15 Best Injustice: Gods Among Us Character Endings

Injustice Superman Fighting Batman

What made "Injustice: Gods Among Us" a huge success for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios was the fearless plot and freedom to subvert DC Comics' source material as the studio saw fit. The game, moving on full-steam ahead with a sequel, was truly a cut-loose story that saw Superman take control of the world like a dictator with key superheroes and villains ruling as part of his totalitarian regime.

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The Man of Steel unleashed his fury on all challengers after he killed the Joker for orchestrating the death of his wife, Lois, and their unborn child. It was a comprehensive story that spanned alternate Earths and transformed heroes into villains, villains into heroes and threw them all at each other with Superman's inner circle serving as savage watchdogs. With so many characters feeling fresh, aggressive and unhinged, CBR decided to look at 15 of the best Injustice character endings.

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game

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An alternate Superman was one of the heroes who came over into the "Injustice" timeline to help stem the threat of the Kryptonian dictator and, upon achieving success, he realized that there was truth to the paranoia that heroes like Batman showed throughout the years. Defeating his duplicate left him shaken, so while returning to his universe, he decided to take preventative measures in case he personally ever ran amok.

After discussing a solution with his fellow Justice Leaguers, Superman agreed to ingest a remote-release Kryptonite capsule. This meant that when any instability appeared to manifest within him, all it would take is someone to trigger the device, causing the Kryptonite to permeate throughout his body. This failsafe would poison and kill him, so to keep a future unstable version of him from disarming the fail-safe, a different Leaguer would have possession of the remote control every week without Superman knowing the wielder's identity. Only Batman was denied a shift, probably because he would be an obvious target due to his never-ending cynicism over the godlike hero.


In addition to an alternate Justice League coming over to the "Injustice" universe to stop the emperor-like Kryptonian, the alternate Lex Luthor also had a crucial role to play. The latter made his way to this dimension to convince its residents that he was their Luthor, who somehow survived Superman's attack on him for being a traitor. This was a globally televised event and folks thought it was a miracle that Luthor survived, not realizing he wasn't their Luthor.

Replacing the heroic, dead Luthor, this evil doppelganger instigated insurrection at all turns as he took over the role of the fallen Luthor. While he was beloved in the past, now things were taken to a new level as he was worshiped for standing up to the High Council that Superman had implemented. When the regime crumbled, the triumphant Luthor was elected as President of the United States. The final scene showed a Statue of Liberty-esque statue of Luthor having been erected as he looked to further consolidate his power and potentially implement his own dictatorship under the guise of freedom.


Injustice Harley Ending

Harley Quinn showed remorse for the role she played in helping the "Injustice" Joker murder Superman's loved ones, but she still worked to end his bloody rule with heroes from her own universe as well as the alternate Leaguers. Upon toppling the dictator, she aimed to fill her personal void by heading to the alternate Earth where she freed that Joker from prison.

They returned to her world and went back to their chaotic ways of old, getting married in a ceremony that set Gotham afire. At the reception, the cake-cutting ceremony took a gruesome turn a la the Red Wedding from "Game of Thrones." As her new husband playfully smashed her face into the cake, years of abuse finally cracked Harley and she snapped, using the ceremonial knife to slash Joker's throat. This also stemmed from her not being able to bring her past baby, fathered by the old Joker, into this world, and she ended up in Arkham Asylum, still wearing her wedding gown as a symbol of what she endured.


As Batman tried time and time again via different methods, whether it be through a cadre of heroes, villains or magic, to stop the maniacal Superman, his sanity began to erode. He lost so much, including Nightwing and Green Arrow, and Catwoman struggled to help him during his descent into despair. Selina ended up switching sides as Bruce pushed her away and aligned with Superman's regime. This betrayal didn't deter Bruce, although Selina knew their relationship was damaged beyond repair.

However, when Superman fell, she saw that she had a small opening once again back into Bruce's life. Still tentative about reconciling, she watched him rise from the ashes to inspire and reconstruct the fallen cities of Gotham and Metropolis. Until she mustered the courage to approach him and mend things, she became a a vigilante like Batman who helped clean up Gotham and keep its streets clean of crime in the new era being ushered in. She was secretly hoping that this would help her regain her place in Batman's eyes.


Injustice Joker Ending

In the "Injustice" timeline, some individuals saw Joker's murders as a necessary tipping point to show the true colors of their Superman. They were part of the Joker Clan, who often protested and offered a mini-rebellion against Superman's empire, which saw him burn a huge gathering up with his heat vision out of rage. The alternate Joker realized, upon coming over, the Clan's potential, but still, he failed to do anything significant with them.

