10 Horror Comics That Deserve A TV Show

American Vampire

Superhero comics are obviously one of the most lucrative source for Hollywood productions these days. However, that's not to say they're the only comics with potential for movie or even TV adaptations.

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With this in mind, we took a look at some comics that could make for great TV, but without any capes in sight. Instead, we went for a darker, more mature type of story (hold the Zack Snyder jokes, please). So turn on the lights and lock your doors, comic readers, here are the 10 Horror Comics That Deserve a TV Show.

10. The Wake

First, there was The Shape of Water, then there was the Fisherman King in Aquaman. Finally, a new Hellboy franchise means the potential for another Abe Sapien to show up on screen. Does this mean that there are enough Hot Fish People in Hollywood? Of course not.

Admittedly, Scott Snyder’s marine biology horror tale, The Wake,  features a lot less of a human fish person. Still, it's an excellent monster story about an ancient creature from the Arctic Circle, and it would make for a great TV show. With The Terror's massive success on AMC and Godzilla's upcoming Blockbuster king of monsters, now is the perfect time for the wake to hit the small screen. Besides, it's another opportunity for Doug Jones to play a monster, and that's something modern moviegoers will never not need.

9. Clean Room


Gail Simone is behind some of the most fun superhero books in recent memory. She was a huge influence on Deadpool. She spearheaded is fantastic Secret Six by DC. Now, she's writing the thrilling Domino comic for Marvel. Gail's most popular horror series, Clean Room, also speaks to her power as a comic writer. It follows a self-help guru whose book has become a nationwide phenomenon. It is hailed as a revolution in self-help until, suddenly, one of its readers commits suicide. What follows is a truly horrific mystery, one with as many twists and scares as you can pack into a comic. It's a chilling and fascinating look at culture and psychology, and it would make for a very bingeable show.

8. American Vampire

American Vampire

American Vampire follows the heinous acts of Skinner Sweet, an all-new brand of Nosferatu. Sweet was a murderous outlaw turned vampire, but as his transformation took place, so did a huge leap in vampiric evolution. He's invincible to vampiric weaknesses such as wooden stakes and sunlight, and his physiology makes him a unique, American horror monster. Sweet wages a war not only on vampire hunters, but on his fellow vampires. American Vampire is a tale of new blood, of spilled blood, and of blood gleefully ingested.

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7. The Goon

Fans of Eric Powell’s The Goon already know about the failed attempts at The Goon movie. The book's art design would make a fantastic animated horror adventure, and several movie studios have previously shown interest. However, the movie still has yet to find a home. But if film studios won't tell the story of the thug who takes control of a paranormal criminal underworld, could TV be the next best thing? The Goon is ripe for an extended series, full of engaging characters and interesting storylines. With animation experiencing a really interesting moment in streaming history, The Goon would be a safe bet to turn into a spooky, well-loved adventure series.

6. Locke & Key

locke and key header

Locke & Key, Joe Hill’s horrific haunted house story, deserves a TV series for several reasons. First of all, it's a fresh new take on the haunted house genre. The mythology behind Keyhouse and the demonic forces trapped inside is terrifying and engaging. But second, this haunted house tale deserves a show because of how many networks have already picked it up and dropped it. FOX made a pilot but opted not to debut it, then it moved to Hulu, who also passed on it. Now, Netflix has ordered a 10 episode first season this summer. Let's hope they follow through with debuting the series, because this story is just too good to let go. If you haven't already the full comic series is absolutely worth a binge.

5. Werewolf By Night

werewolf by night

Superheroes may be Marvel Comics’ bread and butter right now, but that doesn’t mean all of their characters are caped crusaders. In the '70s, Marvel released a fantastic horror series called Werewolf by Night. WBN followed the curse of Jack Russell, whose family lineage has damned him to live the life of a werewolf. What’s cool about this series is that, despite its unashamed status as a horror book, there was a lot of room for superhero crossover. Spider-Man and other Marvel legends made their way to WBN, and could certainly do so in the Marvel movies. If Kevin Feige was ever looking to incorporate horror in the MCU, this would be a great place to start.

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4. Vampironica

The Archie Comics characters have never been as popular as they are now. With Riverdale on the CW and Sabrina on Netflix, America's coolest teams have a hold on a massive number of mines and screens. Both shows already delved into horror with this season of Riverdale focused on a cult and the whole premise of Sabrina being about witches. what those are far from the only horror options for Archie characters. Recently completing its first run, Vampironica reimagined Veronica Lodge as a creature of the night. Of course Veronica is already a character on Riverdale, but that doesn't mean her vampire self can't carry her own show. if Superman can be in the DCEU, the Arrowverse, & presumably on upcoming seasons of Titans, Vampironica can't hold down two series.

3. Redneck

Redneck from Skybound Comics

This Southern horror tale, written by Venom superstar Donny Cates, tweaks the focus of your usual vampire story. The vampires in this story are still monsters, but Cates humanizes them by putting them in a family unit. Don’t worry though, just because you sympathize with these bloodsuckers doesn’t mean this book is any less frightening. Not only must these cursed people deal with their own bloodthirst, but also the vampire hierarchy in their community, a human world that detests them, and the horrors of prejudice so entrenched in their home. And if that doesn’t interest you, consider this: the beer this family drinks is called “Bloodweiser.” That’s how you write vampires, folks.

2. Harrow County


Harrow County is a spooky, nostalgic tale of curses and community. Set in the late 1950s, Harrow County is about a girl on the verge of her 18th birthday. As the day grows closer to her 18th year she begins to encounter strange things in the woods around her home. Eventually, Emmy learns that her hometown is hiding a great secret. Years earlier, the people of her community executed a witch who was threatening their safety. Before she died, the witch vowed that she returned, and shortly thereafter, Emmy was born. Is she the reincarnation of the mystic terror that plagued her town? And if so, what will the town do to her when they find out? This show could be an excellent mix of period piece and supernatural thriller. Plus, it could give The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina a run for its money.

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1. Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly

Kelly Sue DeConnick was a major influence on the character of Captain Marvel, writing probably the most iconic run in the character's history. However, DeConnick’s immense talent doesn't end at superheroes. In 2014, DeConnick created the Horror-Western Pretty Deadly. It follows the exploits of the Grim Reaper's daughter and the Terrors that are constantly set against her. It is an action-packed but eerie Western tail, set on the backdrop of a surreal paranormal version of American history. With just to existing volumes, pretty deadly would make for an easy adaptation to TV with room for a future of several seasons. Plus, the series is on its way to becoming even more popular, since it's heading back to shelves soon.

Which horror comics do you think deserve their own series? Out of the ones we listed here, which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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