through this list without snagging a Hulkbuster? That was never going to happen. This fan-favorite piece of armor made its cinematic debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015 and fans couldn't be happier. Tony Stark answered the question, what would it take to battle the Hulk one-on-one with this incredible tank on two legs.

Not only is the Hulkbuster Armor the same size as the Hulk, its appendages are also interchangeable whenever one happens to get ripped off, which is inevitable when you're battling a pure rage monster. This figure is a whopping 21" model that retails for a whopping $900 on ToyWiz, but it's worth the expense. Underneath the armor sits a Mark XLIII bust with LED light-up eyes and arc reactor. Overall, there are 16 LED lights in this thing making it possibly the coolest figurine on the market.


While we are at least a year or two away from everyone building their own Iron Man suits, you can impress and intimidate your friends by at least donning a helmet. This must-have item for any nerd or Iron Man aficionado has two LED light-up eyes, electronic sound effects and a detachable magnetized faceplate so you can be Tony Stark.

Unfortunately, this item is no longer available from 1st party vendors so you will have to dig a little on sites like eBay or Amazon to locate a 3rd party seller. The average cost to don Iron Man's helmet at the time of writing this list is around $110. Is Iron Man's helmet worth more than $100? Yes. Yes, it is. You can combine the helmet with some light-up gloves for $30, but when you get right down to it, the helmet speaks for itself.


Tony Stark has certainly made some impressive suits of armor over the years, but most pale in comparison to the bulky, oversized and pieced-together armor he managed to create while imprisoned in Afghanistan. We know the comic origin is a bit different, but this sixth-scale figurine of the Iron Man Mark I armor from Iron Man is significantly better than the comic version.

The figure is movie-accurate, featuring the likeness of Downey Jr. It even comes with a stream of fire you can add to the hand to shoot out a flamethrower. The arc reactor light up, as does a red button on the left forearm, and it even comes with a working missile launcher (don't aim for the eyes, kids!). The figure base features scraps of weapons and stones from the cave. The figure goes for between $350 and $500 depending on where you can find it.


As we previously mentioned, we are at least a year or two away from each of us getting our very own armor to fly around town in, so we saved the best for last: a life-size statue of the Mark III Iron Man Armor that is sure to make your friends weep with envy! *There's also a Mark VII available!

Not only is this a highly detailed and beautifully painted masterpiece, it is literally a 1:1 scale figure. Standing well over six feet tall, the armor is lit below from its base, which illuminates the eyes, arc reactor and palm repulsors. You might think this is unaffordable, but you can pick it up from Sideshow for a measly $751.50! That's actually 11 payments of $751.50... totalling $7,950... but when you get to make your friends this envious, isn't it worth the scratch?

After more than four decades of toys, statues and busts, there is no way we covered all of your favorites! Let us know in the comments which Iron Man toy musts we missed!

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