Cold As Ice: The 10 Best Ice-Type Pokémon

There are actually not that many ice-type Pokémon compared to others like grass, fire, and water. They are popular to trainers though since they are super effective against dragons, flying-types, and grass. In contests, ice-type moves are also similar to fire as they are mostly in the beautiful category. Notable ice-type trainers from the games include Candice, Lorelei, Pryce, Glacia, Wulfric, Brycen, and Sina.

We selected ten ice-types that we think are the best. What makes them the best? Well, we have a lot of different reasons.  After all, not everything is about battles!

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10 Glaceon

Anything that is an Eevee evolution is popular due to its cuteness and it riding off of the Eevee bandwagon that already has tons of fans. Glaceon is no acceptation to these rules. We can thank graphic artist Atsuko Nishida for its cute design. She also designed some of the most iconic Pokémon like Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. She also has designed other Eevee evolutions such as Vaporeon, Leafeon, Umbreon, Sylveon, and Espeon.

9 Alolan Ninetails

Alolan Ninetails is a more recent addition to the ice-type family, and it was warmly received by fans. Introduced in Sun and Moon, Alolan Ninetails was one of the first Pokémon to get the region-variant treatment that we are likely going to see more of in the future. Fire-type Ninetails was already loved and popular, so Alolan Ninetails got very positive attention from fans.

Another factor that puts Alolan Ninetails on this list is that it is the only existing combination of ice and fairy-type so far.

8 Mamoswine

Like the Alolan Ninetails, Mamoswine and its previous evolutions are the only kind of their type combination: ground and ice. Trainers love them because they have strong health and attack stats. Some gamers would even argue that its one of the best Pokémon to come out of the fourth generation.

Besides its strength, it looks like an absolute unit. How fun would it be to ride one of these? Who wouldn't want a mammoth on their team?

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7 Dewgong

Going back to generation one is the duel type water and ice seal, Dewgong. It's design is a manatee and sea lion hybrid, which is pretty cool. It has nostalgic value and can be pretty good for competitive battles if taught the moves Double Team, Rest, Blizzard, and Ice Beam. However, for PP reasons, you may need a physical attack in the lineup instead.

6 Lapras

Lapras is on this list for many of the same reasons as Dewgong. It was around since Pokémon first started and it is decent for competitive battles. It has great stats and can learn a big variety of moves. Players have often suggested teaching Lapras the moves Rest, Confuse Ray, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam. Other great moves for it include Double Team, Psychic, and Solarbeam. Most actually argue that Lapras is better than Dewgong in a competitive game, though its main weakness is its speed stat. Like Dewgong, it is also a water and ice type.

5 Aurorus

Aurorus is not particularly loved by competitive players. In fact, its rock and ice type and that is terrible for competitive battle. If a fighting type so much as breaths on Aurorus, it is dead. Due to this fact, many players call Aurorus a glass canon. It is great for attacks, but is weak to fighting, steel, grass, water, ground, and other rock types.

Players still give this Pokémon a lot of love though. It is a dinosaur, and who doesn't like dinosaurs? Its design is gorgeous and it can be a good asset to your team for the game itself rather than competitive play.

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4 Froslass

Ice and ghost type is a pretty interesting combination, and Froslass has a lot to offer its trainers. Its best asset stat-wise is its attack and special attack. Since it is part ghost, it cannot be hit by fighting type which is super effective against ice. That makes ghost and ice a terrific combination, and Froslass is the only of that type combination so far.

Another cool aspect of Froslass it that its design is based off of the Japanese folktale of the Yuki-onna. Most Pokémon are just based off of animals, but Froslass has a pretty culturally significant origin.

3 Spheal

Some Pokémon are just so fun to look at that nothing else matters. That is the case for Spheal, who will eventually evolve into a monstrous walrus-like creature. However, why would you ever want to evolve this magnificent fat orb? This Pokémon cannot even walk. It rolls. How does it even swim with that round body and tiny fins? We don't know, but we love it all the same. It has the lowest speed stat of all ice-type Pokémon, but that is the price to pay for that illogical and adorable form.

2 Articuno

Obviously we had to include the legendary ice bird Pokémon on this list. Articuno's design has always been a fandom favorite and it also has its worth for competitive battles. Moves competitive players often put on their Articuno's include Double Team, Ice Beam, Rest, Fly, Substitute, Blizzard, and Bubblebeam. Its typically used as a defensive Pokémon. It has also become quite the icon in Pokémon Go due to being a symbol for Team Mystic. It is also nostalgic, as it has been around since the first generation back in the 90s.

1 Weavile

Weavile, like Mamoswine, takes some effort to get due to its special evolution rules. However, it is widely sought out by trainers since it has the highest speed stat of any ice-type Pokémon. Most ice-types are pretty slow, so Weavile is special like that. It is also a combination of ice and dark type, which is unique and is only shared by its per-evolution.

Fans have theorized that Weavile is based on Kamaitachi with are Japanese yokai who are often depicted as weasels with sickles. So like Froslass, Weavile seems to have a more cultural-based background than most.

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