Back on his Earth though, he'd try to elevate their status there as he helped propel a similar organization by employing terrorist tactics. Joker used a series of devastating acts to scare the populace and convince the gullible members of the public that he was the key to their safety. Through this anarchy, he amassed millions of members globally and they wreaked havoc by committing anti-government attacks on a regular basis. This was in hopes of crippling the world's economy and luring cultists in to grow their terrorist group.


Injustice Shazam Ending

Superman's rule became too much for Shazam in the "Injustice" universe and, when he tried to warn the former heroes they were going too far, he was brutally murdered by the Kyrptonian in his Billy Batson form. The alternate Shazam fixed things as part of the assault that ended the dictatorship. However, as his team returned home, they contracted an alien virus that drove them mentally unstable. They turned into aggressive, deranged individuals which left Shazam alone in his new fight.

However, he decided to shake things up by sharing the power of the word that granted him his magical abilities. This power was split up among his adopted brothers and sisters, and their purity of heart forged a courageous path forward to take on the Justice League. This newly formed Army of Shazam incapacitated the former heroes and when everything was done and dusted, they eventually took the place of the Justice League as the primary defenders of this Earth.


Injustice Wonder Woman Ending

The alternate Wonder Woman had a lot to make up for in the "Injustice" dimension as her counterpart was critical in fueling Superman's bloodlust. After the hero helped topple the dictator's reign, she returned home only to find her own dimension in ruins. The gods of Olympus back on her Earth had become aware of Superman's despotic rule in this parallel dimension, where he also had to lay the down law for his world's Olympian gods (who in turn were being manipulated by Ares).

These gods in alternate Diana's dimension launched a preemptive strike while she was away that wiped out the metahuman population. Under the direction of Zeus, they hunted down and eliminated nearly all super-powered mortals, with Themyscira being the lone opposition left. Wonder Woman and her Amazon sisters revolted against the Olympians and with unrelenting courage, they overcame heavy losses to win. Wonder Woman's forces ultimately prevailed and in the aftermath, they became the New Olympians, ushering in a brand new age of peace and prosperity.


In the "Injustice" dimension, Aquaman was often bullied by Superman and Wonder Woman in their dictatorship, so when he helped stop their rule, he went all out to reassert Atlantis as a dominant factor. As he rose to power, he united the world's oceans under the banner of a stronger Atlantis. Aquaman chose to lay down the new law because he held a controlling interest in the planet's ecology and of course, its economy.

Aquaman's growing movement ruffled the feathers of several of the world's multinational corporations, who lured villains with the promise of big money to assassinate the King of Atlantis. However, their pursuits proved unsuccessful as he established a rule similar to what he did in "Flashpoint," but with a more pacifist tone. His popularity won over the world's citizens, who still held him in high esteem as a forward-thinking guardian, and soon he garnered a groundswell of support for what he was planning: a unified world protected and commanded by his trident.


Injustice Raven Ending

The "Injustice" Raven endured tremendous loss when Joker took out Metropolis and Superman's loved ones. She lost comrades such as Kid Flash and Beast Boy, which caused her to embrace her demonic side. She became a key interrogator in the regime and also engaged the alternate Leaguers, possessing the likes of their Green Lantern and Green Arrow, as the insurgents tried to stop Superman's forces. What made her even more bitter was how she was held prisoner by Batman and Constantine from the "Injustice" dimension in an attempt to cripple Superman's team.

When the alternate Wonder Woman confronted Raven, it was clear that the youngster was carving a destructive path for her father, Trigon, to emerge. In her ending, she expended too much demonic energy in helping Superman's forces win and, in doing so, she loses consciousness, only to wake up and see that her actions had unleashed Trigon. Her father called forth his demons to lay waste and paint the hellish ruin he long clamored for, while Raven remained torn with regret over what she allowed to happen.


Injustice Green Arrow Ending

The "Injustice" Green Arrow unsurprisingly stood with Batman against Superman's oppressive rule. However, in raiding the Fortress of Solitude to try to gain access to a weaponized pill to help the resistance, Superman beat him to death. When the alternate Leaguers came over, their Green Arrow decided to take revenge for this, as well as for Black Canary's death there, also at Superman's hands.

Ironically, Dr. Fate ended up taking this Canary to another alternate dimension where she was placed with an Oliver who lost his Dinah Lance, thus giving them both another shot at love. When the "Injustice" dictatorship fell, the alternate Oliver Queen visited the memorial erected to honor their fallen emerald archer and what he found was a legacy waiting in the wings. He met a like-minded, Roy Harper, who wanted to carry the torch of justice on and as a result, he began to train Roy to become the new scarlet-clad defender of Star City, Red Arrow, reminiscent of what we saw on "Arrow."


The alternate Cyborg played a very integral part in ending Superman's rule, helping to take out the "Injustice" Cyborg and also, the important base known as the Watchtower. He was also one of the heroes who admired the sacrifice of the heroic Lex and went all out to defeat the Kryptonian's oppression. Cyborg helped mount Gotham's defence against Superman's armies and when the dictator fell, Cyborg pushed on with the assault on the Fortress of Solitude.

He aimed to flush out remnants of the High Councilor's forces but the Fortress was smartly fortified. However, he overcame the intense resistance by using unfamiliar Kryptonian tools to repair his damaged cybernetics. This was a masterstroke of genius because the alien technology enhanced him, allowing Cyborg to communicate with Superman's androids and take control of them. He ordered them to help apprehend the regime forces and, using this newly programmed army of super androids, Cyborg helped clean up the mess left behind by the megalomaniac and his misled subordinates.


Injustice Batman Ending

Finally, after a grueling battle and civil war to liberate the "Injustice" Earth, Batman achieved his objective. It tore their world apart but at the end, Superman was overpowered and imprisoned. With his forces subdued and eradicated, Batman found out that Luthor had bequeathed his massive fortune to Bruce Wayne, allowing him the means to rebuild Gotham and Metropolis. The cities' residents were inspired by his efforts and his renewed passion, becoming part of the "We Are Batman" movement to rise from the rubble.

They contributed countless hours to their communities' renovation and joined in the action against crime prevention. The old, stubborn Batman was gone and with this loner mentality removed from the equation, the likes of Catwoman and other heroes found their way back into the light. Batman began trusting others once more as he renewed his role not just as a benefactor for his city, but also as a watchful guardian. In light of the past incidents, Bruce emerged from the darkness with a tremendous sense of optimism and newfound hope.


When Superman's "Injustice" iron fist failed in its rule, Sinestro drew parallels similar to his own shortcomings with his Yellow Corps at Korugar. Once more, he was part of a failed empire and he fled to continue his saga, retreating into deep space to ruminate on the demise of what could have been the new world order he so often sought. He continued to harness the power of Fear a la "Brightest Day" and tried to bring order to the universe.

This culminated in a desperate missive from the mighty Sinestro Corps, hurled against the Life Entity, keeper of the White Power Battery. Sinestro emerged victorious and, as a result, he was now endowed with its powers. Wielding the power of a White Lantern, he was now enhanced to take on all adversaries and he began with extinguishing the light of the Green Lantern Corps, an ambition he long harbored since falling from grace, which he's still yet to fully accomplish in the comics. It was a genocide he thoroughly basked in.


Doomsday was used by the supreme ruling Superman as an attack dog, controlled by a Kryptonian collar. After killing Lex for betraying him, he unleashed Doomsday on Metropolis to show the chaos he tries to prevent and to punish those who still opposed him. When the regime fell, this monster was now free of Superman's control and eradicated the remaining meta-humans. Using his intelligence, he then manipulated technology in the abandoned Fortress of Solitude.

This allowed him to terraform Earth into something similar to a prehistoric Krypton. At long last, Doomsday finally had something that felt like home. He then went on to take pleasure in exterminating humanity at his leisure over the next few years but without Superman to restrain him, he found that he was growing restless. He needed a new challenge and, having some of Superman's powers, he flew off into space after rumors of a worthy opponent emerged. It turned out to be a none other than Lobo, setting the stage for a showdown with The Main Man!


Injustice Nightwing Ending

Damian Wayne was one of "Injustice's" most unlikable characters because of how he betrayed his father, Bruce, and also killed Nightwing (Dick Grayson) in a petulant accident. He defected and backed Superman's rule since he was more on the bloodthirsty side of justice. He adopted the Nightwing persona to honor Grayson, but also to show what the Bat-family should have been in his eyes: crueler and more aggressive.

In his ending, a victory over former boss, Superman, in single combat (something not even Batman had achieved) saw his arrogance and thirst for conflict grow. Damian went into a full mode of vengeance and violence, challenging anyone who crossed his path. His belligerence caught Sinestro's eye, and the villain's suspicions about the new Nightwing was confirmed when a yellow power ring managed to find its way to Damian's finger. The Sinestro Corps was always in need of recruits and who better to join than one of the few humans that inspired great amounts of fear, similar to what Batman did to criminals? Damian gladly accepted the ring as he knew it would grant him even more power.

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